#geeknights | Logs for 2012-10-20

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[00:11:56] <aria> Hello, I has returned
[00:12:41] <okeefe> Good evening.
[00:13:09] <aria> Have I missed anything in my attempt at sleep?
[00:14:07] <okeefe> Everyone's amazed this channel is still alive. That's about it.
[00:14:38] <aria> Yey! I like amazing things!
[00:14:41] <aria> And I like this channel!
[00:17:18] <pence> I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I spent all of last evening and most of this morning making four Shadowrun characters for a one-off
[00:17:54] <aria> Which shadowrun is this?
[00:18:17] <pence> 4e
[00:18:29] <aria> So card game?
[00:18:33] <aria> How is it played
[00:18:54] <okeefe> Tabletop RPG.
[00:19:15] <okeefe> Known for it's use of a ton of d6.
[00:19:26] <pence> so many d6s
[00:20:26] <pence> the last time I played, it really bugged me that you'd frequently roll pools of 15-20 dice, but only hit on a 5 or a 6
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[01:57:19] <nine> Shadowrun? HUZZAH! The game where you buy a brick of d6 for!
[01:57:34] <aria> So we have netflix
[01:57:40] <nine> Fuck you.
[01:57:44] <aria> but I don't want to sign up without previewing their library..
[01:57:52] <aria> cause I bet it sucks compared to the US library
[01:57:57] <aria> They do have a free trial
[01:57:58] <nine> Fuck you with your pirate Netflix using pirate subtitles and probably pirate video!
[01:58:26] <aria> but you have to give them your credit card information
[01:58:33] <aria> and they'll change you once the trial runs out
[01:58:46] <nine> Doesn't sound like free.
[01:58:48] <aria> and I bet there's a bunch of bullshit required to opt out
[01:58:54] <nine> Eeeeyup.
[01:59:01] <aria> Netflix, I'd be willing to pay you if your thing didn't suck
[01:59:04] <nine> Usual "first month free" scam crap.
[01:59:22] <aria> But the only way I can know your thing doesn't suck is if you stop being douches and let me test it
[01:59:29] <nine> If it's free, don't ask for my fucking credit card information.
[01:59:33] <nine> Seriously, what the hell.
[01:59:35] <aria> If you have confidence in your product, let them sign up for a year, don't scam them for a month!
[02:01:10] <aria> I wonder if I can email them?
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[02:03:22] <aria> D=
[02:03:34] <aria> Pence!?
[02:03:37] <aria> What happened?!
[02:03:45] <aria> Are you okay? Will Robobuntu be back!?
[02:05:38] <nine> Never
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[02:09:33] <pence> hmm... he just timed out
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[02:09:47] <aria> Please doctor, can you save him?
[02:09:58] <aria> Robobuntu, are you okay? Can you say Ubuntu for me?
[02:09:59] <Robobuntu> oo-BOON-too
[02:10:04] <aria> Yey! =D
[02:10:15] <aria> Alright, back to reading interwebs now
[02:32:54] <aria> Huh..
[02:32:59] <aria> Scott on Ocarina of Time
[02:33:00] <aria> I also have to give credit to Zelda 64's graphics. They arn't spectacular for our time, but they are 3D, but of course this has no effect on how good the game is. I just had to mention it for all you frooty peoples. Oh yeah, Zelda 64 also has better sound quality, but has worse songs. The original Zelda theme song is much better then any song in Zelda 64.
[02:33:19] <aria> I'm confused by that statement
[02:37:57] <aria> This entire review was basically how Zelda 1 is superior
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[03:10:22] <pence> listening to old geeknights, "wario land 4 for the GBA was kind of ehhh"
[03:10:31] <pence> I know some people who would draw blood over that
[03:10:43] <aria> Whats the episode on?
[03:11:05] <pence> one of the pax 2008 episodes
[03:15:27] <pence> http://frontrowcrew.com this one
[03:16:42] <aria> Republicans hate unicorns!
[03:21:23] <aria> How long are gravity falls episodes?
[03:21:43] <aria> It's not on youtube?
[03:21:46] <aria> How can I watch it then?
[03:21:58] <aria> It's not in the arch repos either!
[03:22:57] <aria> apreche: How you expect us to watch things with no link?
[03:30:34] <pence> TPB probably has 'em
[03:31:06] <pence> disney's site has a few episodes but they won't stream worth a damn
[03:31:15] <aria> I found them on "PinoyAnime.tv"
[03:31:25] <aria> Which showed up before the pirate bay through google
[03:31:28] <aria> It's unlikely
[03:31:34] <aria> however, the quality is just fine
[03:44:15] <aria> Alright, that was pretty good
[03:47:56] <pence> first episode?
[03:48:01] <aria> Yes
[03:48:12] <pence> yeah, that's one of my favorites
[03:49:08] <pence> the four that have made me laugh the most are that one, 6, and 11
[03:49:13] <pence> *three
[03:49:35] <aria> I do wish it was on youtube though
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[04:03:12] <aria> This show is great
[04:13:38] <yoshokatana> ahh
[04:14:06] <yoshokatana> there's a distinct joy in having my OS and all my software upgraded
[04:14:22] <aria> You don't do that every other day?
[04:14:27] <yoshokatana> / updated
[04:14:30] <aria> Also in the background?
[04:14:48] <yoshokatana> I do it every few days
[04:15:02] <yoshokatana> most things auto-upgrade, but system upgrades I do manually
[04:15:18] <aria> What falls under system upgrades?
[04:15:30] <aria> Oh I see, you're on a newer release than before?
[04:15:56] <aria> I use a rolling distro, so I only need to deal with that with maintaining other peoples computers
[04:16:12] <yoshokatana> osx point releases, new ubuntu, windows update
[04:16:12] <Robobuntu> oo-BOON-too
[04:16:47] <yoshokatana> what distro(s) do you use?
[04:16:56] <aria> But old OS X still gets security stuff
[04:16:58] <aria> just not new features
[04:16:58] <aria> but the only new feature is the anti-running your own shit feature
[04:16:58] <aria> This is Arch
[04:17:03] <aria> But I use a bunch of stuff
[04:17:27] <yoshokatana> I kinda like iCloud integration
[04:17:39] <aria> I guess I don't use that many different things..
[04:17:44] <yoshokatana> mostly because you can sync a lot of the stuff outside of apple's ecosystem
[04:17:58] <yoshokatana> (calendars, contacts, etc)
[04:18:08] <aria> I have Arch and Fedora, my boyfriend (so basically me, cause I play with his computers more than he does) has Ubuntu and Sabayon, and we have a Ubuntu server and debian htpc
[04:18:08] <Robobuntu> oo-BOON-too
[04:18:25] <yoshokatana> I've never herd of sabayan…hmm
[04:18:34] <aria> He also has Windows
[04:18:37] <aria> It's Gentoo
[04:18:43] <yoshokatana> ahh
[04:18:58] <aria> but with some dudes going through updates and testing what is prone to breakage
[04:19:07] <aria> and then warning you
[04:19:08] <yoshokatana> I used to have a gentoo netbook, but maintenance on that thing was horrible
[04:19:12] <aria> But not actually providing fixes =P
[04:19:15] <yoshokatana> ahh, nice
[04:19:19] <yoshokatana> oh
[04:19:25] <yoshokatana> eh, better than nothing I suppose
[04:19:27] <aria> Yeah, that's where Sabayon is nice. It's much more streamlined
[04:19:43] <aria> Well, they tell you fixes, they just don't apply them
[04:20:04] <aria> The update manager application has a little message tray thing
[04:20:14] <aria> and it tells you everything thats gonna break and why
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[04:20:21] <yoshokatana> aw shit, planetside 2 is ready
[04:20:40] <yoshokatana> so, the factions are...
[04:20:55] <yoshokatana> technophiles, libertarians, and neo-cons
[04:21:06] <aria> "cons"?
[04:21:19] <yoshokatana> conservatives
[04:21:41] <aria> Do technophiles have laser guns that auto aim at everyone at once, and everyone else fight with sticks?
[04:21:50] <yoshokatana> not sure
[04:21:53] <aria> Cause in that case, you should chose the technophiles
[04:22:46] <aria> So are you on Win 8 now?
[04:23:16] <yoshokatana> nope, just 7
[04:24:19] <aria> I like the new menu in 8, and that it finally has a package manager (even though it doesn't do shared libraries). But I'm not sure if it's worth 100 bucks and however many GB
[04:25:59] <Coldguy> hi
[04:26:11] <aria> Hi. You should watch Gravity Falls
[04:26:12] <aria> Its great
[04:28:18] <pence> Coldguy: what time are you planning on being in WC tomorrow? I'm not planning on staying all 12 hours
[04:32:27] <Coldguy> ill be there noonish
[04:32:32] <Coldguy> I was just there
[04:32:42] <Coldguy> group of people going in for the long haul
[04:32:48] <Coldguy> also bring some cash
[04:32:54] <Coldguy> raffles are actually not bad
[04:40:08] <pence> hmm!
[04:42:06] <aria> ...This dude is claiming to have done his research by looking at the article on homosexuals on "conservapedia". Surely you can tell from the name that that website will offer a biased view
[04:43:19] <aria> Why do the people who debate your laws-- why are they these people?
[04:43:36] <aria> In fact, the Wikipedia article on Conservapedia says straight out that they're full of shit!
[04:54:02] <pence> I sometimes wonder what percentage of conservapedia editors are actually trolling, and how hard it would be to get away with it
[04:55:06] <aria> ^o) Say, straight people of this channel
[04:55:19] <aria> What do you think of sharing public rest rooms with gay people?
[04:55:35] <Coldguy> um...
[04:55:52] <Coldguy> never thought about it a correct answer?
[04:56:00] <aria> Sure
[04:57:37] <aria> Alright, so for the sake of example. Random dude has a badge or some shit that says like "I'm totally gay, no doubt", or is on the phone, and mentions something that means he's gay. Would that make you uncomfortable in any way, if say, you're peeing in a urinal?
[04:59:26] <aria> Because this anti-gay person (Looks to be in his 50s or 60s, Christian, well dressed, is actually able to read his own notes unlike the other dudes...) seems to think that is the worst part of passing the gay non-discrimination amendment
[04:59:56] <aria> He goes on for about a minute on how he doesn't want his children or grand children to be forced to share bathroom with a gay or transgender person...
[05:05:14] <pence> TMI Friday! I'm not straight, and based on my sample size of one occurance in the past month, I'm like, 50% more pee shy if one of the other not-straight people at work happens to be using the urinals.
[05:06:19] <aria> Hm. And if the person was striaght?
[05:09:14] <aria> I'm not striaght either, but TBH, I never really-- care about other people using unrinals. It seemed strange to me that it would be an issue, but since this dude was so passionate about it
[05:09:35] <aria> I guess it sorta makes sense that a straight person might feel uncomfortable if he thinks I'd be looking at his junk?
[05:10:25] <pence> I don't think my irrational pee-shyness is a very good basis for passing a law, let alone some other guy's hand-wavey argument :P
[05:10:45] <aria> Oh, not at all
[05:10:51] <aria> Its a dumb basis for passing a law
[05:11:12] <aria> But I'd still like to know if I make people uncomfortable in rest rooms =P
[05:19:38] <aria> This other person makes a big deal about public rest rooms, and gyn lockers
[05:19:41] <aria> locker rooms*
[05:24:32] <aria> This is a third person that argues the rest room thing
[05:25:00] <aria> (It's not off hand comments, they're really passionate about not wanting gay people in rest rooms! =P)
[05:25:02] <pence> watching too much gay porn IMO
[05:28:39] <aria> Is that a gay porn opener staple, like the mailman or repairman?
[05:30:50] <aria> ^o) This dudes argument is "This law will outlaw me teaching my kids gays are bad people, and that is wrong!"
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[05:42:59] <aria> Wait wait wait
[05:43:33] <aria> Do American schools (depending on state) explicitly teach kids that being gay is bad?
[05:44:15] <aria> Because so many people have brought up that they don't want schools to start teach kids being gay is ok or avoiding the subject
[05:44:29] <pence> never had that here, I live in the northeast
[05:44:51] <pence> maybe somewhere else? I'd imagine a private school could do it
[05:45:25] <aria> That seems like a jerk thing to do =P Why even bring it up?
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[05:56:06] <aria> What is the homosexual lifestyle =P?
[06:07:39] <pence> apparently, it involves a lot of geekery, also based on my sample size of 'gay people I personally know'
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[06:22:14] <okeefe> I don't care if the person I'm peeing next to at the urinals is gay.
[06:26:51] <aria> This dude was suggesting nuking San Fransisco because there's a high percentage of gay people =P
[06:27:14] <aria> And alright, good to know. Do you think that's more common than caring?
[06:32:16] <okeefe> Reminds me of the classic "Nuke a gay baby whale for Jesus!" bumpersticker.
[06:33:40] <aria> I kinda like that =P
[06:35:15] <okeefe> I'm not sure about how common. There's a homophobia angle, and there's not knowing who is gay... I would hope most people don't care.
[06:45:25] <aria> Gravity Falls is great!
[07:06:06] <aria> D=
[07:06:18] <aria> Episode 5 is only here with crappy quality
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[07:06:45] <aria> Good morning
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[07:21:15] <aria> This is the greatest show
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[07:29:54] <aria> So how many episodes of this is there?
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[07:35:26] <pence> 12, so far
[07:35:44] <aria> Is that a season break thing, or does it just happen to be 12?
[07:35:53] <pence> out of 21 in season 1, according to wikipedia
[07:35:59] <aria> I see
[08:14:54] <aria> Good show this
[08:17:06] <aria> Well alright, good night folks.
[08:17:14] <aria> Ill probably be back later
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[12:46:08] <Coldguy> morning
[12:46:28] <Coldguy> what show goo?
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[14:10:01] Apsupp is now known as Apsup
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[15:36:50] <aria> I dunno why Im so gosh darn tired..
[15:46:01] <Apsup> Been not sleeping well?
[15:46:14] <aria> Well...
[15:46:39] <aria> Yesterday I woke up at 22, stayed up to 10 and slept until 17
[15:46:40] <Robobuntu> you can't to 10 and!
[15:46:48] <aria> So I was awake for 12 hours and slept for 7
[15:46:53] <aria> Shouldn't that be enough?
[15:47:20] <Apsup> Maybe, maybe not. Sleep and sleepyness are funny things. Never know what your body wants.
[15:47:26] <aria> =/
[15:47:47] <aria> (Before that I woke up at 6am, after having gotten enough sleep)
[15:50:31] <Apsup> Done anything else interesting than sleep?
[15:50:57] <aria> Nah, I was behind the computer most of the day
[15:51:24] <aria> I descovered that Gravity Falls is quite funny
[15:51:47] <Apsup> It it. Sadly there aren't that many episodes.
[15:52:15] <Apsup> I've been watching the new(ish) Green Lantern series last night and pretty much whole day today.
[15:52:39] <Apsup> Visiting my parents for the weekend there isn't much to do.
[15:53:11] <aria> I haven't been able to get into Green Latern because of his power
[15:53:33] <aria> Seems too arbitrary and overpowered
[15:53:37] <aria> Is the new series any good?
[15:55:35] <yoshokatana> oh jeez
[15:55:38] <Apsup> I like surpricingly much. It has interesting overarching plot, the individual episodes are fine and I quite like the characters even thoguh they are somewhat stereotypical.
[15:56:02] <yoshokatana> I just sent Luke Crane a huge email about my Burning Con game
[15:56:19] <yoshokatana> I'm kind of nervous about it. I haven't DM'd since high school
[15:56:43] <pence> \o/
[15:56:47] <aria> Oh wait, is this the green latern where he's like super flamboyant and makes out with a guy in every frame, because he's gay now?
[15:56:57] <pence> don't worry, if I end up in your game, I'll be gentle
[15:57:06] <yoshokatana> :-)
[15:57:17] <pence> what are you running?
[15:57:17] <Apsup> Unless you plan running D&D at Burning con you won't be DM'ing now ether.
[15:58:30] <Apsup> aria: Not quite, but he hits on every female thing in space.
[15:58:50] <aria> Oh that wasn't the one? I remember it being one of the DC dudes..
[15:58:53] <yoshokatana> well, harboiled jazz age New York City *is* a dungeon of despair and darkness
[15:59:01] <aria> Is he black and uses "hood" a bunch?
[16:00:18] <yoshokatana> pence: I'm running a sort of film noir that revolves around the construction of the United Nations building
[16:00:26] <Apsup> No, it's Hal Jordan Green Lanter. I think only black animated Green Lantern is the one in Justice League cartoon.
[16:00:28] <yoshokatana> with journalists!
[16:00:59] <aria> He's not the gay, or the black one? Who am I thinking of then..? =/
[16:01:22] <Apsup> Maybe it's something from the comics?
[16:01:50] <pence> neat, are you doing your own lifepaths for the characters?
[16:02:06] <aria> Searching for "dc gay dude" returns green latern
[16:02:24] <aria> Well, it returned "DC's Gay Green Latern Is a Super Cop-Out", but still
[16:02:47] <pence> the animated show probably isn't in the same continuity
[16:03:21] <yoshokatana> I'm not sure how much prep I should do, character-wise. I have their relationships to each other (and the plot) set up, but I don't know if I should let players do the actual burning
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[16:04:32] <yoshokatana> players might add really interesting twists, but I'm worried it might be a cop out if I didn't have everything set up
[16:04:46] <Apsup> yoshokatana: Didnt Luke write in his guide that bring pre-mades?
[16:04:48] <pence> I'd burn up at least 80-90% of the characters, you're only going to get four hours
[16:05:11] <pence> you might be able to get away with leaving some beliefs blank
[16:05:14] <yoshokatana> alright. I'm thinking of leaving 1 belief and 2 instincts blank for the players
[16:05:15] <yoshokatana> yeah
[16:05:35] <Apsup> Leaving some tiny open holes in characters so players can bring their own color in is fine, but with Wheel I'd bring pre burned characters.
[16:05:47] <yoshokatana> alright
[16:06:01] <Apsup> Thats what I did with my last Burning Wheel campaign where I made pre made characters.
[16:20:19] <pence> I'm kinda sad that that they're not keeping that adventure burner in print. I started playing with BWG and I still found that book super useful
[16:24:58] <yoshokatana> they aren't?
[16:26:13] <pence> http://www.burningwheel.org
[16:26:18] <yoshokatana> hmm
[16:28:10] <pence> I'm going to go to this board game thing for a few hours at least, but I never found out what coldguy looks like
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[17:12:57] <okeefe> Maybe they're updating AdBu for Gold...
[17:13:21] <okeefe> I know I would buy it.
[17:51:13] <yoshokatana> oh hah
[17:51:34] <yoshokatana> the symbol for the british national lottery is a hand with fingers crossed
[17:51:48] <yoshokatana> but it makes me wonder
[17:52:06] <yoshokatana> because crossing fingers is also an american cultural symbol of breaking a promise
[17:52:18] <yoshokatana> is that also a british thing?
[17:52:24] <okeefe> At least it's not a toilet full of money being flushed.
[17:52:39] <yoshokatana> it would be interesting to see where that symbol comes from, for both cases
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[20:21:45] <nine> Eternal uptime.
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