#geeknights | Logs for 2012-10-24

[00:00:59] <yoshokatana> hm?
[00:02:09] <yoshokatana> what's up?
[00:04:09] <yoshokatana> yeah, bronzdra1on
[00:05:10] <bronzdra1on> =P
[00:05:14] <bronzdra1on> just yo
[00:06:40] <yoshokatana> oh
[00:06:42] <yoshokatana> hi
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[00:27:10] <aria> How do people find time to use Fire tempest?
[00:32:02] <ruffas> use what now?
[00:32:18] <aria> AoE attack with 5 minutes of animation
[00:32:53] <aria> an AoE attack only makes sense to me when almost instant
[00:41:25] <ruffas> likw knifhra od rhw eouns?
[00:41:33] <ruffas> like knights of the round*
[00:42:18] <aria> Huh?
[00:42:22] <aria> What is that?
[00:42:53] <okeefe> Final Fantasy 7 summon that takes a lot of grinding to get and takes forever to execute.
[00:44:37] <aria> Oh right
[00:44:46] <aria> Well this game is real time and very punishing
[00:44:58] <aria> You usually die in 2 or 3 hits
[00:45:11] <aria> so if people are ganging up on you, its very bad news and you wanna get out of there fast
[00:46:10] <ruffas> what game?
[00:46:14] <ruffas> still dark souls?
[00:46:48] <aria> yes
[00:47:01] <aria> Always dark souls
[01:06:46] <bronzdra1on> G'night
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[01:07:42] <aria> It does a lot of damage
[01:08:05] <aria> Because it does a lot of damage, but also because many hit boxes
[01:08:08] <aria> Because AoE
[01:08:17] <aria> so the only time its useful is if an enemy is super giant
[01:08:19] <aria> and you go inside of him
[01:08:25] <aria> so that half of the aoe range hits the boss
[01:08:29] <aria> Then its super OP
[01:08:37] <aria> But thats not how AoE is supposed to be used!
[01:08:58] <aria> It's horrible as actual AoE; You wouldn't ever use it to hit anyone behind you
[01:09:02] <aria> Anyway, Im done
[01:09:04] <aria> what yall up to?
[01:15:19] <ruffas> mans what be running
[01:15:24] <ruffas> gonna study now
[01:15:29] <aria> Running men isn't on netflix
[01:15:33] <aria> I was hoping it would be
[01:15:45] <aria> yall lucky you live in the US with your fancy Hulu's and whatnot
[01:15:48] <bronzdragon> Ciao
[01:15:52] <bronzdragon> Now I turn this PC off
[01:15:56] <aria> Oh
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[01:22:04] <ruffas> there's no running man on hulu
[01:22:06] <ruffas> or netflix
[01:22:14] <ruffas> or anything legal as far as i know
[01:24:01] <aria> I saw it on Hulu the other day
[01:24:04] <aria> It wasn't ON hulu
[01:24:08] <aria> But hulu linked to it
[01:24:15] <aria> Dramafever I believe the name of the website was
[01:24:21] <aria> Seemed legit (since Hulu linked to it)
[01:24:38] <ruffas> could be
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[01:25:17] <aria> http://www.dramafever.com
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[01:26:02] <ruffas> prefer my 5 part fansubs
[01:26:05] <ruffas> cause studying
[01:27:50] <aria> I wish I was better at Korean so I could have them running in the back without reading the subs
[01:31:01] <ruffas> honestly, that's one of my driving goals for learning japanese
[01:31:16] <ruffas> to be fluent enough that i don't have to watchit
[01:35:22] <aria> Well if Im watching something
[01:35:30] <aria> I can watch it and read the subs, no problem
[01:36:00] <ruffas> but i want to not watch and understand
[01:36:02] <aria> There aren't that many things where you prefer it as a background activity, but its still the most entertaining thing you have access to
[01:36:07] <ruffas> reading isn't a problem
[01:36:24] <ruffas> though i do know people who can't read fast enough for subs
[01:36:51] <aria> I read slow, but Ive never not been able to read a subtitle, including when I was 10 =P
[01:37:19] <aria> Most Running Man type shows that you want on while doing dishes you can substitue for something else in a language you know
[01:37:27] <aria> cause they're entertaining, but not great
[01:37:35] <aria> Running man is a rare exception for me
[01:39:30] <ruffas> i'd wholeheartedly disagree
[01:39:36] <ruffas> RM -is- great
[01:39:56] <aria> That was my point =P
[01:40:04] <aria> Usually when something is great, you don't want it in the backj
[01:40:07] <aria> you wanna watch it
[01:40:15] <aria> Running man is great, but I still want it in the back
[01:40:22] <ruffas> :p
[01:46:43] <ruffas> there's enough running man and related material that i could have it running all the time
[01:46:45] <ruffas> for a long time
[01:57:24] <aria> I enjoy eating
[01:57:26] <aria> Food tastes good
[02:01:38] <ruffas> it does
[02:01:52] <ruffas> i don't know what i did different, but tonight's jambalaya was extra tasty
[02:01:59] <aria> So there's a smaller iPad now
[02:02:24] <ruffas> meh
[02:02:43] <ruffas> through hell's heart i meh at thee
[02:03:58] <aria> I thinking about getting a Microsoft tablet and putting Plasma active on it, but not sure if it's a good idea or not
[02:04:09] <aria> I want a large tablet
[02:04:19] <aria> (Cause I already have small ones)
[02:05:01] <ruffas> meh
[02:06:43] <aria> So in the keynote...
[02:07:02] <aria> They say that iOS is more "advanced" than Mac Os X
[02:07:17] <aria> (and Linux/FreeBSD/Windows)
[02:11:03] <ruffas> what does that even mean?
[02:11:23] <aria> !+
[02:11:24] <aria> !?
[02:11:42] <aria> "This beautiful speia thing"
[02:12:00] <ruffas> instagram?
[02:12:02] <aria> Did no one proof read this?
[02:12:26] <aria> You can press a button in the ebook reader application and it makes your pdf's more paper-coloured
[02:12:39] <aria> And he called it sepia thing
[02:12:42] <ruffas> that's cool...
[02:12:47] <aria> He talks very slowly and deliberate..
[02:14:43] <ruffas> Accel World doesn't know if it wants to be good or moe
[02:14:50] <ruffas> like Railgun
[02:14:58] <ruffas> and Index
[02:15:11] <aria> I liked what I saw of Index
[02:15:29] <ruffas> me too
[02:15:34] <ruffas> but there's too much moe
[02:15:46] <aria> Also, no Apple, the reason Mac is outgrowing the PC is because everyone already has a PC, so if he's gonna migrate, just because satistiscs, it makes more sense to go from PC to mac than Mac to PC
[02:16:42] <ruffas> definitely too fan servicey
[02:22:16] <aria> "Your slides look absoutly gorgeous" Until you view them on an external screen, you mean =P?
[02:23:46] <aria> The new Macbook Pro actually seems pretty good
[02:23:57] <aria> My previous macbook pro was a joy to use with Fedora
[02:24:04] <aria> (and made me wanna kill myself with Mac OS =P)
[02:24:15] <aria> But I bet its a billion bucks
[02:25:09] <aria> 1700 US
[02:25:19] <aria> I can do that..
[02:26:47] <ruffas> suuure
[02:27:16] <aria> Its 2000 US if you want ram in it
[02:28:41] <ruffas> or cheaper because school discount
[02:30:40] <aria> So, 2000 US isn't a whole bunch to me, because any other laptop I'm considering costs at least that much. But its gonna be 4000 in Norway =P
[02:30:44] <aria> and that is crazy
[02:30:54] <aria> Im not paying that much for any computer ever
[02:31:48] <ruffas> but it's a purdy apple comp
[02:35:31] <aria> I want a purdy apple-y laptop
[02:35:36] <aria> The ultrabooks I want are prettier
[02:35:39] <aria> and have better keyboards
[02:35:43] <aria> and better touchpads
[02:35:48] <okeefe> aria: I believe he's saying "sepia theme". I also heard thing the first time around, but then he said theme again for something else.
[02:35:52] <aria> Which used to be what Apple did well
[02:36:07] <aria> But they don't have the nice high res IPS screens
[02:36:10] <aria> I want those! =P
[02:36:51] <ruffas> nothing has a better touchpad
[02:36:59] <aria> Also money/specs wise it's not too bad. Apple tax isn't that much compared to just regular "We need to make profit" tax
[02:37:13] <okeefe> I will be getting the 13". Will deal after Burning Con.
[02:37:34] <aria> okeefe: That makes perfect sense. I heard "thing", but given the context, maybe he did say theme
[02:38:14] <okeefe> HAI GUYS, WE MADE A SEPIA THING
[02:39:23] <aria> Tell me how it is then
[02:40:19] <aria> Im thinking about getting the next Lenovo ultrabook, assuming it's pretty much the same as the current non-touchscreen one, but with a better screen and higher numbers in lspci
[02:41:04] <aria> But the MBP 13" seems to have everything I want from that already
[02:41:32] <aria> Obviously its a lot more expensive
[02:41:42] <aria> But I can buy it in a different country, then sneak it on a plane back
[02:41:48] <ruffas> and purdier
[02:42:04] <aria> The Lenovo looks better IMO
[02:42:10] <ruffas> linky?
[02:42:11] <aria> You can get it in orange!
[02:42:56] <aria> http://cdn1.sbnation.com
[02:43:20] <ruffas> nah
[02:43:34] <ruffas> it looks better than most windows laptops
[02:43:39] <ruffas> but mac still wins imo
[02:43:54] <aria> They're very simmilar
[02:44:05] <aria> Well, to the old 13", the new one is a bit thinner
[02:44:59] <aria> I could go either way, but I don't think it's worse
[02:45:09] <aria> Here's a better picture http://www.momblogmagazine.com
[02:49:15] <ruffas> i stand by above
[02:51:59] <aria> These numbers and statistics they come up with are so bullshit =P
[02:52:45] <ruffas> ?
[02:53:07] <aria> iPad is responsible for 95% of webtraffic
[02:54:38] <ruffas> ...
[02:55:25] <aria> He did say among tablets
[02:55:57] <aria> But the way they measure that is probably by user agent, and on Apple.com or something =P
[02:56:11] <aria> So that every Android tablet is classified as a phone
[02:58:04] <aria> "almost every company is testing and deploying iPad!", while it says 94% in a slide, without context =P
[03:01:01] <aria> Again Apple, saying that your tablets are better than your desktops is not a good idea. He just said that the new iPad does better rendering than the Nvidia 6XXM cards
[03:02:14] <ruffas> does it?
[03:02:35] <aria> Of course not! =P
[03:02:38] <aria> Not even close
[03:02:56] <aria> if it did, they wouldn't put Nvidia cards in the Macbook Pro's and iMacs =P
[03:03:27] <aria> The X's over where supposed to be *, or wildcards. 6**M
[03:05:05] <ruffas> i figured
[03:05:17] <ruffas> those numbers are meaningless to me though
[03:05:39] <aria> yeah, but their GPU has an X in it's name, even though its the exact same as the model without the X, because it looks better
[03:06:56] <ruffas> it's Xtreme!
[03:07:00] <aria> Nvidia's GTX cards are numbered like this. 110. The first 1 is generation 1. The next 1 is the SKU, the higher the number, the more powerful the card is. Goes to 8, with 9 being 2 8's with SLI. The last 0 is just a 0
[03:07:31] <aria> So 660 is 6th gen (most recent), and 6/8 strongness
[03:07:43] <aria> The last M stands for mobile
[03:08:34] <aria> The mobile cards are a different set of cards than the desktop ones, but they share naming scheme and generation
[03:13:37] <aria> So this Real Racing game. They've mentioned it a bunch. I had never heard of it before =P
[03:14:58] <ruffas> is it more real than GT?
[03:15:15] <aria> It's Real Racing 2, so at least twice as real
[03:17:43] <aria> Hah! its this guy =P
[03:17:54] <aria> He's always the most full of shit of all the apple people
[03:19:01] <okeefe> I dislike racing games. The webtraffic on tablet numbers have been pretty consistent across multiple sources, though.
[03:19:29] <aria> How do you measure it?
[03:21:15] <okeefe> People that sign up for web tracking stats from companies that do that.
[03:21:28] <aria> I see
[03:21:36] <aria> Is it possible that might be a opt out thing on iPad?
[03:21:45] <aria> (While opt in everywhere else)
[03:22:58] <okeefe> I assume it's tracking User Agent from the browser. That usually has the OS, regardless of browser used. It's blockable if you control the browser software, but I don't think you can disable it for, e.g., Safari. I don't think you can do so on iOS Chrome, either.
[03:23:41] <aria> But the Android useragent is super generic
[03:24:00] <aria> So how do you know if someone is on a phone or tablet?
[03:24:11] <aria> Also, where does the LG Note and other giant phones fit?
[03:28:16] <okeefe> It looks like the device model is included: http://www.gtrifonov.com
[03:29:17] <aria> Hrm...
[03:29:18] <aria> Alright
[03:29:42] <aria> this assumes the company doing the analasys actually looks up every model though
[03:35:48] <aria> Alright, its 5:30
[03:35:53] <aria> I will try to get some sleep
[03:35:55] <aria> Good night folks
[03:35:58] <aria> See you in an hour
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[06:49:35] <Apsup> Morning
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[11:25:00] <bronzdragon> hey ruffas!
[11:25:01] <bronzdragon> =D
[11:34:14] <ruffas> mornin
[13:03:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> Workworkwork
[13:04:19] <ruffas> More work?
[13:08:27] <ProfPangloss|Work> Always more work
[13:08:55] <bronzdragon> How much work
[13:08:56] <aria> I wish I had work!
[13:08:59] <bronzdragon> Eleven work?
[13:09:10] <ProfPangloss|Work> Hasn't gone up to eleven yet
[13:09:41] <ProfPangloss|Work> The fact that someone grabbed me for tech help the minute I walked into my office suggests at least an 8
[13:10:54] <ruffas> ah, at least work isn't at 10
[13:11:49] <ProfPangloss|Work> If I had more to do with my project due next Monday, like I have in previous weeks, it'd be up there
[13:12:09] <ProfPangloss|Work> But that's essentially on hold until a few email exchanges and meetings come to a close.
[13:13:42] <ruffas> so...these are made out of paper http://www.dannychoo.com
[13:14:03] <bronzdragon> ... liar
[13:14:54] <ruffas> you can really see it with the hair and legs
[13:14:55] <ruffas> but man
[13:15:03] <ruffas> that's some good papercraft
[13:16:41] <ruffas> how the fuck do you make ball joints from paper?
[13:20:49] <ruffas> work tiem nao
[13:20:54] <ruffas> l8r all
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[13:28:57] <ProfPangloss|Work> Hahaha
[13:29:00] <ProfPangloss|Work> Well that was fun
[13:29:15] <ProfPangloss|Work> We've got all Win 7 machines in the lab
[13:29:21] <ProfPangloss|Work> We pushed it from Vista over the summer
[13:29:56] <ProfPangloss|Work> Anyway, one of our lab assistants runs into my office, panicking because "One of the machines switched to XP"
[13:30:27] <ProfPangloss|Work> But for whatever reason, it had "started normally like Windows 7, but when I logged in, it switched to XP"
[13:30:42] <bronzdragon> ....
[13:30:48] <bronzdragon> Someone changed the visual style, right?
[13:30:50] <bronzdragon> I bet that's it
[13:30:55] <ProfPangloss|Work> Haha, that's what I was thinking too
[13:31:11] <bronzdragon> (gotta go)
[13:31:19] <ProfPangloss|Work> We used to have an old black-and-orange wallpaper for our department
[13:33:45] <ProfPangloss|Work> Which got switched to the standard Win 7 background for all the standard users
[13:34:03] <ProfPangloss|Work> The lab assistant is not a standard user.
[13:34:09] <ProfPangloss|Work> So, he freaked out when it was the old background.
[13:34:33] <ProfPangloss|Work> Still, fun to hear him run in freaking out about how one of the machines magically switched to XP
[13:43:21] <aria> http://youtu.be
[13:43:27] <aria> I recommend the first minute
[13:43:40] <aria> You may skip the first 30-45 seconds of that first minute
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[13:59:24] <originalme8> Morning people of the underweb.
[13:59:32] <aria> Underweb? =(
[14:00:01] <originalme8> Yea, it's the underside of the web... it's a thing! >.>
[14:02:06] <aria> But I don't like being under things
[14:02:14] <aria> It usually hurts
[14:02:17] <aria> Unless the thing is light
[14:02:21] <aria> In which case, thats fine
[14:02:48] <originalme8> It depends on what those things are. I like being under a roof when it's storming. Pretty sure roof's are heavy.
[14:03:11] <aria> Ah, but then the roof is above me, not on top of me
[14:05:11] <originalme8> Touche
[14:08:11] <originalme8> Want to go get coffee.
[14:08:24] <aria> But whats stopping you?
[14:08:49] <originalme8> I am on a call at the moment, working on upgrading something with another engineer. :\
[14:09:00] <aria> Ah
[14:10:44] <originalme8> screw it, I am going on mute
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[14:13:41] <originalme8> Ah...black goodness of caffeen :)
[14:16:34] <originalme8> So, anything new aria?
[14:16:58] <aria> Very little. Watching YouTubes, some minor funnies here and there
[14:17:59] <bronzdragon> ^ also waiting for his boyfriend to show up
[14:18:03] <bronzdragon> So he can be angry he took so long
[14:18:11] <aria> You took way too long!
[14:18:21] <bronzdragon> See?
[14:18:28] <bronzdragon> =
[14:18:31] <bronzdragon> =P I'm back!
[14:18:44] <aria> http://www.youtube.com
[14:18:48] <aria> Click that
[14:19:16] <bronzdragon> I did!
[14:19:17] <originalme8> I can't click it, but I can copy and past
[14:19:21] <bronzdragon> =O
[14:19:27] <bronzdragon> originalme8, what client do you use?
[14:19:29] <originalme8> IPv6 summoned? Shouldn't everything spaz?
[14:19:46] <aria> Thats me. I gave him a nicer looking hat
[14:19:47] <originalme8> IRSSI, but it's the Windows version
[14:20:34] <aria> Anyway, you only need to watch the bit with the hat.. =P
[14:20:38] <apreche> new AVGN http://www.youtube.com
[14:20:41] <aria> if you right click a link
[14:20:46] <bronzdragon> I like how he goes "... oh wow, thanks? Maybe?"
[14:20:51] <aria> does it not have "open in browser"
[14:20:53] <bronzdragon> Yay, AVGN!
[14:21:08] <originalme8> http://www.youtube.com
[14:21:08] <aria> (Bronz, you saw that one earlier..)
[14:21:11] <originalme8> http://www.youtube.com
[14:21:13] <originalme8> oops
[14:21:14] <originalme8> lol no it doesn't
[14:21:25] <bronzdragon> You're doing it wrong
[14:21:27] <originalme8> Ignore those copy links, I right-clicked on teh wrong window.
[14:21:37] <apreche> http://www.youtube.com
[14:21:41] <apreche> doh
[14:22:02] <aria> I like how you link your liked videos playlist..
[14:22:11] <originalme8> lol
[14:23:02] <apreche> tried to access PuTTY context menu, right clicked in wrong place, pasted
[14:23:25] <originalme8> Exactly
[14:23:53] <bronzdragon> ... you guys are doing links wrong
[14:23:58] <bronzdragon> But that's okay
[14:25:33] <okeefe> I swear he did Ghosts N' Goblins already... but watching anyway.
[14:25:42] <aria> Its a good episode
[14:25:56] <bronzdragon> ...
[14:26:06] <bronzdragon> did you watch it already, Aria?
[14:26:24] <aria> Yes. Ive been awake for a while, you weren't
[14:27:23] <okeefe> "Redo any other game" Ha, I was right!
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[14:52:43] <bronzdragon> Hi again
[14:53:18] <aria> Yup
[14:53:30] <aria> I disconnected, hi, Im back
[14:54:18] <originalme8> Welcome back
[15:00:41] <bronzdragon> http://en.wikipedia.org
[15:08:07] <okeefe> Disaster sounds like a bad name for a game. Especially for reading reviews of the game.
[15:08:30] <aria> I enjoyed the first however long I played
[15:08:42] <aria> And then a boss kicked my ass 50 times in a row and I went off to do something else
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[15:46:13] <originalme8> -yawn-
[15:49:57] <bronzdragon> =O
[15:49:57] <bronzdragon> tired
[15:53:32] <originalme8> Very
[16:11:16] -!- yoshokatana [yoshokatana!~barrelima@hide-367B4AB5.nyc.biz.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[16:11:22] <yoshokatana> bloop di bloop
[16:12:33] -!- yoshokatana [yoshokatana!~barrelima@hide-367B4AB5.nyc.biz.rr.com] has parted #geeknights
[16:12:40] -!- yoshokatana [yoshokatana!~barrelima@hide-367B4AB5.nyc.biz.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[16:13:01] <bronzdragon> OH NOES
[16:13:04] <bronzdragon> Did you bloop?
[16:13:47] <yoshokatana> I had to adjust my font size and background and such
[16:14:10] -!- yoshokatana [yoshokatana!~barrelima@hide-367B4AB5.nyc.biz.rr.com] has parted #geeknights
[16:14:15] -!- yoshokatana [yoshokatana!~barrelima@hide-367B4AB5.nyc.biz.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[16:14:23] <yoshokatana> there we go
[16:14:29] <bronzdragon> YAY, FONTS
[16:14:33] yoshokatana is now known as yoshokatana|work
[16:14:37] <bronzdragon> Which are typefaces.
[16:15:42] <yoshokatana|work> hmm
[16:15:48] <yoshokatana|work> I dislike wordpress today
[16:16:08] <okeefe> TYPEFACES! http://wondermark.com
[16:16:11] <originalme8> It's OK, wordpress dislikes you back.
[16:17:35] <yoshokatana|work> I can't seem to figure out the url scheme for a yearly archive of custom post types split by custom taxonomies
[16:17:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> When in doubt
[16:17:50] <yoshokatana|work> I'd assume it was url/post_type/year/taxonomy
[16:17:53] <yoshokatana|work> but, no.
[16:18:07] <ProfPangloss|Work> Black theme, forest green font, courier new
[16:18:08] <ProfPangloss|Work> Oh
[16:18:09] <ProfPangloss|Work> Never mind
[16:18:10] <ProfPangloss|Work> :3
[16:18:27] <yoshokatana|work> because url/post_type/year works for *all* posts
[16:18:59] <bronzdragon> PAPYRUS!
[16:19:12] <yoshokatana|work> hm?
[16:19:20] <yoshokatana|work> I have black theme, 11pt monaco white
[16:19:39] <yoshokatana|work> it's my terminal theme as well
[16:19:54] <yoshokatana|work> though I use the IR_Black vim color scheme
[16:21:33] <ProfPangloss|Work> Oh, yoshokatana|work
[16:21:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> The thing you showed me and trogdor when you came up
[16:21:49] <yoshokatana|work> hm?
[16:21:50] <ProfPangloss|Work> Cathode?
[16:21:53] <yoshokatana|work> yeah?
[16:22:08] <ProfPangloss|Work> I showed that to my OS scripting prof last Spring, he got a serious kick out of it
[16:22:16] <yoshokatana|work> haha nice
[16:22:41] <ProfPangloss|Work> Pretty sure he actually installed it on his work macbook, I'll check in with him when I'm back taking classes
[16:29:12] <yoshokatana|work> heurg wordpress
[16:34:53] <aria> Why do professional blogs have bad websites?
[16:35:00] <aria> There is no excuse for that. You get paid
[16:35:08] <aria> hire some dude to make your website good
[16:35:28] <aria> If I can do it in a few hours, you can also do it with money
[16:51:55] <ProfPangloss|Work> Hm
[16:52:00] <ProfPangloss|Work> Halloween costume idea
[16:52:04] <ProfPangloss|Work> Zombie Rights Advocate
[16:52:19] <ProfPangloss|Work> Dress in standard zombie garb, plus a gun wound to the head
[16:52:41] <ProfPangloss|Work> Plus picket signs, come up with some talking points, and just talk in a totally normal voice about zombie rights
[16:55:29] <aria> I'm tired.
[16:55:33] <aria> Its 19
[16:55:38] <aria> if I can stay up another 4 hours
[16:55:43] <aria> I'll fix my sleeping rythem
[16:55:46] <aria> worth it or not?
[16:56:25] <aria> Oh thats not English. Sleeping schedule*
[17:35:03] -!- Ruffas [Ruffas!b85a3769@hide-BF4D4B18.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[17:37:59] <Ruffas> afternoon folks
[17:40:26] <bronzdragon> RUFFAS
[17:40:29] <bronzdragon> YOU
[17:40:31] <bronzdragon> ARE A PERSON
[17:40:36] <bronzdragon> OF PERSONHOOD
[17:40:40] <bronzdragon> at least, that's what I've been told
[17:41:32] <Ruffas> indeed
[17:44:18] <bronzdragon> so... how's being a person?
[17:46:51] <Ruffas> good
[17:46:59] <Ruffas> currently feeding
[17:47:05] <bronzdragon> aha
[17:53:27] <Apsup> Report Ruffas for feeding!
[17:55:23] <Ruffas> Lies and slander!
[17:55:34] <Ruffas> and/or libel!
[17:57:50] -!- Neo [Neo!jfarnswort@866B4023.B98F5130.13671C90.IP] has joined #geeknights
[18:00:26] <Ruffas> and away!
[18:05:30] -!- Ruffas has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[18:14:33] <yoshokatana|work> blerg
[18:14:38] <yoshokatana|work> still can't get this working
[18:18:27] <ProfPangloss|Work> Whassit, the URL dissection?
[18:25:57] <bronzdragon> Frog dissection
[18:41:37] <yoshokatana|work> yeah
[19:17:57] <GauntletWizard> http://www.kickstarter.com
[19:18:00] <GauntletWizard> so excited
[19:19:06] <apreche> bronzdragon: I'm a person AND a man. WHAT NOW?
[19:19:21] <bronzdragon> ... I would argue against that
[19:33:37] <Apsup> Person-Man, person-man! Not as fast as Spider-man, not quite strong as Super-man, kinda shitty Person-Man!
[19:33:47] <Apsup> I made you a theme song.
[19:34:05] <bronzdragon> ... I was gonna make a racist joke just now
[19:34:30] <bronzdragon> But instead, I told you I was gonna make it, giving me the effectiveness of having made it (you judging me), without actually having to be racist! =D
[19:36:31] <Apsup> But now you didn't make joke. I believe that even racist evil jokes can be funny. (But I always remember to feel bad when I laugh at evil joke).
[19:37:52] <bronzdragon> Well, it wasn't a very good joke either
[19:38:30] <Apsup> Well I forgive you.
[19:39:18] <Apsup> ...having push-to-talk in Caps lock is most optimal I can get, but I almost start writing in all caps because of that.
[19:39:38] <Apsup> So many times I write half of the sentence before realizing.
[19:41:44] <bronzdragon> Oh nose!
[19:45:20] <aria> This saga of rex thing seems excellent
[19:45:26] <aria> But 15k surely isn't enough
[19:46:42] <aria> Oh I see.
[19:47:19] <bronzdragon> I have a weapon pre-ignitor, a Burst II and 2 glaive beams
[19:47:25] <bronzdragon> Let's see how the boss goes
[19:50:12] <Apsup> Still never gotten to the boss. Though I have played only handful of times.
[19:53:16] -!- aria has quit [Quit: leaving]
[19:53:17] <bronzdragon> You're doing it wrong
[19:53:20] <bronzdragon> Although, to be fair
[19:53:26] <bronzdragon> this is like, my 3rd run today?
[19:55:31] -!- Neo has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[19:57:25] <bronzdragon> Aaaaand, I lost
[20:02:12] <bronzdragon> =O
[20:02:13] <bronzdragon> New youtube!
[20:02:31] <bronzdragon> ... mainpage
[20:12:57] -!- bronzdragon has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
[20:16:01] -!- Bronzdragon [Bronzdragon!~Bronzdrag@CCE59CD3:16C70E5F:6A691D91:IP] has joined #geeknights
[20:32:38] -!- ruffas [ruffas!b85a3769@hide-6C77D8AA.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[20:33:06] <Bronzdragon> Hey ruffas
[20:33:15] <ruffas> howdy
[20:33:35] <ruffas> i return
[20:35:45] <ruffas> how goes future land?
[21:10:41] <Bronzdragon> 's okay
[21:13:56] <Bronzdragon> How about you, fine sir?
[21:17:04] <ruffas> sleepy
[21:17:09] <Bronzdragon> Oh noes
[21:17:26] <ruffas> also snacky
[21:17:34] <Bronzdragon> oh yay!
[21:18:09] <ruffas> yay indeed
[21:18:33] <Bronzdragon> I also require snacks
[21:18:40] <Bronzdragon> But I can't be bothered to get any
[21:18:45] <Bronzdragon> ... I need a robot slave
[21:20:39] <ruffas> make Robobuntu do it
[21:25:16] <GauntletWizard> mmm, spy party
[21:25:18] <GauntletWizard> new maps
[21:31:15] <Bronzdragon> I loooooove maps
[21:37:09] <ruffas> maaaps
[21:46:52] <yoshokatana|work> I..I got it working
[21:46:54] <yoshokatana|work> sort of
[21:47:02] <yoshokatana|work> archives work, categories work
[21:47:10] <yoshokatana|work> pagination works…until the 3rd page
[21:47:16] <yoshokatana|work> then it 404's for some reason
[21:47:24] <GauntletWizard> yay
[21:48:52] <ruffas> do you at least have a cool 404 page?
[21:57:53] <Bronzdragon> ^ this man knows what's important
[22:00:27] -!- originalme8 has quit [Quit: leaving]
[22:02:48] <Bronzdragon> ... Oh no
[22:02:52] <Bronzdragon> Suddenly... I got bored
[22:02:53] <Bronzdragon> D=
[22:03:01] <Bronzdragon> quick, do something fun!
[22:03:04] <Bronzdragon> Uhm, uhm...
[22:03:44] <yoshokatana|work> aghhh
[22:03:45] <yoshokatana|work> 'archive/([0-9]{4})/?([^/]*)/?page/([0-9]{1,})/?' => 'index.php?post_type=news_item&year='. $wp_rewrite->preg_index(1) .'&news=' .$wp_rewrite->preg_index(2).'&paged='.$wp_rewrite->preg_index(3)
[22:04:08] <Bronzdragon> Eyup
[22:04:09] <yoshokatana|work> MY REGEX IS STRONG
[22:04:21] <yoshokatana|work> WHY DOES IT FAIL ON "page/3/" ?
[22:04:29] <Bronzdragon> You're doing regex wrong
[22:04:39] <Bronzdragon> And because it doesn't match your key, DUH
[22:04:45] <yoshokatana|work> it matches
[22:04:54] <Bronzdragon> If it did, it wouldn't fail.
[22:04:56] <yoshokatana|work> ([0-9]{1,}) is any number
[22:05:07] <yoshokatana|work> 1 or more digits
[22:33:46] <okeefe> You can replace {1,} with + in most regex systems.
[22:52:32] -!- wryterra [wryterra!wryterra@hide-59B1CCD8.hari.cable.virginmedia.com] has joined #geeknights
[22:52:33] -!- wryterra has quit [Quit: wryterra]
[22:57:59] -!- VentureJ has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[23:09:44] -!- yoshokatana [yoshokatana!yoshokatan@hide-3567B4F5.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[23:14:09] <GauntletWizard> ...
[23:14:14] <GauntletWizard> they're selling passes for PAX:AUS
[23:14:21] <GauntletWizard> hrmm.
[23:15:02] <ruffas> have been for days
[23:15:45] <Bronzdragon> OH NOES
[23:15:52] <Bronzdragon> I wish I lived in Australia =(
[23:21:31] <okeefe> 3-day badges are half gone.
[23:23:44] <Bronzdragon> Not bad then!
[23:23:58] <GauntletWizard> I wonder how they're going to staff the thing
[23:25:25] <Bronzdragon> ... australians?
[23:26:44] <GauntletWizard> Yeah, erm
[23:26:56] <Bronzdragon> =P
[23:27:01] <GauntletWizard> There's actually a bit of skill required
[23:27:23] <GauntletWizard> and they've driven out all of their staff that can afford the plane tickets to AUS
[23:27:55] <GauntletWizard> Even their high ranking australians are in Perth, and likely won't be able to afford the tickets.
[23:28:24] <GauntletWizard> Though, we'll see how much cash Khoo is willing to pump into it to have experienced blood - Probably not enough.
[23:34:11] <Bronzdragon> We'll see
[23:42:13] <ruffas> way Churba tells it, domestic flights are dirt cheap there
[23:44:00] <Bronzdragon> You believe Churba?
[23:44:03] <Bronzdragon> Pffft
[23:52:51] -!- VentureJ [VentureJ!Adium@hide-680AA069.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[23:52:58] -!- VentureJ has quit [Quit: VentureJ]