#geeknights | Logs for 2012-10-11

[00:00:04] <ruffas> i've got it
[00:00:28] <aria> 12 too?
[00:00:34] <aria> Im eating spicy noodles...
[00:00:36] <aria> Theyre spicy
[00:00:37] <ruffas> aye
[00:00:41] <ruffas> good
[00:05:25] <aria> Why are the cinemassacre 6-10 not on youtube?
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[00:16:43] <aria> Ruffas
[00:16:47] <aria> Wanna watch OOO?
[00:16:59] <ruffas> could do
[00:17:07] <bronzdragon> When?
[00:17:08] <aria> Now?
[00:17:17] <ruffas> sure?
[00:18:31] <bronzdragon> 11, right?
[00:18:38] <aria> Have you seen the Cinemassacre mailbag episodes?
[00:18:47] <ruffas> yes, no
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[00:44:51] <bronzdragon> 'sup Prof
[00:44:53] <trogdor42> https://www.youtube.com
[00:45:55] <ruffas> i've always read that as ga-ben
[00:45:59] <ruffas> not gay-ben
[00:46:50] <bronzdragon> I be ProfPangloss's evil twin is called "Confessor Pangloss"
[00:47:08] <apreche> Liev like a Windrammer as you fuck
[00:47:20] <aria> Not ConfessorBangloss or something?
[00:47:54] <ProfPangloss> :/
[00:47:58] <bronzdragon> Well, he'd have a moustache
[00:48:09] <ProfPangloss> This is my life right now
[00:48:10] <ProfPangloss> http://www.youtube.com
[00:49:09] <aria> Wait new youtube?
[00:49:54] <aria> I like it
[00:50:05] <bronzdragon> ... I didn't expect him to be that good at German (?)
[00:53:20] <aria> Its really bright though
[00:53:27] <aria> The gray youtube didn't have this problem
[00:53:41] <aria> I hope have some sort of dimming present
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[01:04:58] <yoshokatana> oh wheee
[01:05:09] <yoshokatana> I just had a glass of wine on an empty stomach
[01:09:41] <yoshokatana> I'm kind of sad that my tolerance for alcohol is so low
[01:10:05] <ruffas> at least you're a cheap date :p
[01:10:08] <yoshokatana> :p
[01:10:38] <yoshokatana> also, my body rejects it after I'm tipsy (i.e. I don't have any desire to drink more) so I've almost never gotten drunk
[01:10:52] <yoshokatana> (and I've never gotten black-out drunk, not even once)
[01:11:43] <yoshokatana> hmm
[01:11:52] <yoshokatana> can someone help me test my alerts?
[01:11:56] <yoshokatana> say "new mission"
[01:13:32] <ruffas> new mission
[01:14:33] <yoshokatana> yay it worked!
[01:14:35] <yoshokatana> thanks
[01:14:49] <ruffas> i've got quite the tolerance for booze; low % stuff (not liquor) will get me buzzed, but i'd have to drink way too much to get ddrunk
[01:15:21] <yoshokatana> to get ddrunk?
[01:16:12] <ruffas> yep
[01:16:13] <ruffas> ddrunk
[01:16:23] <yoshokatana> Also, I've found that my vernacular expands when I'm drunk
[01:16:56] <yoshokatana> I think it's a lowering if my inhibitions to use "large words"
[01:17:07] <ruffas> yeah
[01:17:14] <yoshokatana> (ah, mental trauma from being a geek with a large vocabulary at an early age)
[01:17:46] <ruffas> lookit you, reading books n shit
[01:17:57] <yoshokatana> :p
[01:18:16] <yoshokatana> I dunno, I feel like I forget words more often than I did as a kid
[01:18:37] <yoshokatana> what is that feeling called?
[01:18:43] <yoshokatana> presque vu?
[01:18:54] <ruffas> no idea
[01:20:32] * yoshokatana peruses wikipedia
[01:20:33] <yoshokatana> yep
[01:21:17] <ruffas> new word for me
[01:25:58] <aria> Ruffas
[01:26:03] <aria> Tell Apreche he should watch OOO
[01:26:30] <aria> He was poo pooing it the other day
[01:27:00] <yoshokatana> 000?
[01:27:11] <yoshokatana> OOO?
[01:27:12] <ruffas> he was?
[01:27:16] <aria> Kamen Rider from 2 seasons ago
[01:27:18] <ruffas> it's pronounced ooze
[01:27:21] <aria> Well, Kamen Rider in general =P
[01:27:24] <yoshokatana> Big O?
[01:27:26] <ruffas> oh?
[01:27:40] <aria> Yes, not zero
[01:31:37] <ruffas> why was scott ragging on Kamen Rider?
[01:32:19] <aria> Well no, I told him to watch it, and he was like "But punchy punchy.. more like... boring boring, amirite?!"
[01:35:45] <ruffas> tokusatsu is only for some people
[01:36:24] <bronzdragon> Ha! I defeated Akinator!
[01:36:33] <aria> Akinator?
[01:36:50] <bronzdragon> Character guessing website thing
[01:36:52] <bronzdragon> http://en.akinator.com
[01:36:58] <aria> Oh right that thing
[01:36:59] <bronzdragon> ... close enough, right?
[01:37:27] <aria> Wait
[01:37:31] <aria> your link is the front page
[01:37:37] <aria> does it have Gamel in its database?
[01:38:07] <bronzdragon> DAFUQ DID YOU GUESS FRAMPT?
[01:38:17] <bronzdragon> And yes, NOW it has Gamel in its database
[01:38:20] <bronzdragon> After I asked him
[01:38:42] <aria> Ill try with Den-O, lets see how good it is
[01:40:24] <bronzdragon> =P
[01:40:27] <aria> ...
[01:40:29] <aria> It got Kabuto
[01:40:31] <aria> Fucking..
[01:40:32] <aria> damn
[01:40:38] <aria> I was gonna go with kabuto first
[01:40:41] <aria> Anyway, its still wrong
[01:42:17] <bronzdragon> =P
[01:42:17] <aria> Psj!
[01:42:19] <aria> He guessed Ichigo
[01:43:24] <bronzdragon> ... "I think of NintendoCapriSun"
[01:43:30] <bronzdragon> Whodafuckisdat?
[01:44:14] <aria> ...He asked if my character was Solaire =P
[01:44:21] <aria> I mean, it wasn't a guess
[01:44:24] <aria> it was a regular question
[01:44:47] <aria> "Change Dragon" from Changemen
[01:44:52] <aria> Hah! Can't even guess DenO!
[01:45:30] <bronzdragon> You have to go through multiple itterations
[01:45:37] <bronzdragon> it guesses wrong the first time sometimes
[01:45:44] <bronzdragon> if it's gonna get it, it's gonna get it by the 2nd time
[01:46:05] <aria> Tommy Oliver?
[01:46:14] <aria> Well this is its like 5th guess
[01:46:18] <aria> The first one was very close
[01:46:24] <aria> It was just 1 season away
[01:46:30] <aria> second guess was at least the same franchice
[01:47:10] <aria> Apperantly it has the entire Kamen Rider cast in there
[01:47:19] <aria> Alright, let's try..
[01:47:22] <aria> Motherfucking Tarkus
[01:48:32] <ruffas> it's got a huge database
[01:48:50] <aria> ...
[01:48:52] <aria> First guess
[01:48:53] <bronzdragon> =P
[01:48:55] <aria> I have no idea how
[01:49:10] <aria> This thing is magic..
[01:49:20] <aria> I wonder if they use Google ads to tell what you're into
[01:49:53] <bronzdragon> That'd be devious!
[01:50:36] <ruffas> nah
[01:50:47] <aria> ...How?!
[01:50:54] <aria> It guessed Mike Matei
[01:51:09] <aria> Without any AVGN questions or anything
[01:52:23] <bronzdragon> Does Big Boss have a famous Brother or Sister?
[01:52:33] <aria> No
[01:52:35] <aria> Ima go with no
[01:52:39] <aria> He does have clones..
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[01:54:27] <aria> Starfox, explain to me why Akinator is so good..
[01:56:48] <starfox> I would guess the more people play the more it learns
[01:57:02] <starfox> what does it have, 20 questions?
[01:57:06] <aria> But.. it so quickly guesses such obscure stuff
[01:57:11] <aria> Yeah
[01:57:19] <starfox> and 5 possible responses for each
[01:57:25] <aria> http://en.akinator.com
[01:57:29] <okeefe> Because it's been trained on obscure stuff!
[01:57:31] <aria> Well, only 2 really
[01:57:58] <starfox> so theoretically it could distinguish 5 ^ 20 or about 10^14 entities
[01:58:42] <starfox> I would guess it doesn't know any character until someone "teaches" it at least once
[01:59:03] <aria> Noo I pressed the wrong button
[01:59:12] <aria> Now its gonna have wrong information about gravelord nito
[01:59:24] <aria> I was thinking of Death from Castlevania =P
[02:00:14] <aria> Lets see if it can guess Karas
[02:02:37] <starfox> I don't actually know specifically what Akinator uses, but that's my guess
[02:02:58] <starfox> what I would do anyway
[02:03:13] <aria> As soon as you tell it its an anime character, it guesses a bunch of Naruto questions
[02:04:59] <aria> "Does your character have wings" -- well he grows wings for one attack, but its like those sparkly wings, not physical wings..
[02:08:14] <okeefe> Oh man, I am stumping the hell out of Akinator at the moment. It's gotten close.
[02:08:31] <aria> Which character?
[02:08:39] <okeefe> Metal Man from MM2.
[02:08:55] <okeefe> It guessed Air and Cut. Currently we're on question 68.
[02:09:49] <okeefe> At 76 it guessed Quick. Getting closer...
[02:10:12] <okeefe> 79 was Flash.
[02:10:13] <aria> ...He guessed my made up character from Dark Souls in 1 go
[02:10:14] <aria> How?
[02:10:48] <okeefe> "Bravo! You have defeated me!"
[02:11:00] <aria> Was it in the list of people he would've guessed next?
[02:11:06] <aria> Metal Man is fairly popular
[02:11:14] <aria> surely you must've answered some things wrong
[02:11:59] <okeefe> Surely you're making assumptions.
[02:12:08] <aria> Well yes
[02:16:53] <ruffas> i tried Yuko from Johnny Wander and it assumed porn
[02:17:02] <ruffas> even though i specifically told it no to porn
[02:17:17] <aria> Ima see if it knows that hand in the toilet from Majora's Mask
[02:19:52] <ruffas> how many different questions do he have for famous from youtube?
[02:20:52] <ruffas> close after 60
[02:20:56] <ruffas> he's got a lady artist
[02:20:58] <starfox> wonder if it knows the 6'20
[02:21:06] <starfox> 6'20" version of george washington
[02:21:29] <ruffas> he failed
[02:22:21] <aria> I knew hand in toilet..
[02:22:32] <starfox> jesus it took like 6 questions
[02:22:37] <starfox> didn't even get to the fun ones
[02:23:43] <aria> Can your character speak Japanese
[02:23:46] <aria> Ganon
[02:23:47] <aria> from Zelda
[02:23:48] <aria> Hm...
[02:25:29] <ruffas> yes?
[02:27:30] <aria> But according to lore
[02:27:37] <aria> they speak in whatever elf language
[02:27:42] <aria> But the games are in Japanese..
[02:30:09] <aria> So does we want to OOO 13?
[02:31:39] <ruffas> nah
[02:31:43] <ruffas> had enough ooze for one day
[02:33:00] <bronzdragon> THIS http://api-en1.akinator.com
[02:33:12] <aria> =O
[02:33:13] <aria> How!?
[02:34:52] <ruffas> what's it called?
[02:35:43] <bronzdragon> Black hat guy
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[02:41:03] <nine> What's this? No hello?
[02:41:06] <nine> Dicks.
[02:41:16] <aria> Yes hello Nine
[02:41:28] <aria> Go play Akinator
[02:41:31] <bronzdragon> HI NINE
[02:41:33] <aria> Also sleep, its like fucking 5
[02:41:39] <bronzdragon> give me money
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[02:45:14] <aria> Good night folks
[02:45:24] <bronzdragon> ^ what he said
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[02:53:15] <Gunter> HATCHA
[02:53:36] <Gunter> FRCBot_, make me a sandwich
[02:53:36] <nine> Oh hi dicks.
[02:53:37] <nine> And Aria.
[02:53:38] <nine> <3
[02:54:02] <Gunter> That is not a sandwich, FRCBot_
[02:54:04] <nine> Oh, Aria left. :(
[02:54:06] <Gunter> Hello Nine
[02:54:11] <nine> 5</3
[02:54:14] <nine> Hi Gnt.
[02:54:20] <nine> WHY ARE YOU HERE?
[02:54:22] <nine> WHAT THE FUCK.
[02:54:28] <nine> YOU NOT EVEN ON SKYPE.
[02:54:30] <nine> WHAT IS THIS SHIT?
[02:54:33] <Gunter> Bullshit
[02:54:38] <Gunter> I just logged onto Skype
[02:55:12] <nine> Lies!
[02:55:16] <Gunter> shhhhh
[02:55:32] <Gunter> just go to sleep nine
[02:55:36] <Gunter> This was all just a dream
[02:55:40] <Gunter> JUST A DREAM YOU HEAR ME
[02:56:17] -!- Apsup [Apsup!Aleksi@hide-B4B1B39B.kortex.jyu.fi] has joined #geeknights
[02:56:28] <Gunter> Hello Apsupple
[02:56:58] <ruffas> all these future people
[02:57:19] <nine> Hello ancient.
[02:57:24] <nine> How is the past treating you?
[02:57:44] <ruffas> well enoough
[02:57:46] <ruffas> enough*
[02:57:51] <ruffas> it's still evening here
[02:58:01] <nine> Poor guy.
[02:59:13] <ruffas> ill manage somehow
[02:59:17] <ruffas> i'll*
[02:59:25] <ruffas> but certainly not by typing correctly
[03:04:51] <nine> You were typing fine.
[03:04:55] <nine> Writing though...
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[03:06:43] -!- spacejam [spacejam!spacejam@hide-C81D949.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[03:09:17] <ruffas> slam jam?
[03:09:50] <pence> slam ten jams
[03:09:50] <Robobuntu> you can't slam ten jams!
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[03:14:11] <Coldguy> hio
[03:14:22] <ruffas> howdy
[03:14:25] <ProfPangloss> spacejam: http://soundcloud.com
[03:14:28] <ProfPangloss> What now
[03:14:34] <ruffas> we're currently slamming less than 10 jams
[03:14:35] <Robobuntu> you can't than 10 jams!
[03:15:18] <ProfPangloss> nine, Joe says you've been cheating on him
[03:15:24] <ProfPangloss> I think it's because you're in this chat
[03:16:49] <nine> Cheating on him?
[03:16:51] <nine> In what sense?
[03:17:26] <ruffas> you're chatting with other people?
[03:17:42] <Coldguy> half minute hero is fun
[03:18:36] <nine> Joe's tsundere for me.
[03:20:12] <Coldguy> ok
[03:22:35] <ProfPangloss> I-It's not like I wanna chat with you guys or anything...b-bakas!
[03:22:41] <ProfPangloss> -MC Joe
[03:23:47] <pence> hahaha
[03:26:30] <nine> That's my Joe.
[03:45:13] <Coldguy> hi nine
[03:46:07] <yoshokatana> hey nine, what's up?
[03:47:50] <nine> Yo yosho.
[03:48:02] <starfox> spacechem is an amazing game
[03:48:07] <nine> Wait, what's with the sudden greetings? I've been here for over an hour.
[03:48:44] <Coldguy> i just felt like saying hi
[03:48:55] <nine> Prick.
[03:49:01] <starfox> every time something new gets added, it's "OHHHHHHHH IT HAS THAT TOO?!"
[03:54:32] -!- MC_Joe [MC_Joe!derpman69@hide-576D0D56.dr02.roch.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #geeknights
[03:55:12] <Coldguy> no idea
[03:56:25] <ruffas> that sounds terrible
[03:56:41] <nine> Hi Joe.
[03:56:46] <nine> 5<3
[03:57:26] <MC_Joe> I read through the ingrediants. Apparently mexicans makes their horchata with rice instead of chufas.
[03:58:16] -!- Sonic [Sonic!Victor@hide-18E3A46B.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[03:58:52] <Sonic> hola amigos
[03:59:04] <nine> Hi Mexican.
[03:59:15] <nine> Joe, you can blame this Sonic guy.
[03:59:32] <Sonic> Ah, Nine. Long time. How you been?
[03:59:45] <nine> Take a guess.
[04:00:01] <Sonic> You ablaze?
[04:00:13] <nine> Yeah, that awesome.
[04:00:23] <nine> Oh, I watched your bike video.
[04:00:32] <Sonic> Oh?
[04:00:38] <nine> From the moment you said "blinkers" till the end of the video I repeatedly said "No."
[04:00:48] <nine> Don't you have fucking laws in the US?
[04:00:52] <nine> And get a fucking rear light.
[04:01:04] <Coldguy> hey sonic going to magfest?
[04:01:10] <nine> Hell, why isn't there a rear and front light standard on that thing?
[04:01:13] <Sonic> Nope.
[04:01:19] <Coldguy> drat
[04:01:26] <Sonic> Because then manufactueres couldn't sell them as addons
[04:01:42] <nine> Fucking US and their lack of regulation.
[04:01:50] <Sonic> I am, however, going to Equestria LA. Lauren Faust is going to be there.
[04:02:05] <Sonic> And since I kickstarted at nearly the highest level, I get to meet her
[04:02:22] <Sonic> And she'll probably see my lecture on the audio design of the show
[04:02:41] <Sonic> which terrfies me and makes me excited.
[04:02:45] <Sonic> and cant decide which.
[04:03:11] <nine> You kickstarted a convention?
[04:03:19] <Sonic> Yep
[04:03:30] <nine> Fucking US-only kickstart nonsense.
[04:03:37] <Sonic> *shrug*
[04:03:42] <nine> Take mah money, but won't let me take their money!
[04:03:44] <nine> Rawr.
[04:03:51] <MC_Joe> Im listening to my US only pandora music.
[04:04:13] <nine> Yup, more fucking bullshit.
[04:04:24] * Sonic goes off to look into android IRC clients
[04:04:36] <nine> Irssi or bust.
[04:06:13] <Coldguy> i use mibbit
[04:06:29] <nine> That's half a client.
[04:07:03] <MC_Joe> My apostraphe button is being used up by something.
[04:07:18] <nine> '~?
[04:07:18] <MC_Joe> I cannot use any contractions for fear of grammatical mistakes!
[04:07:22] <nine> You can borrow mine.
[04:07:38] <nine> Here, have a few: '''''''''''.
[04:08:07] <MC_Joe> Oh tha
[04:08:36] <MC_Joe> Apparently, right click makes me send whatever I just typed.
[04:09:35] <nine> Yup.
[04:09:40] <nine> Just selecting copies.
[04:09:50] <nine> ''''''''''' ''''''''''' ''''''''''' '''''''''''
[04:09:54] <nine> See! :D
[04:09:55] <nine> So easy.
[04:10:05] <MC_Joe> Then how do I paste?!
[04:10:07] <MC_Joe> Unselect?
[04:11:43] <pence> shift+insert!
[04:11:52] <pence> none of this ctrl+v business
[04:12:06] <nine> -^
[04:12:22] <nine> [6:12:06] Joe Boomer: HOLY FUCK YOU CAN SHIFT INSERT TO PASTE.
[04:12:23] <nine> Yes you can.
[04:12:24] <pence> (I still use shift+insert even in windows)
[04:12:35] <nine> (I always forget, thanks for reminder pence)
[04:13:11] -!- trogdor42 [trogdor42!~trogdor42@hide-13929AC.dr02.roch.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #geeknights
[04:13:27] <MC_Joe> And then it went all over my keyboard.
[04:14:57] <nine> Joe just pasted all over his keyboard.
[04:15:16] -!- Coldguy has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[04:19:18] <MC_Joe> Pandora, you suck at recommended electroswing.
[04:19:43] -!- Coldguy [Coldguy!4a3cbb83@hide-50D287EE.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[04:20:10] <MC_Joe> My grandmother was never the same again.
[04:20:14] <ruffas> last.fm's pretty good at it
[04:20:51] <nine> Hahahahaha!
[04:21:04] <nine> Does Pandora even have Electroswing?
[04:21:27] <trogdor42> Pandora also sucks at chiptune
[04:21:32] <MC_Joe> The only other band I found that I like was goldfish.
[04:21:45] <trogdor42> it apparently can't distinguish between subgenres of electronica?
[04:21:46] <Coldguy> see the new vg albums that released?
[04:21:58] <Coldguy> http://thosewhofight.bandcamp.com
[04:22:06] <Coldguy> http://knightoftheround.bandcamp.com
[04:23:06] -!- ProfPangloss has quit [Ping timeout]
[04:23:08] <nine> Vg albums?
[04:23:44] * Coldguy is in chiptune/vg music scene
[04:23:49] <MC_Joe> Pandora usually recommands shitty lounge music and trip hop instrumentals.
[04:24:40] <nine> Tell it to fuck off and suggest Electric Six.
[04:25:25] <MC_Joe> There is no need when I already have their discography.
[04:25:43] <MC_Joe> I was doing a networking lab investigating RIP packets between routers.
[04:26:05] <MC_Joe> http://www.youtube.com
[04:26:09] <nine> But E6 goes everywhere.
[04:26:13] <MC_Joe> Kept thinking about this.
[04:27:35] <nine> 3<3
[04:27:58] <ruffas> http://i.imgur.com
[04:28:52] <nine> Wut.
[04:29:43] <ruffas> some scientists found panda bones in a sinkhole in China outside their present day range
[04:29:55] <ruffas> that's a real illustration from a peer-reviewed article about it
[04:31:35] <nine> If that's the geography of the sinkhole, then yeah.
[04:31:42] <nine> It's a possiblity.
[04:32:25] <ruffas> http://boingboing.net
[04:32:53] <nine> "Illustration from a peer-reviewed research paper provides poignant commentary on the futility of life"
[04:32:56] <nine> ...
[04:33:52] <nine> What the fuck's this 3 sentence 'article' supposed to be about?
[04:34:39] <ruffas> about the picture mostly
[04:34:49] <nine> "Here's a link to the paper (which is behind a pay wall)" What else is new.
[04:36:43] <nine> The title and text are complete garbage if you ask me.
[04:36:51] <nine> They add nothing to the image, at all.
[04:37:15] <nine> If it's supposed to be funny, wow. I can't draw that well.
[04:38:58] <ruffas> i think it's mostly that there's a picture of a panda falling in a whole in a scientific research paper
[04:39:13] <ruffas> hole*
[04:39:47] <nine> So...~?
[04:40:27] <ruffas> it's silly?
[04:41:11] <nine> It's written by people?
[04:41:46] <ruffas> presumably
[04:42:07] <nine> It is indeed a silly, related distraction from just dry text.
[04:42:32] <nine> I don't see how anyhing in that BoingBoing 'article' adds to that.
[04:42:53] <ruffas> it doesn't, just trying to add some context
[04:43:14] <nine> "Illustration from a peer-reviewed research paper provides
[04:43:35] <nine> "Illustration from a peer-reviewed research paper provides poignant commentary on the futility of life" adds some context?
[04:44:14] <ruffas> some
[04:44:16] <ruffas> not much
[04:44:22] <ruffas> have this instead https://www.youtube.com
[04:44:57] <nine> BoingBoing is shit, let's just agree on that.
[04:45:12] <ruffas> some of the posters are shit
[04:46:23] <nine> That's one of them.
[04:46:30] <nine> That video!
[04:46:54] <nine> Dear lord would it be hell to zone all those fucking images for the software to do its thing.
[04:48:50] <nine> Okay, seems like they're keeping it simple with just vector sections.
[04:56:38] <ruffas> i'm going to sleep, have a pumpkin http://i.imgur.com
[04:57:11] <nine> Sleep?
[04:57:15] <nine> What's that?
[04:57:22] <nine> Just alternate between resting your eyes.
[04:57:56] <nine> Also, that can't be _a_ pumpkin. Crust's not that thick.
[04:58:26] <ruffas> perhaps a combination of pumpkins
[04:58:57] <ruffas> anywho, sleep
[05:00:04] <nine> Or a very big pumpkin.
[05:00:14] <nine> But aren't they softer on the inside?
[05:04:06] -!- ruffas has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[05:10:09] <nine> Night folks.
[05:10:14] -!- nine has quit [Quit: leaving]
[05:20:33] -!- yoshokatana has quit [Quit: yoshokatana]
[05:22:51] -!- Victor [Victor!Victor@hide-18E3A46B.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[05:23:18] -!- Sonic has quit [Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Victor))]
[05:23:27] Victor is now known as Sonic
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[06:01:03] -!- aria [aria!aria@hide-700C3A1D.getinternet.no] has joined #geeknights
[06:01:32] <aria> Im still awake
[06:01:34] <aria> anyone around?
[06:09:30] -!- trogdor42 has quit [Client exited]
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[06:16:21] <aria> D=
[06:39:46] -!- trogdor42 [trogdor42!trogdor42@hide-13929AC.dr02.roch.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #geeknights
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[06:55:01] -!- Kulag [Kulag!~kulag@A89381D7.BE16B68E.80DE9213.IP] has joined #geeknights
[06:55:18] <okeefe> I'm awake, but not for long.
[06:58:00] -!- Kulag has quit [Ping timeout]
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[07:20:07] -!- Apsup [Apsup!Aleksi@hide-B4B1B39B.kortex.jyu.fi] has joined #geeknights
[07:36:54] <aria> Good morning Apsup
[07:37:01] <aria> when you wake up I know its time for bed =P
[07:39:07] -!- Kulag [Kulag!kulag@A89381D7.BE16B68E.80DE9213.IP] has joined #geeknights
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[09:14:46] <L-four> Ubuntu
[09:14:47] <Robobuntu> oo-BOON-too
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[09:25:23] -!- Apsup [Apsup!Aleksi@hide-B4B1B39B.kortex.jyu.fi] has joined #geeknights
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[13:16:44] <creamsteak> rawr
[13:21:05] -!- pence [pence!~pence@hide-FE0B97D9.phlapa.fios.verizon.net] has parted #geeknights
[13:21:42] <ruffas> woof
[13:26:22] -!- chrisb [chrisb!chrisb@D894776.B5357A97.8AEA992B.IP] has joined #geeknights
[13:26:30] chrisb is now known as originalme8
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[13:36:27] <originalme8> Anyone here using Irssi for windows (non compiled)?
[13:37:01] -!- MrBRAD [MrBRAD!whatsthis@hide-F126D7A.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #geeknights
[13:39:10] -!- chrisb [chrisb!chrisb@D894776.B5357A97.8AEA992B.IP] has joined #geeknights
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[13:55:17] -!- originalme8 has quit [Quit: testing irssi brb.]
[13:55:24] -!- originalme8 [originalme8!chrisb@D894776.B5357A97.8AEA992B.IP] has joined #geeknights
[13:58:33] <apreche> I tried to use irssi for windows, but it sucks
[13:58:40] <apreche> it ran inside of either putty or windows command prompt
[13:58:58] <apreche> instead, I am running irssi on my Linode in screen, and SSHing into that with PuTTY
[14:02:19] <Coldguy> that works
[14:06:19] <Apsup> Yea, I'm using irssi on windows, but this doesn't feel optimal.
[14:06:58] <Apsup> Maybe I should just install mirc, it's alright I just don't like the "give us money" prompt that I have to ignore every time I start it.
[14:07:43] <originalme8> Actually I am getting the hang of Irssi
[14:07:59] <originalme8> It just took me a few minutes to figure it out, still not sure where it stores the startup config
[14:10:48] <creamsteak> running irssi in putty on windows feels fine for me and my needs
[14:11:33] <originalme8> Yea, I just had to figure out the basic commands. My autoconnect is still not quite working for freenode, not sure why. I think it is the way freenode works though and not irssi.
[14:15:28] <originalme8> The only thing I can'g figure out is that it doesn't seem to message the nickserve on freenode. It is defaulting to foonet.
[14:21:41] <originalme8> Anyways, anybody got anything exciting to discuss?
[14:30:23] -!- originalme8 has quit [Quit: leaving]
[14:30:31] -!- originalme8 [originalme8!~chrisb@D894776.B5357A97.8AEA992B.IP] has joined #geeknights
[14:44:13] <creamsteak> /connect irc.foonetic.net
[14:44:17] <creamsteak> /join #geeknights
[14:44:25] <creamsteak> I just type in all the commands
[14:44:41] <creamsteak> and I *guessed* them, I didn't even end up looking them up :P
[14:44:45] <creamsteak> so I'm one with the irssi
[14:45:28] <originalme8> I have used freenode forever, foonet isn't sticking in my brain yet. :\
[14:45:29] <creamsteak> life is awkward
[14:45:57] <creamsteak> I would talk about it, but this channel is logged :P
[14:46:12] -!- Neo [Neo!~jfarnswor@866B4023.B98F5130.13671C90.IP] has joined #geeknights
[14:47:16] <originalme8> pft..why is that stopping you?
[14:47:44] <creamsteak> who knows who or what will find chatlogs at some point later down the line :P
[14:48:00] <originalme8> I guess
[14:49:30] <originalme8> As long as your not talking about something that can get you in trouble with the law (or your wife/girlfriend) does it matter? :P
[14:52:14] <creamsteak> or future employers
[14:52:14] <originalme8> no?
[14:52:24] <originalme8> ah
[14:52:29] <originalme8> Yea, I guess that's true.
[14:52:56] <creamsteak> my internet rep is astonishingly good
[14:53:32] <creamsteak> because unlike many people, anonymity makes me nice not dickish :P
[14:53:45] <originalme8> I'm really not sure about mine. I am usually a nice person, I think.
[14:54:16] -!- bronzdragon [bronzdragon!bronzdrago@hide-48E615F.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #geeknights
[14:54:45] <bronzdragon> Heeeey
[14:55:02] <originalme8> Hey bd
[14:55:32] <bronzdragon> Can't even be bothered to type my name out?
[14:55:37] <bronzdragon> I'm supes disapointed!
[14:55:59] <originalme8> 4Why?
[14:56:15] <bronzdragon> I expected more
[14:56:42] <bronzdragon> Also, it's just as many key presses!
[14:57:01] <originalme8> The funny part is, that I typed your name out, then stopped and thought "Will they think that is pretentious?" and deleted it and did the cute bd :P
[14:57:16] <originalme8> Just as many key presses?
[14:57:26] <bronzdragon> Yes, press B and then [tab]
[14:57:32] <bronzdragon> It's called auto-complete.
[14:57:39] <originalme8> bronzdragon: D:
[14:57:41] <originalme8> I didn't know that
[14:57:44] <originalme8> lol
[14:57:50] <bronzdragon> Some clients do it for commands too!
[14:58:08] <originalme8> bronzdragon:I knew about the commands, I didn't know about the names.
[14:58:17] <bronzdragon> Actually, the only reason I mentioned it is because I thought you might not know.
[14:58:24] <bronzdragon> And I like teaching people useful stuff! =D
[14:58:32] <originalme8> 4 bronzdragon: 1 How is that?
[14:58:51] <originalme8> I appreciate it :)
[14:59:15] <bronzdragon> You're welcome~
[14:59:23] <originalme8> Irssi is new to me, and it had been years that I sat in an IRC room that wasn't through Trillian
[14:59:56] <bronzdragon> =P
[15:00:30] <pence> everyone knows ms comic chat is where it's at
[15:01:24] <bronzdragon> =O
[15:01:31] <originalme8> Did that make sense to anyone?
[15:02:32] <ProfPangloss|Work> 'Sup people
[15:02:47] <originalme8> Hey ProfPangloss|Work
[15:04:28] <ProfPangloss|Work> Okay so muppet++
[15:04:33] <ProfPangloss|Work> For reminding me that song exists
[15:04:43] <originalme8> Again with the muppet?
[15:04:51] <originalme8> Does this troll control your lives?
[15:04:59] <ProfPangloss|Work> Nono he did a good thing this time
[15:05:13] <bronzdragon> =O
[15:05:16] <bronzdragon> Yaaay
[15:05:17] <ProfPangloss|Work> Last page of the dating thread
[15:05:22] <originalme8> Oh, from what everyone says, I didn't know that was possible.
[15:05:26] <ProfPangloss|Work> He reminded me that Bloodhound Gang exists
[15:05:40] <ProfPangloss|Work> And consequently, the greatest song ever
[15:06:39] <originalme8> Whatever you say Prof. :P
[15:07:32] <ProfPangloss|Work> Yessir
[15:08:16] <originalme8> Is anyone here an English major/teacher, or a grammar Nazi?
[15:08:39] <originalme8> Because I have a question for you that is bugging me if you are.
[15:13:24] <creamsteak> I'm an assault mech... choo choo.
[15:13:48] <originalme8> Well, that doesn't help me at all, and please don't choo choo my kneecaps. :\
[15:14:14] -!- VentureJ [VentureJ!Adium@347A8266.6DDAEAC2.F5A3EBB7.IP] has joined #geeknights
[15:15:33] <originalme8> Venny!
[15:15:50] <ProfPangloss|Work> originalme8: I might be able to help out, I'm a bit of a sticklet.
[15:15:52] <ProfPangloss|Work> *stickler
[15:16:18] <originalme8> OK, so my question is how do you end a sentence like the following.
[15:16:54] <originalme8> "Hey Prof." or "Hey Prof.."
[15:17:23] <originalme8> From shortening the word and placing a "." at the end, how do I endicate that the sentence ended there?
[15:17:35] <bronzdragon> You have to techncially use a different dot for shortning words, I believe.
[15:17:38] <originalme8> The ".." just doesn't look right to me.
[15:17:48] <originalme8> Really?
[15:17:54] <pence> http://en.wikipedia.org
[15:17:58] <bronzdragon> There's like, a bazillion different dots.
[15:17:58] <ProfPangloss|Work> http://grammar.quickanddirtytips.com
[15:18:10] <ProfPangloss|Work> You don't need the second period when ending sentences with an abbreviation.
[15:19:05] <originalme8> It just doesn't seem right in my brain when I read that, but who am I to argue with Wikipedia?
[15:19:07] <bronzdragon> The answer is, "
[15:19:11] <ProfPangloss|Work> bronzdragon: For modern grammar/punctuation, I don't believe that applies
[15:19:13] <bronzdragon> Don't listen to me, I know nothing"
[15:19:50] <ProfPangloss|Work> Pretty much unless you're in parliament, typography, or otherwise fucking nuts, you can just say "Hey Prof."
[15:19:51] <originalme8> bronzdragon: Nothing, nothing at all? D:
[15:20:04] <bronzdragon> What am I?
[15:20:08] <bronzdragon> Where am i?
[15:20:11] <bronzdragon> HOW AM I?
[15:20:17] <ProfPangloss|Work> HOW ARE YOU SAYING WORDS
[15:20:30] <originalme8> He's not, he's typing them.
[15:20:53] <ProfPangloss|Work> WHAT IS THIS "TYPING"
[15:21:17] <originalme8> Not sure, but you are doing it apparently, and so is bronzdragon.
[15:23:21] <originalme8> Man, I hate trying to manage other peoples time. Worst part of my job. :\
[15:25:49] <bronzdragon> ... "Now, you, type these words"
[15:25:57] <bronzdragon> "Goddamnit, spell them correctly >__>"
[15:26:16] <bronzdragon> "Okay, now raise your left leg... lean forward... set it down...."
[15:26:32] <originalme8> I wish it was that fun, it's nothing like that.
[15:26:50] <pence> managing time, not qwopping
[15:27:04] <pence> managing legs
[15:27:26] <ProfPangloss|Work> Heehehehe
[15:27:29] <ProfPangloss|Work> It's 10/11/12
[15:28:16] <pence> already missed 8:09
[15:28:45] <ProfPangloss|Work> Well, the first one
[15:28:58] <originalme8> No, it's 11/10/12
[15:29:17] <originalme8> 10/11/12 will be next week.
[15:29:48] <originalme8> :D
[15:29:54] <ProfPangloss|Work> :/
[15:29:55] <pence> sure, if you want to do things the sensible way
[15:30:03] <ProfPangloss|Work> 'MURRKA
[15:30:13] <originalme8> 'MURRKA
[15:30:27] <originalme8> Crap..I have been discovered!
[15:31:14] <originalme8> Some nations just like to watch the world burn. :)
[15:39:30] <ProfPangloss|Work> pence: Ohohoho, try for 10/11/12 13:14:15
[15:39:46] <bronzdragon> It's alreay 17:39
[15:39:53] <bronzdragon> I'm sorry, but it's too late for you
[15:40:20] <originalme8> Not here, it's only 08:40 here. :)
[15:40:52] <ProfPangloss|Work> DAMMIT
[15:40:54] <ProfPangloss|Work> EVERY TIME
[15:41:05] <ProfPangloss|Work> I even come close to THINKING about playing Borderlands
[15:41:19] <ProfPangloss|Work> >Pandora station
[15:41:25] <ProfPangloss|Work> >No Rest for the Wicked
[15:42:42] <creamsteak> I think I told the forums about the marine guy that called me not a 'murkin at a bar...
[15:43:00] <creamsteak> Merkin being a pubic wig or something I believe
[15:43:21] <ProfPangloss|Work> O_o
[15:43:49] <pence> http://achewood.com
[15:44:18] <creamsteak> I won that battle of intimidate checks btw, even being the tiny little man that I am :P
[15:50:05] <originalme8> http://achewood.com
[15:50:25] <originalme8> Oops, didn't realize I had this window selected
[15:50:29] <originalme8> Sorry for repost
[15:55:41] <bronzdragon> I don't get this comic
[15:56:47] * originalme8 pats bronzdragon on the head.
[15:56:52] <originalme8> It's OK pal :)
[15:57:15] <bronzdragon> ... okay~
[15:57:37] <originalme8> https://en.wikipedia.org
[15:57:51] <pence> I pretty much never expect anyone to get achewood
[15:58:36] <bronzdragon> I get all the things that are happening, I just don't understand what the joke is.
[16:00:16] -!- trogdor42 [trogdor42!~trogdor42@B472807B.7918CE7F.82D2B239.IP] has joined #geeknights
[16:11:40] -!- ProfPangloss|Work has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[16:14:39] <trogdor42> how is everybody this afternoon?
[16:15:16] <Apsup> This evening you mean? I was just leaving to go and play some Tekken tag tournament number
[16:16:06] <originalme8> Don't you mean morning?
[16:16:14] <trogdor42> hurr hurr time zones
[16:16:16] -!- ProfPangloss|Work [ProfPangloss|Work!8115fb6d@hide-BF4D4B18.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[16:16:32] <originalme8> :D
[16:16:34] <bronzdragon> Then don't use time frames!
[16:16:39] <bronzdragon> Just say "today"
[16:16:46] <bronzdragon> Or "How is everyone doing"
[16:17:18] <bronzdragon> Or if you really needed something conpemorary, just say "Around now"!
[16:17:58] <ProfPangloss|Work> Or "sup"
[16:18:19] <originalme8> Or you could just say "I hate you all, and don't care about how you are doing. Now, entertain me!"
[16:18:43] <originalme8> Which we all know is what you meant anyways :)
[16:18:55] <trogdor42> yeah basically
[16:18:56] <trogdor42> in class
[16:19:35] <originalme8> Better than work :\
[16:19:59] <ProfPangloss|Work> ^
[16:21:38] <originalme8> I wish I still had class
[16:22:16] <originalme8> So ProfPangloss|Work what do you do to make a living in this cruel world?
[16:23:03] <ProfPangloss|Work> Still an IT student at RIT
[16:23:11] <ProfPangloss|Work> But I'm currently working on my first co-op
[16:23:34] <ProfPangloss|Work> So I'm a lab technician for the interpreting program at RIT's deaf school.
[16:23:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> At NTID - the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.
[16:24:47] <ProfPangloss|Work> The IT isn't terribly difficult or anything (it's really the best I could get with only 2 years under my belt), but it's a really interesting experience between the specialized systems we've got going in the labs, and the whole using-ASL-on-the-job thing.
[16:25:22] <ProfPangloss|Work> Probably gonna go down the path towards sysadmining or network engineering.
[16:25:52] <trogdor42> WEB DEV IS BEST DEV
[16:25:56] <originalme8> Gotcha, very cool.
[16:26:25] <originalme8> trogdor42: Let's just agree to disagree :)
[16:29:19] <ProfPangloss|Work> WEB DEV IS MOST BORING DEV
[16:29:52] <ProfPangloss|Work> Actually no I lied
[16:30:02] <ProfPangloss|Work> General codemonkey dev is most boring dev
[16:30:02] * originalme8 is tied down in a steady relationship, and doesn't benefit from that even.
[16:30:27] * ProfPangloss|Work is happily dating an electrical engineer. Fuck the art school
[16:30:38] <originalme8> ^
[16:30:57] <ProfPangloss|Work> Cute girls, but I have yet to meet one who's dating material
[16:33:08] <creamsteak> "dating material" in college?
[16:33:44] <creamsteak> almost everyone I've ever met under 25 isn't long term relationship material... maybe I'm jaded or unlucky. :P
[16:34:08] <ProfPangloss|Work> Probably also depends how old you are at the time
[16:34:19] <creamsteak> shorter term, "having fun and hanging out" is plentiful though
[16:35:56] -!- nine [nine!nine@hide-887AEA2B.ip.telfort.nl] has joined #geeknights
[16:54:02] <originalme8> My girlfiriend is 21 >.>
[16:55:51] <nine> I wish I knew the context to that.
[16:56:11] <originalme8> Go check the logs
[17:00:22] <nine> ... this is IRC.
[17:00:33] <nine> Logs only exist client-side.
[17:01:35] <originalme8> No, they post them publicly. I found the links yesterday, give me a minute.
[17:02:28] <originalme8> http://frontrowcrew.com
[17:02:52] <ProfPangloss|Work> http://frontrowcrew.com
[17:03:14] <trogdor42> BOOM
[17:03:15] <trogdor42> OWNED
[17:03:20] <trogdor42> SUCK IT NINE
[17:03:36] <originalme8> Even better ProfPangloss|Work! Thanks
[17:03:50] <nine> Owned for something that's not done usually?
[17:04:09] <nine> Still clientside, Scott just happens to publicize his logs.
[17:04:21] <originalme8> Yea, I am going to give it to trogdor42 on this one. Just because it is in my favor :)
[17:04:49] <nine> I don't see how it is.
[17:04:51] <ProfPangloss|Work> Dammit
[17:05:04] <ProfPangloss|Work> trogdor42: Keats needs to come online so I can bug him about room details
[17:05:29] <ProfPangloss|Work> Katie could use the place to stay, but (obviously) only if *everyone* is *100%* cool with it
[17:09:00] -!- VentureJ has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[17:09:19] <nine> I'm offended that my nickname's lilac in those logs.
[17:09:28] <nine> While trogdor42 gets hotpink.
[17:11:05] <apreche> do the humpty hump
[17:11:40] <apreche> do the pass time at work
[17:12:01] <apreche> do the eye arr see
[17:13:24] <ProfPangloss|Work> \o/
[17:14:13] <nine> Back to work apreche.
[17:14:44] <nine> Also inform people their bantering is posted publically in near real-time.
[17:15:17] <ProfPangloss|Work> nine: We're aware
[17:17:19] <nine> I WAS NOT!
[17:17:27] -!- aria [aria!aria@hide-700C3A1D.getinternet.no] has joined #geeknights
[17:22:37] -!- trogdor42 has quit [Client exited]
[17:22:53] <nine> Aria!
[17:23:43] <okeefe> I think logging was also mentioned in the podcast.
[17:24:07] -!- trogdor42 [trogdor42!~trogdor42@hide-D56A6A1A.wireless.rit.edu] has joined #geeknights
[17:24:33] -!- MrBRAD has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 15.0.1/20120905151427]]
[17:25:16] <bronzdragon> 'sup nine
[17:25:18] <originalme8> okeefe: That's how I knew about it.
[17:25:29] <bronzdragon> 'sup everyone else
[17:25:44] * originalme8 looks up.
[17:25:58] <originalme8> Some burnt out light bulbs and cieling tiles at the moment.
[17:26:05] <bronzdragon> Hey apreche, why is teh FRCBot called FRCBot_?
[17:26:06] <nine> It wasn't said in the newsletter.
[17:26:09] -!- trogdor42 has quit [Client exited]
[17:26:25] <okeefe> The newsletter is for old people who can't handle rss. ;)
[17:26:28] <nine> Probably because FRCBot was taken at the time the current one hopped on.
[17:26:33] <originalme8> nine: No, I don't think it was.
[17:26:43] <nine> okeefe: It also wasn't mentioned in the RSS.
[17:26:45] <originalme8> okeefe: There is an rss feed? D:
[17:26:45] <aria> Nine!
[17:26:55] <nine> 5<3 aria!
[17:27:14] <okeefe> There isn't an rss for the mailings, but I requested one.
[17:28:15] <bronzdragon> ^ that
[17:28:42] -!- trogdor42 [trogdor42!~trogdor42@hide-D56A6A1A.wireless.rit.edu] has joined #geeknights
[17:28:50] <bronzdragon> Y
[17:28:58] <bronzdragon> Y'know what this IRC needs? Pyramids.
[17:29:43] <nine> Do tell.
[17:30:10] <okeefe> ASCII pyramids?
[17:30:26] <aria> Quote pyramids Im guessing
[17:31:45] <nine> Kinda hard to do across the whole network, but this channel is viable.
[17:32:01] <apreche> >>>
[17:32:10] <bronzdragon> >>>>
[17:32:11] <apreche> three pyramids
[17:32:16] <ProfPangloss|Work> >>>>>
[17:32:29] <nine> Where the fuck do you live that pyramids are on their fucking sides?
[17:32:40] <apreche> I'm laying on my side
[17:32:43] <apreche> on my desk
[17:32:44] <trogdor42> /\
[17:32:44] <apreche> zzzzz
[17:32:47] <nine> GET TO WORK!
[17:32:49] <apreche> ^^^
[17:32:52] <apreche> woke up
[17:32:59] <trogdor42> /\ /\ /\ /\ /\
[17:32:59] <nine> Someone is paying you money for crying out loud.
[17:33:01] <ProfPangloss|Work> VVVVVVVVVV
[17:33:02] <bronzdragon> Do you think we'll make 10 pyramids stacked?
[17:33:04] <ProfPangloss|Work> VVVVVVVVV
[17:33:06] <ProfPangloss|Work> VVVVVVVV
[17:33:09] <ProfPangloss|Work> VVVVVVV
[17:33:13] <apreche> but they didn't give me something to do that needs doing right now
[17:33:13] <ProfPangloss|Work> VVVVVV
[17:33:14] <nine> 8==========D
[17:33:15] <bronzdragon> *Do you think we'll make 10 pyramids stacked?
[17:33:16] <Robobuntu> you can't make 10 pyramids!
[17:33:18] <ProfPangloss|Work> DAMMIT apreche
[17:33:23] <nine> Then go get something to do.
[17:33:32] <apreche> suggestions?
[17:33:40] <nine> Or is your time that worthless that you'll spend it doing nothing for a minor monetary compensation?
[17:33:51] <ProfPangloss|Work> Write a short story
[17:33:53] <apreche> compensation is not minor
[17:33:54] <ProfPangloss|Work> Right now
[17:33:57] <ProfPangloss|Work> In IRC
[17:33:59] <apreche> necessary for rent paying
[17:34:04] <apreche> that is doable...
[17:34:05] <nine> All monetary compensations are minor.
[17:34:16] <ProfPangloss|Work> Consider it practice for next month
[17:34:17] <nine> So you can buy a bigger gravestone, that's gonna help you.
[17:34:24] <ProfPangloss|Work> Speaking of, it's almost that time of year again...
[17:34:34] <nine> Movember time!
[17:34:36] <okeefe> Unicode test ☃
[17:34:49] <apreche> okeefe: Unicode test checks out ☃
[17:34:52] <bronzdragon> snowman!
[17:35:05] <nine> Bwahahahaha, trying unicode on IRC.
[17:35:13] <apreche> irssi supports unicode very well
[17:35:22] <okeefe> ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
[17:35:24] <apreche> if you use a font like DejaVu, most characters will render
[17:35:32] <bronzdragon> You can set the encoding that irssi uses, right?
[17:35:39] <ProfPangloss|Work> apreche: Don't you have an office?
[17:35:40] <bronzdragon> So it can decode anything, in theory
[17:35:52] <ProfPangloss|Work> Do what my boss does - buy a bass, learn to play some sick riffs in-between meetings/tasks
[17:35:56] <apreche> i think by default it is set to do the right thing with unicode
[17:36:03] <apreche> ProfPangloss|Work: yeah, but there are 3 other people in here
[17:36:11] <apreche> usually there are 5 or 6 other people in here
[17:36:13] <okeefe> My question wasn't irssi, but irc itself. I don't think unicode-in-handle is supported (at least, I've not seen a server that supports it).
[17:36:21] <apreche> yeah, not sure about that
[17:36:22] <nine> I've heard people enjoy fun.
[17:36:31] <ProfPangloss|Work> Office jam session
[17:36:46] <nine> okeefe: Not usually I think.
[17:36:52] <nine> Hence my laughter.
[17:37:10] <nine> Most foreign characters get escaped to questionmarks I think.
[17:37:21] <nine> L
[17:37:44] <nine> Meh, serifs make that ugly.
[17:38:09] <originalme8> What is this "fun" you are speaking of?
[17:38:09] <okeefe>
[17:38:30] <nine> originalme8: A new invention from the Greater European continent.
[17:38:56] <nine> It makes you feel as if you're having sex, without needing to clean up afterwards, nor the awkward glances.
[17:39:04] <aria> In my experience, Unicode almost always shows up and no one says a character didn't show up for them unless it didn't also show up for me.
[17:39:06] <originalme8> pft...can't be that great if it's from Europe. 'MURRCA!
[17:39:23] <okeefe> 💩
[17:39:24] <aria> And in those cases, it's often the sender copy/pasting things wrongly
[17:39:30] <aria> Ok that one didn't show up
[17:39:41] <apreche> square with an x in it
[17:39:47] <originalme8> 0 Does any of this show up?
[17:39:54] <aria> All the other ones work
[17:40:04] <okeefe> Yeah, could be a problem on my end. Or too new. PILE OF POO U+1F4A9.
[17:40:53] <nine> okeefe: You're doing it wrong! I assume.
[17:41:13] <apreche> I think poo is
[17:41:16] <apreche> U+FIA
[17:42:06] <originalme8> lol
[17:42:13] <nine> "All the other ones work" LIES!
[17:42:17] <okeefe> It's outside the Basic Multilingual Plane. Support can be iffy.
[17:43:08] <apreche> time for candy corn
[17:43:21] <aria> Remember 3 years ago? Every smartphone released was tinyer than the next. I should've bought one at the peak of tinyness
[17:43:34] <apreche> yeah, RAZR was a hit because of smallness
[17:43:53] <ProfPangloss|Work> I was always afraid I'd snap the RAZR in two...
[17:43:55] -!- trogdor42 has quit [Client exited]
[17:44:00] <originalme8> Pretty sure my RAZR was a hit because I through it against the room and it hit a wall.
[17:44:15] <originalme8> That's right, against the room. :)
[17:44:42] <nine> Razr wasn't small, it was flat.
[17:45:04] <okeefe> I don't think anyone was making consistently, iteratively smaller smartphones other than Apple.
[17:45:15] <apreche> still waiting for iPhone nano
[17:46:01] <originalme8> https://www.youtube.com <---This one
[17:46:08] <originalme8> Is that what you want?
[17:46:19] <aria> I wanted an Sony Xperia when those were still around, but figured since they were only slightly smaller than the phones before it, anything that came out after would be even smaller
[17:46:49] <nine> German tits, really needed those to demonstratet hat.
[17:47:00] <nine> Fuck you too spacebar.
[17:47:55] <aria> Oh the new Sony ones are still called Xperia..
[17:47:59] <aria> But theyre huge now
[17:48:51] <aria> For reference http://youtu.be
[17:49:02] <aria> Fatter than I rememered it, but eh
[17:51:35] -!- AGPino [AGPino!AGPino@hide-D74281EA.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #geeknights
[17:51:36] <originalme8> Why is work getting in the way of IRC time?
[17:52:05] <apreche> work can't get in the way of IRC time
[17:52:13] <apreche> the problem is that IRC doesn't eat up ENOUGH work time
[17:52:20] <apreche> I need to be distracted, turn around, and bam 5pm!
[17:52:23] <apreche> but that doesn't happen
[17:52:27] <apreche> instead it's like let's IRC
[17:52:30] <apreche> and that took 1 minute...
[17:52:31] <apreche> zzzzz
[17:52:31] <aria> Find me a good phone
[17:52:35] <ProfPangloss|Work> Easy answer: Chloroform
[17:52:37] <apreche> iPHone
[17:52:42] <aria> I want either small or big. The size that every phone is sucks
[17:52:48] <aria> Theyre all in the middle
[17:53:02] <apreche> get an iPad, use Google Voice
[17:53:07] <okeefe> More specifically, iPhone 5.
[17:53:15] -!- AGPino [AGPino!AGPino@hide-D74281EA.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has parted #geeknights
[17:53:16] <ProfPangloss|Work> I'm planning to get a new phone when I'm due for an upgrade this winter
[17:53:18] <aria> I have iPad, that's much too big for phoning
[17:53:28] <apreche> you said you wanted small or big
[17:53:30] <ProfPangloss|Work> I'm eyeing this new S3 mini, since it's more practical and probably cheaper
[17:53:38] <aria> Actually, it totally fits in my jacket pocket
[17:54:10] <apreche> how about the mifi/iPod touch combo
[17:54:14] <aria> Welll, by big I mean like.. I dunno 5 inch screen? I have a 7 inch tablet. Thats a great tablet size, but much too big for phone
[17:54:33] <aria> That would probably doo well, but mifi are still kinda big
[17:54:34] <ProfPangloss|Work> Dude, 5 inches is nuts for a phone
[17:54:45] <originalme8> apreche: You don't get off till 5? That sucks man, I am off at 3.
[17:54:54] <ProfPangloss|Work> originalme8: I'm off at 8. >:(
[17:54:56] <apreche> let's trade
[17:55:09] * originalme8 consoles ProfPangloss|Work.
[17:55:13] <nine> Just buy a candybar for your phone.
[17:55:14] <apreche> YAWN
[17:55:22] <nine> Can't destroy them. Ever.
[17:55:25] <originalme8> As long as you some in at 6AM PST I'll trade :)
[17:55:30] <aria> See, if its not gonna be small enough to where it doesn't annoy me
[17:55:30] <apreche> here phone, I knwo yuo had a rough day, have a Snickers
[17:55:33] <ProfPangloss|Work> The nice part is that there's a coffee shop right downstairs
[17:55:38] <originalme8> nine: Challeng accepted.
[17:55:42] <aria> At least let it have a screen big enough to fit browser chrome and half a webpage
[17:55:45] <ProfPangloss|Work> And after 6PM, they start selling cream-filled donuts
[17:55:49] <ProfPangloss|Work> Except it's not just any cream
[17:56:04] <nine> originalme8: while you try to destroy the candybar, put a smartphone through the same shit.
[17:56:07] <ProfPangloss|Work> It's chocolate-chip cannoli filling
[17:56:09] <ProfPangloss|Work> And it's SO GOOD
[17:56:12] <nine> For comparison.
[17:56:26] <apreche> anyone know a good game to play?
[17:56:31] <ProfPangloss|Work> Pandemic?
[17:56:37] <apreche> some sort of free web game
[17:56:39] <apreche> that is good for work
[17:56:42] <ProfPangloss|Work> Pandemic
[17:56:49] <nine> No such thing as a game that's good for work.
[17:56:54] <aria> Bronz is trying to play Cards against Humanity
[17:56:56] <nine> By definition they're not work.
[17:56:57] <apreche> kind of hard to play a co-op board game at work
[17:56:59] <nine> They're play.
[17:57:07] <bronzdragon> I should mention, that game, I'm gonna play with my mom
[17:57:10] <bronzdragon> Because that's fun!
[17:57:27] <nine> Pssst, aria, if you wanna win Cards Against Humanity, just make your own card that says "Nine's dick".
[17:57:45] <bronzdragon> ... Alright, yes, you'd actually win
[17:57:52] <bronzdragon> Because that's th emost horrific thing I can think of.
[17:57:57] <bronzdragon> And therefor, most funny
[17:57:59] <aria> How do you score points?
[17:58:22] <nine> See.
[17:59:44] <bronzdragon> I see
[18:02:01] -!- VentureJ [VentureJ!Adium@347A8266.6DDAEAC2.F5A3EBB7.IP] has joined #geeknights
[18:02:19] <aria> Wait, can you make ipods call and send texts?
[18:02:23] <originalme8> Cards Against Humanity - The game where everything is made up, and the points don't matter.
[18:02:29] <originalme8> where*
[18:02:35] <originalme8> aria: Yes
[18:02:45] <originalme8> Over the Wifis
[18:03:13] <aria> How do?
[18:03:14] <originalme8> with special apps, as long as it's the iPod touch
[18:04:06] <originalme8> Lot's of "if's" there sorry.
[18:04:28] <originalme8> Using Google Voice for text, and let me find the app
[18:04:36] <originalme8> Talkatone I think
[18:05:31] <originalme8> http://itunes.apple.com
[18:05:37] <okeefe> Messages/iMessage can partially replace texts, depending on the recipient.
[18:06:43] <aria> This phone seems like it's a decent size http://developer.sonymobile.com
[18:07:08] <aria> How does this app work? Hey they earn money?
[18:07:19] <aria> Also, with this, can I recive calls on my own number?
[18:07:28] <aria> How* not hey
[18:07:39] -!- trogdor42 [trogdor42!~trogdor42@B472807B.7918CE7F.82D2B239.IP] has joined #geeknights
[18:07:47] <originalme8> aria: I believe it uses gvoice, I don't really know. A coworker uses it. I don't have an iPod/Phone.
[18:09:36] <aria> This sony Website doesn't mention if I can put linux on it or not...
[18:10:24] <nine> That's not really a feature worth advertising, aria.
[18:10:56] <originalme8> Yea, I doubt it, and why would you want to do that? The interface would be horrible for phone.
[18:12:44] <creamsteak> wish today was friday
[18:12:49] <aria> I'd put a phone interface on it silly
[18:13:00] <aria> Either Plasma Active or Gaia
[18:13:02] <nine> I just realized, we haven't triggered the bot for over an hour now.
[18:13:10] <aria> Million times better than what Android has..
[18:13:24] <originalme8> I'm not sure how to do that.
[18:13:47] <originalme8> Don't lump all Android phone's together like that. It isn't Apple.
[18:14:23] <originalme8> The UI's that MOST phone makers put on it make it horrible.
[18:14:37] <aria> I've used multiple releases and they all were very simmilar. Apple also changes slight things with named updates
[18:15:20] <originalme8> Have you used a Nexus/Custom ROM?
[18:16:19] <aria> I've used a Nexus. ANd a Nexus with a custom rom that was the exact same as the default but with a different wallpaper and some slight changes
[18:16:48] <originalme8> Well, then at least you have judged pure android. I can say you havea valid opinion then. :)
[18:17:11] <aria> Perfectly doable, but not nearly as sleek/intuative as Plasma Active, and not as consistant and as iOS or Gaia
[18:17:14] <originalme8> I want to second what nine said earlier with a "Fuck you spacebar!"
[18:17:33] <aria> I havn't used any manufacturer modifications more than for a few seconds
[18:17:35] <apreche> omgzzzzzzzzz
[18:17:54] <aria> Ive like, played with a HTC a tiny bit, and with a LG Note a tiny bit. But the only one Ive tested for a full day was a Nexus
[18:18:11] <apreche> we have a Nexus 7 tablet her at work, not bad
[18:18:31] -!- Apsup has quit [Ping timeout]
[18:18:37] -!- MC_joooooooo [MC_joooooooo!811550ff@hide-50D287EE.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[18:18:38] <aria> (It was a phone. Nexus 7 looked cool from the presentation video I saw)
[18:18:44] <originalme8> Yea I have the 7, and I love it.
[18:18:48] <trogdor42> I have a nexus 7, it's really slick.
[18:19:01] <originalme8> Also have the GNex and it's sweet too.
[18:19:18] <nine> Hi joooooooo .
[18:19:20] <bronzdragon> There, I have CAH printed now
[18:19:27] <apreche> If I was going to get a tablet, I might get the next Nexus 7
[18:19:30] <apreche> but I don't need any tablet at all
[18:19:32] <apreche> so getting nothing
[18:19:39] <apreche> laptop, phone, desktop, HTPC, I have enough
[18:19:41] -!- Neito [Neito!neito@CC88F599.6DD38336.5E4272EE.IP] has joined #geeknights
[18:19:44] <MC_joooooooo> Hello.
[18:19:49] <trogdor42> It's nice for reading. THe 7 inch form factor is way better than the iPad for that sort of thing
[18:19:58] <nine> The next Nexus 7 is probably the Nexus 8, f they keep going with the numbers.
[18:20:02] <apreche> I have Kindle
[18:20:04] <originalme8> I just have a phone, a tablet, and my work laptop. Then a desktop at home to manage mumble servers.
[18:20:04] <nine> Nomnomnom Bounty.
[18:20:06] <aria> I'd probably just order the same chip and case thats in the Nexus 7 from the manufacturer for a fith of the price
[18:20:08] <Neito> Which Kindle, Scott?
[18:20:11] <aria> +f
[18:20:17] <Neito> The one with the keyboard, or the all-touch-screen one?
[18:20:30] <apreche> uh, the previous generation, regular, no ads
[18:20:45] <Neito> Same as mine, then. It's a solid device.
[18:21:04] <apreche> http://en.wikipedia.org
[18:21:04] <apreche> this one
[18:21:09] <Neito> I'm impressed lately with the durability of electronics.
[18:21:17] <creamsteak> my only devices are desktop and galaxy s3
[18:21:21] <apreche> yeah, everyone Nintendo style
[18:21:22] <creamsteak> and the s3 is a recent acquisition from pax
[18:21:25] <Neito> Oh, that's the one Will has. That's newer than mine.
[18:21:40] <Neito> But yeah, even before I got the cover for it, my Kindle was a rock.
[18:21:56] <Neito> I got the cover more to protect the screen than to protect the hardware.
[18:22:00] <apreche> I'm an electronics nudist
[18:22:09] <apreche> no covers, no cases, no nothing
[18:22:10] <Neito> I am for everything but my kindle.
[18:22:24] <trogdor42> cases are nice when they have kickstands and such
[18:22:27] <Neito> I don't know why I have a cover on my kindle. I think because it otherwise feels too thin.
[18:22:28] <originalme8> Ditto apreche
[18:22:30] <Neito> Eh.
[18:22:37] <Neito> I used to have a kickstand case for my phone.
[18:22:37] <apreche> if it has a kickstand
[18:22:42] <apreche> that presumes I'm sitting at a table
[18:22:47] <apreche> in which case I could use a laptop or a desktop
[18:22:48] <Neito> Never used it, and the case like doubled the size of the phone.
[18:22:52] <aria> I have a slip cover for my 7 inch tablet that I take it out of when I take it out of my pocket
[18:23:04] <originalme8> although I am annoyed that none of the latest Nexi have gorrila/tempered glass. I now have a couple small annoying scratches.
[18:23:14] <apreche> A kickstand is useless for something I will only ever use while standing or laying down with no table
[18:23:16] <creamsteak> 7 inch tablet fits in pocket?
[18:23:16] <Neito> That's great, if your laptop isn't something like sixteen inches on the diagonal like mine, Scott.
[18:23:19] <aria> But nothing for phone/ipad/other things
[18:23:26] <aria> Jacket pocket
[18:23:35] <apreche> Do I not always say, gigantic laptop is the stupid?
[18:23:35] <aria> it can (barely) fit a iPad 2
[18:23:39] <originalme8> Nexus 7 fits in my back pockets
[18:23:45] <Neito> I can't afford both laptop and desktop.
[18:23:54] <bronzdragon> There's totally a reason for giant laptops!
[18:23:56] <Neito> So I made the comprimise on the "Kinda sorta desktopy laptop".
[18:24:04] <apreche> get the regular laptop
[18:24:05] <bronzdragon> Its better as a desktop for people who don't need power.
[18:24:07] <apreche> and then get the video card in a box
[18:24:12] <bronzdragon> Nor carryabillity
[18:24:23] <Neito> If you wanna send me your Core 2 for free, I'll totally buy a smaller laptop next upgrade cylcle.
[18:24:26] -!- Apsup [Apsup!Aleksi@hide-B4B1B39B.kortex.jyu.fi] has joined #geeknights
[18:24:59] <apreche> save your moneys, like I did
[18:25:00] <nine> I've only owned 1 laptop.
[18:25:04] <nine> It was 11 inch.
[18:25:10] <Neito> Also, I'm probably exagerating a bit. It's probably 12-14 inches.
[18:25:11] <nine> There has been nothing better, ever.
[18:25:13] <apreche> I bought a computer with money saved at a part time high school job
[18:25:14] <Neito> My backpack's just small.
[18:25:34] <Neito> Right now my income is Negative Whatever My Student Loans Are.
[18:25:42] <Neito> And I need every negative cent I can get.
[18:25:55] <nine> Money saved from a part time high school job when you had no bills to pay? Say it ain't possible!
[18:26:03] <apreche> tuition, less three talents
[18:26:10] <aria> My income is also nagative, and that sucks when I don't have any powerful computers, and require power
[18:26:32] <aria> However, being poor has taught me how to maximize performance well
[18:26:44] <Neito> Still, at least I'm not wasting it on a Communications degree or something. I'm getting a CS degree while living near Boston.
[18:27:08] <creamsteak> any "degree" can be a boon or bust depending on who's behind it
[18:27:19] <Neito> It's a pretty strong state school.
[18:27:25] <apreche> i guess nobody read that far in the book club book to get my joke
[18:27:29] <creamsteak> I meant the person...
[18:27:36] <Neito> I'm way behind on book club right now.
[18:27:44] <creamsteak> oh right, name of the wind
[18:27:45] <Neito> I gotta catch up.
[18:27:51] <creamsteak> havn't bought it yet
[18:27:53] <nine> I don't follow the book club.
[18:28:07] <creamsteak> got too much going on this month and other books to read first
[18:28:48] <nine> Do you guys even create any interest for people to read the book club book besides "We're going to talk about it."
[18:29:01] <Neito> I've just been busy getting my feet under myself socially.
[18:29:46] <Neito> You know, one of these days, I'll remember to start typing DIR into CMD.exe, and not ls.
[18:30:36] <aria> Nope
[18:30:38] <aria> not gonna happen =P
[18:30:45] <originalme8> Just use the Powershell window
[18:30:55] <originalme8> It's my workaround :)
[18:31:35] <aria> Mine is Cygwin.. =P
[18:31:40] <aria> Or VMs
[18:31:44] <Neito> I've heard Cygwin is wonky, though.
[18:31:51] <originalme8> Cygwin doesn't seem to play nice with a lot of things.
[18:32:09] <aria> Thats is when you use VMs
[18:32:17] <apreche> Cygwin is dead
[18:32:20] <apreche> at least for me
[18:32:26] <apreche> I just run VMs and SSh into them
[18:32:30] <apreche> then us XMing
[18:32:53] <originalme8> apreche: Doesn't help when you need to run commands on your local windows box :\
[18:33:09] <originalme8> or a remote Windows box for that matter.
[18:33:32] <apreche> don't do that
[18:33:39] <apreche> dont' get in a situation where you have to do that
[18:33:51] <creamsteak> building acid compliant finance software is teh dull
[18:34:06] <Neito> I feel like Scott perpetually feels like the doctor in the old joke about the patiant complaining about a trivial pain.
[18:34:19] <Neito> "Scott, it hurts when I hit myself with a hammer!" "Then stop doing that!"
[18:34:20] <apreche> eyup
[18:34:42] <originalme8> If someone wants to give me a job where I don't have to, I would take it :)
[18:35:38] <Neito> http://hijinksensue.com PRETTY MUCH.
[18:35:44] <Neito> (Warning: Doctor Who)
[18:36:49] <originalme8> ^ lol
[18:37:00] <originalme8> But why do you have to warn about Doctor Who?
[18:38:22] <okeefe> My iPad has replaced my tv/htpc/game consoles.
[18:39:10] <Neito> I know a few people who react to Doctor Who the same way Potasium reacts to the presense of water.
[18:39:57] <aria> Ive talked to people who react that way to ponies
[18:40:16] <okeefe> Is that a good exothermic reaction or a bad one?
[18:40:39] <aria> In fact, the other day, I was watching a dude on TwitchTV, some dude was named Celestia, and some anti-pony dude was spewing out insults left and right for a full hour about how only fags with MLP
[18:40:53] <aria> (he clearly also knew who Celestia was..)
[18:42:26] <Neito> I have no problem with the stock-standard Bronies, or people like Rym and Scott who actually do something with it, but don't let it dominate their lives.
[18:42:59] <bronzdragon> PONIES, YEAH
[18:42:59] <aria> It was just a online handle
[18:43:02] <Neito> My biggest annoyance are the people who are on one side or the other of Poe's Law, and either really believe that MLP is the One True Path (TM), or are jackasses.
[18:43:05] <Neito> I know.
[18:43:09] <Neito> I'm just bitchranting.
[18:44:46] <nine> "[...] only fags with MLP" wut?
[18:45:13] <creamsteak> kids being kids
[18:45:18] <creamsteak> even if they are grown ass adults
[18:45:27] <Neito> I think he's refering to your phrasing there.
[18:45:29] <creamsteak> mocking other adults... like kids do
[18:45:37] <nine> I'm referring to the cut off sentence.
[18:45:39] <Neito> Or to the phrasing there, rather.
[18:45:41] <aria> "Watch"
[18:46:03] <nine> Or the completely wrong word used. That makes more sense.
[18:46:27] <Neito> Ugh. I don't want to go to class.
[18:46:42] <nine> Surprised there wasn't more talking going on while I watched a short film.
[18:47:07] <Neito> Well, you're just so damn sexy, Nine, we couldn't resist waiting for you.
[18:47:12] <nine> Scott, go waste your employer's time and money by doing nothing/watching this short film: http://www.youtube.com
[18:47:26] <nine> Neito, don't mistake me for my dick.
[18:47:31] <nine> It's awkward.
[18:47:39] <Neito> Oh, so you're ugly, but you have a cute penis?
[18:47:48] <Neito> Gotcha.
[18:47:53] <creamsteak> >_<
[18:47:55] <nine> You didn't use the word 'cute'.
[18:47:58] <creamsteak> this convo is fail
[18:48:07] <nine> My dick's just so damn sexy.
[18:48:49] <Neito> I'm about to do soemthing I haven't done in years.
[18:48:58] <originalme8> Go outside?
[18:49:00] <Neito> Go to bash.org/?add.
[18:49:31] <originalme8> Oh, well let us know when you decide to step into the light :)
[18:49:45] <Neito> Actually, I do quite a bit of walking.
[18:49:55] <Neito> I used to walk maybe... 20? 30? miles a week.
[18:49:59] <nine> He was talking about light.
[18:50:02] <nine> Not walking.
[18:50:06] <nine> You can walk in your basement.
[18:50:07] <Neito> Walking outside.
[18:50:08] <originalme8> Treadmill doesn't count.
[18:50:09] <originalme8> :)
[18:50:09] <Neito> During the day.
[18:50:14] <originalme8> lol
[18:50:19] <Neito> I had to get to work, and I'm terrified of driving.
[18:50:25] <nine> Did you actually see sunlight during that daytime?
[18:50:40] <Neito> It was summer in massachusetts. I got more sun than I could ever want.
[18:51:09] <nine> Okay, then why the hell are you terrified of driv--oh.
[18:51:12] <nine> Yeah, us.
[18:51:13] <nine> No laws.
[18:51:28] <originalme8> nine: what?
[18:51:35] <Neito> No, there's laws, especially about driving. I'm just painfully easily distracted.
[18:51:47] <nine> https://images.4chan.org
[18:52:06] <nine> originalme8: There's no laws in the US.
[18:52:10] <nine> No sane ones at least.
[18:52:16] <originalme8> 4 Does 5this 8distract 2you0?
[18:52:40] <Neito> I walk into power poles because I'm daydreaming on a semi-regular basis.
[18:52:45] <originalme8> nine: I agree with the second statement.
[18:53:02] <Neito> Erm, dangling modifier, but you get my point.
[18:53:28] <nine> 8penis
[18:53:54] <nine> Also, power poles, WHY THE FUCK.
[18:54:15] <Neito> Yeah, power companies don't bury lines in the suburbs.
[18:54:25] <Neito> So we have a fuckton of arial lines.
[18:54:28] <originalme8> 12B15=====13D
[18:54:42] <Neito> originalme8, got blue balls, I see.
[18:55:06] <originalme8> Sometimes...my gf can be mean sometimes.
[18:55:16] <Neito> Basically, if you're outside of a city or semi-major suburb, the power lines are on poles.
[18:55:36] <Neito> Because, in our infinite wisdom, we decided that government-run utilities are communism.
[18:55:56] <nine> No need to have the government run them.
[18:55:59] <Neito> This lead to not one, but two nearly week-long power outages last year.
[18:56:07] <creamsteak> wtf is this conversation?
[18:56:21] <nine> Just have the government decree the fucking things need to be below ground where people live.
[18:56:32] <Neito> 09>A government in the united states
[18:56:36] <nine> I mean, they're fucking ugly to begin with, and god damned dangerous secondly.
[18:56:39] <Neito> 09>enforcing regulations
[18:57:06] <Neito> 09>Zelda_With_sword_and_green_hat_laughing.png
[18:57:07] <creamsteak> so what I'm taking from this is Neito is unfit for walking.
[18:57:10] <nine> Then there's the fact that I've had more people on the internet disappear on me because their fucking power went out (again) than I've had power go out myself in my whole life!
[18:57:26] <nine> He's unfit for walking and driving.
[18:57:34] <nine> So obviously you should get him a bike.
[18:57:38] <Neito> I can't kill anyone by walking in to them.
[18:57:39] <nine> But that'll just get him killed.
[18:57:40] <aria> ...
[18:57:49] <Neito> I'm pretty sure I can kill someone by driving in to them.
[18:57:55] <aria> What has this channel turned into?!
[18:58:05] <nine> You can die walking into others.
[18:58:16] <Neito> I may be a bit larger, but I'm not that big.
[18:58:56] <apreche> YAWN
[18:59:09] <nine> Watched the short film yet?
[18:59:37] <apreche> what what
[18:59:58] <nine> And here I thought you were bored and waiting for people to give you shit to do.
[19:00:07] <nine> Link's up in chat.
[19:00:15] <apreche> you must have mistaken me for someone awake enough to read all the things
[19:01:11] <nine> How the fuck are you not fully awake in the midst of you day?
[19:01:57] <nine> your day even.
[19:01:58] <apreche> sitting in a chair, not moving, doing not much
[19:02:09] <apreche> body says "Why am I awake?"
[19:02:27] <Neito> I tend to drown those kinds of feelings in coffee.
[19:02:42] <apreche> I am caffiene free
[19:02:52] <Neito> Yeah, I know. Will's the same way.
[19:03:13] <Neito> Except you've never tried to slap a coffee out of my hands, so that's a bonus point for you.
[19:03:14] <nine> Fuck coffee.
[19:03:27] <nine> Also, go fucking do something apreche.
[19:03:30] <Neito> Tea just makes me thirsty, and I've kinda given up soda.
[19:03:31] <nine> Seriously, what the hell.
[19:04:02] <Neito> Nine, he's at work. Employers expect you to sit in your cubicle and rot for 8 hours, then work unpaid overtime until you don't have a soul anymore, because you're replaced it with liquor and weed.
[19:04:19] <Neito> Then they fire you for failing a drug test and don't have to pay you unemployment insurance.
[19:04:24] <nine> >unpaid overtime
[19:04:25] <nine> Never.
[19:04:40] <nine> If you're stupid enough to accept such a contract you're a bloody idiot.
[19:04:50] <nine> Sadly that's most of the fucking US working population.
[19:04:53] <Neito> Unless you're hourly and in a state with something aproximating sane labour laws, good luck.
[19:05:12] <Neito> I think Massachusetts has some fairly decent laws about shit like that, as does California.
[19:05:13] <nine> Get a fucking government.
[19:05:23] <Neito> Not sure on New York, but I'd assume it's the same way as Massachusetts.
[19:05:30] <Neito> Nine.
[19:05:59] <Neito> We had a fight a few years ago about raising the minimum wage from USD$5.25 to USD$7.
[19:06:24] <nine> Did it end up with the people against getting gutted?
[19:06:36] <nine> Because pigs and cows deserve a better life than those fucks.
[19:06:37] <Neito> Or from about 4 Euros to 5.50 Euros.
[19:06:52] <nine> More like 2 euros and 2.20 now.
[19:06:58] <Neito> In 2012 USD/Euros.
[19:07:04] <nine> Soon(tm).
[19:07:20] <Neito> According to Google Currency Converter, that's the current rate.
[19:07:35] <nine> BTW: If you're anti-war in the US, you might as well just use your cash as cigarette lighters.
[19:07:39] <nine> If some people are to be believed.
[19:07:50] <Neito> Massachusetts is considered "special" because we have a higher minimum.
[19:07:50] <nine> Current rate is deceptive.
[19:08:03] <nine> You mean something approximating sanity?
[19:08:05] <Neito> That "Higher minimum" being $8.
[19:08:14] <Neito> Or 6.20 Euros.
[19:08:26] <pence> there are about 10 vehicles in our database that cost int.MinValue
[19:08:26] <Robobuntu> you can't about 10 vehicles!
[19:09:07] <pence> that can't be good
[19:09:08] <Neito> I really, really hope the Black Friday Blackout happens.
[19:09:27] <Neito> I would be so fucking happy.
[19:10:02] <nine> "the federal minimum wage is US$7.25 per hour; states may also set a minimum, in which case the higher of the two is controlling[66] (see Minimum wage in the United States, List of U.S. minimum wages)"
[19:10:27] <nine> That sentence is filled with utterly insane combinations of words.
[19:10:51] <nine> Also, you'd get $8k working minimum wage here in the Netherlands, than in the US apparently.
[19:10:56] <nine> Yearly.
[19:11:14] <Neito> "The minimum a job can pay if it's hourly is $7.25. If a state says you have to pay more, you have to pay at least that much."
[19:11:24] <Neito> States aren't really like sections of the country.
[19:11:30] <creamsteak> that sentence is perfectly readable to me...
[19:11:30] <Neito> They're more like mini-countries.
[19:11:43] <Neito> So laws can vary wildly from one state to another.
[19:11:58] <Neito> For example, if I ahve a radar detector in Massachusetts, that's legal.
[19:12:00] <nine> Translation: We don't have a government that sets the rules and lets everybody do whatever the fuck they want within few barriers.
[19:12:12] <Neito> If I go to connecticut with it, they'll fine me and confiscate it.
[19:12:28] <creamsteak> nine: yeah, founding principal basically.
[19:12:28] <Neito> I'm only laughing because that's true, Nine.
[19:12:40] <Neito> Anyway, I gotta go to class, then club, then play Black Crusade.
[19:12:46] <Neito> Have fun storming the castle.
[19:12:49] <nine> creamsteak: It's perfectly readable. The implications of it, as Neito said (mini-countries) is utterly insane for something that calls itself A country.
[19:13:03] <nine> glhf
[19:13:09] <Neito> Another example, that's even crazier
[19:13:10] <creamsteak> do you know much about the american revolutionary war?
[19:13:19] <nine> I know the US won that war.
[19:13:25] <Neito> In Massachusetts, you can have less than an ounce of weed and only get a ticket for it.
[19:13:43] <Neito> If an FBI agent or other federal authority finds that same amount, you end up in JAIL.
[19:13:45] <nine> Purge some heretics for me, Neito.
[19:13:45] <Neito> For YEARS.
[19:13:52] <ProfPangloss|Work> Back from lunch
[19:13:52] <Neito> No, no, nine.
[19:13:55] <Neito> We're the heretics.
[19:13:55] <ProfPangloss|Work> apreche asleep yet?
[19:14:02] <Neito> Fuck the corpse emporer.
[19:14:14] <nine> Oh yeah, Black Crusade's the other side.
[19:14:17] <creamsteak> aye, a bunch of people rebelled from a kings taxation... and won, because how the fuck do you fight an intercontinental war across the atlantic while juggling your european and other colonial interests?
[19:14:18] <apreche> almost
[19:14:25] <nine> Mardi Grass Marines salute you in your work!
[19:14:33] <creamsteak> those people didn't have a unified goal though, so the states system was basically the agreement
[19:14:53] <creamsteak> in order to represent a reasonable force, rather than having the europeans just influce and control each individual state
[19:15:01] <creamsteak> it was a defense mechanism initially
[19:15:31] <nine> And now it's mutated into this abominable form of retardation.
[19:15:32] <creamsteak> in other words, it makes sense why things are the way they are from a historical context
[19:15:33] <ProfPangloss|Work> Go get a mtn dooo
[19:15:50] <nine> apreche: watched the short film yet?
[19:15:55] <nine> It's another 15 minutes.
[19:16:17] <creamsteak> nine: aye, but that's relatively recent... just look at the american civil war... it was a major conflict involving exactly this principal
[19:16:23] <creamsteak> principle
[19:16:24] <creamsteak> whatevs
[19:16:40] <nine> Yup, one of the few wars the US won.
[19:16:47] <creamsteak> it's really only post World War I that the US kinda started to homogenize to the level that it's at now
[19:17:14] <creamsteak> "won" and "wars"
[19:17:41] <apreche> i know what kind of game I need
[19:17:45] <nine> You saying the US lost its' Civil War?
[19:17:45] <apreche> some sort of modern MUD
[19:17:55] <nine> GTFO you communist nazi jew, go back to Canada.
[19:18:18] <creamsteak> nine: as a conflict goes, kinda like the revolution, whoever comes out on top declares it a victory for all
[19:18:20] <nine> apreche: but you hate mummorpugurs.
[19:18:35] <ProfPangloss|Work> MC_joooooooo: What're you doing here
[19:18:37] <apreche> yeah, they waste time and money
[19:18:39] <apreche> but if it's fre
[19:18:45] <apreche> and I'm at work losing time anyway
[19:18:53] <creamsteak> lol
[19:18:58] <nine> You could just go and do shit, you know?
[19:19:00] <ProfPangloss|Work> I think what you're describing is Farmville
[19:19:09] <apreche> what shit am I supposed to do?
[19:19:14] <nine> I mean, it's not like you do anything away from a computer anyway.
[19:19:15] <creamsteak> apreche - build it, clearly?
[19:19:22] <apreche> I can not leave here
[19:19:30] <apreche> I can not code anything that isn't for work
[19:19:31] <nine> You don't need to leave.
[19:19:35] <nine> You're on a fucking computer.
[19:19:36] <nine> Do your shit.
[19:19:39] <apreche> and I can not do anything that is incredibly obviously not work
[19:19:46] <apreche> like, I can't just lean back and read my book
[19:19:59] <nine> Read it on your monitor.
[19:20:15] <apreche> then my paper and ebook will be out of sync, pain in the ass
[19:20:15] <creamsteak> what does the you cannot code anything that is not work thing stem from?
[19:20:16] <pence> turn your CMS or ticketing system into a game
[19:20:17] <ProfPangloss|Work> Nethack
[19:20:24] <apreche> if I code something, work will own it
[19:20:32] <apreche> i have tried nethack, I suck
[19:20:39] <ProfPangloss|Work> Yeah but it's something to do
[19:20:40] <nine> Try it again.
[19:20:50] <nine> You're not supposed to not suck the first few times.
[19:21:10] <creamsteak> take e-book versions of your books and copy and paste them into text editors to read
[19:21:13] <nine> Hell, go review the shit you've coded for work.
[19:21:33] <apreche> I think you are misunderstanding the nature of my work
[19:21:48] <apreche> shit works, don't touch it
[19:21:53] <nine> You've not told anything about the nature of your work.
[19:21:57] <aria> Do you not type things into vim and look up what to type in a browser most of the time?
[19:21:58] <nine> So there's nothing to misunderstand.
[19:22:04] <apreche> and I did it really well in the first place
[19:22:08] <apreche> so there's not much to do
[19:22:09] <nine> Also, review != change the fuck out of.
[19:22:16] <nine> Go do it better.
[19:22:35] <apreche> by our metrics, it can't be better because it is currently working
[19:22:45] <apreche> our only metric is, does it work?
[19:22:45] <nine> Go do it better anyway.
[19:22:52] <nine> Fuck metrics, you have time left.
[19:23:05] <nine> This is time you can use to make shit better than your fucking standards.
[19:23:35] <nine> A metric such as "does it work" is something you strive for when dealing with deadlines.
[19:23:42] <aria> Eh, Apreche
[19:23:42] <nine> If you finish before the deadline, IMPROVE IT.
[19:23:43] <ProfPangloss|Work> Build a PC with really specific, odd requirements on Newegg
[19:23:51] <aria> just set up OOO to download when you get home
[19:24:05] <aria> then also set it up so that it starts playing as you get home
[19:24:25] <creamsteak> dwerf fertress
[19:25:16] <ProfPangloss|Work> Damn son, I should actually sit down and figure out dwarf fortress, then remote home and play
[19:25:35] <aria> Also read some Black jacks
[19:25:55] <aria> They take a minute to read, if you can watch a youtube, you can read a black jack
[19:27:04] <creamsteak> work owning your code that isn't intended to make you any money or anything sounds not horrible
[19:27:48] <apreche> I own and have read eery page of Black Jack
[19:28:03] <aria> The
[19:28:09] <aria> re is new blackjack every month
[19:28:11] <bronzdragon> All the black jacks?
[19:28:13] <aria> in English
[19:28:20] <apreche> How can there be new Black Jack if Tezuka is dead?
[19:28:21] <aria> Unless you read the Japanese ones?
[19:28:34] <aria> Because they come out forever ago in Japanese
[19:28:52] <aria> actually theres like 10 chapters there were only printed once
[19:28:52] <Robobuntu> you can't like 10 chapters!
[19:28:56] -!- Neito|Class [Neito|Class!cfceed76@hide-BF4D4B18.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[19:29:05] <apreche> Vertical published all the chapters in English
[19:29:08] <apreche> I have all the volumes
[19:29:26] <apreche> I even have the Diamond Exclusive hardcover volumes 1-3 that have those secret missing chapters
[19:29:27] <creamsteak> read english novelization of sword art online
[19:29:28] <aria> What is the latest vertical volume you have?
[19:29:31] <Neito|Class> You're talking about Vertical, so it's probably Tezuka-related.
[19:29:34] <apreche> 17, the final one
[19:29:54] <aria> I have up to 16, but I thought it was going up to 19... ^o)
[19:30:51] -!- MC_joooooooo has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[19:31:33] <Apsup> Well that sure was Tekken Tag Tournament 2(?).
[19:31:57] -!- VentureJ [VentureJ!Adium@347A8266.6DDAEAC2.F5A3EBB7.IP] has parted #geeknights
[19:34:12] <nine> I should speak in song lyrics.
[19:34:31] <nine> I should speak in E6 song lyrics.
[19:35:19] <Neito|Class> You should speak in lyrics solely from 4'33"
[19:35:41] <Apsup> Damn I'm popular I come home from playing Tekken and isntantly get invited to play dota-.
[19:36:39] <nine> FUCK YOU TOO NEITO!
[19:36:57] <nine> Apsup, you mean you have a social life?
[19:37:00] <nine> Dear god.
[19:39:45] <creamsteak> Deer god.
[19:40:03] <Neito|Class> Deer God.
[19:40:54] <nine> Gaudy deer?
[19:40:58] <pence> God Tier
[19:41:05] <nine> me!
[19:48:11] -!- Neito has quit [Ping timeout]
[19:51:10] <nine> brb
[19:51:11] -!- nine has quit [Quit: leaving]
[19:51:39] <aria> apreche: You can also use your time to purchace Dark Souls on Steam, then remoetly install all the patches to make it look good and have non-locked FPS
[19:51:44] <aria> and then read the wiki
[19:52:07] <apreche> remotely install patches? locked fps?
[19:52:08] <apreche> what?
[19:52:45] <aria> Well I assume you aren't on your home computer
[19:52:54] <aria> so installing thing would be installing remote things!
[19:53:14] <aria> And I assume you want the patch that gives you better FPS
[19:53:20] <bronzdragon> He's saying you should SSH into your PC and prepare an awesome evening
[19:53:29] <aria> Well Windows
[19:53:31] <aria> so no SSHing
[19:53:32] <aria> but yet
[19:53:34] <apreche> ok, can't SSH into windows
[19:53:38] <apreche> or remote in at all, with my NAT
[19:53:48] <bronzdragon> Cygwin doesn't do SSH into windows?
[19:53:53] <apreche> and I have no DynDNS either
[19:55:23] <Neito|Class> Ugh. I hate looking for the last ten or so bucks to get free shipping on Amazon.
[19:55:23] <Robobuntu> you can't last ten or!
[19:55:57] <aria> Don't do that with Cygwin
[19:56:02] <aria> That is crazy
[19:56:08] <apreche> When IPv6 hits
[19:56:09] <aria> just have some outwards facing something
[19:56:21] <apreche> things will get really good for connecting to the PCs in your house from far away
[19:56:30] <apreche> or serving high bandwidth things from your house with multi-cast
[19:56:52] -!- nine [nine!nine@hide-887AEA2B.ip.telfort.nl] has joined #geeknights
[19:57:05] <creamsteak> Neito|Class: name of the wind book
[19:57:33] <Neito|Class> The day after IPv6 hits, there will be 200 news stories a second about how people who are morons are getting hacked to shit because they've effectively had a "Firewall" in terms of a NAT router for years and never thought about security.
[19:58:01] <Neito|Class> And creamsteak, I have a Kindle. My books are no longer physical items.
[19:59:16] <apreche> NAT won't suddenly stop working when IPV6 hits
[19:59:35] <apreche> It just means I'll be able to have extra real IPS and put machines in a DMZ intentionally
[19:59:40] <apreche> and P2P will rise from its grave
[20:01:00] <Neito|Class> Honestly, I wonder slightly, in my more paranoid moments, if governments are trying to hold back IPv6 as long as possible, due to fears about trivial file sharing and anonymous communication.
[20:01:19] <Neito|Class> Then I realize that that didn't really stop PGP and feel better.
[20:01:50] <apreche> no
[20:01:53] <creamsteak> Neito|Class: every man needs real books.
[20:02:01] <trogdor42> ProfPangloss|Work: ping
[20:02:03] <apreche> the governments that have fewer IP addresses are actually trying to speed it up
[20:02:10] <Neito|Class> My room at home is a testiment to that, creamsteak.
[20:02:30] <bronzdragon> I'm horrible at this game
[20:02:35] <bronzdragon> I keep falling to my death
[20:02:39] <bronzdragon> I'm sorry, Aria.
[20:02:40] <aria> Yup, every IPS here has to be ready for IPv6
[20:03:00] <nine> "P2P will rise from its grave"?
[20:03:00] <aria> in fact, all our IPs are v6's nationally
[20:03:16] <bronzdragon> ^ That's Norway for ya
[20:03:25] <Neito|Class> I think he means Kazza/Gnutella style P2P, Nine.
[20:03:38] <Neito|Class> Or DCC++ or whater the hell it's called.
[20:04:01] <nine> Why the fucking hell would you want Kazaa/Gnutella style P2P back?
[20:04:08] <apreche> it's just that ISPs aren't going to flip a switch that will result in their customer service centers getting hammered by people who have shit that stops working
[20:06:19] <ProfPangloss|Work> trogdor42: pong
[20:06:51] <aria> It worked fine here
[20:07:04] <aria> They did it over a period of a year, 2 years ago
[20:07:08] <aria> maybe 3
[20:08:29] <apreche> where are you?
[20:08:41] <trogdor42> ProfPangloss|Work: Revengineers confirmed for Roc Chip Fest
[20:08:49] <apreche> probably a place with less total people, less land, better infrastructure, and better education.
[20:09:16] <apreche> Have not heard of Revengineers, but that is an awesome name, and if they are appearing at a chip fest, I can guess what they do.
[20:09:21] <aria> Yes. But you can just go slower
[20:09:24] <aria> and Norway
[20:09:41] <ProfPangloss|Work> Fuck yes
[20:10:05] <ProfPangloss|Work> It's not like I was gonna pass up a free chiptune festival on-campus, but that just makes it that much better.
[20:10:06] <apreche> watching REvengineers on YouTube, they aight
[20:10:22] <ProfPangloss|Work> apreche: They performed with Anamanaguchi both times they came to Rochester, they're pretty good
[20:10:28] <apreche> Most amazing chipness I have seen lately is Omodaka
[20:10:30] <apreche> http://www.youtube.com
[20:10:39] <apreche> So good I PAID CASH for dat music
[20:10:43] <apreche> also DAT DIG DUG
[20:10:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> In other news, the "Blip festival" is something that exists
[20:11:46] <Neito|Class> http://www.amazon.com Did not know this existed.
[20:11:52] <Neito|Class> Too bad it's sixty fucking dollars.
[20:12:10] <apreche> oh, I didn't know that actually game out
[20:12:21] <apreche> thought it was just a Cussoo possibility
[20:12:23] <trogdor42> Yeah, I really like Revengineers. Cool bros.
[20:12:26] <apreche> god to see it actually happened
[20:12:34] <trogdor42> All RIT alums.
[20:12:40] <apreche> I can tell looking at them that they are RIT dudes
[20:12:57] <apreche> 5/5 would fist-bump
[20:13:12] <aria> The Nehterlands where Bronz is has also rolled out IPv6 and they a bunch of people compared to us
[20:13:31] <bronzdragon> "They a bunch of people"
[20:13:46] <bronzdragon> We should make Mr. Period bot take some sort of correcting command
[20:14:04] <ProfPangloss|Work> Shit I need to figure out what I'm doing for halloween
[20:14:08] <bronzdragon> like /msg period "they bunch of people" "they are a bunch of people"
[20:14:10] <ProfPangloss|Work> trogdor42: Any ideas?
[20:14:36] <trogdor42> you could probably hook an IRC bot up to Aspell or something to correct misspellings? but i don't know of any free grammar correction.
[20:14:40] <apreche> Here are some really bad halloween costume ideas
[20:14:47] <apreche> http://cinemassacre.com
[20:14:54] <apreche> I lol'd at the last one
[20:15:18] <nine> The Nehterlands where Bronz is has also rolled out IPv6 and they a bunch of people compared to us
[20:15:21] <nine> Have we?
[20:15:26] <ProfPangloss|Work> I was thinking, get a handful of people together and throw some CS costumes together
[20:15:45] <ProfPangloss|Work> There's a gaming club meeting that night, could run around yelling FIRE IN THE HOLE and shit
[20:15:56] <apreche> Are any of you RIT people old enough to remember the safety barrel?
[20:16:19] <ProfPangloss|Work> Not I
[20:16:49] <trogdor42> no
[20:17:03] <apreche> http://i.imgur.com
[20:17:05] <apreche> so in the old days
[20:17:08] <apreche> Conrad was a freshman
[20:17:16] <apreche> he and his cronies stole one of those from a construction site
[20:17:20] <apreche> then turned it into a cosplay
[20:17:24] <apreche> and wore it to anime club
[20:17:26] <apreche> but then
[20:17:29] <apreche> on Halloween
[20:17:31] <apreche> for cosplay contest
[20:17:41] <apreche> they cosplayed as the safety barrel cosplaying as Naruto.
[20:17:42] <apreche> and THAT
[20:17:45] <apreche> was epicness
[20:17:50] <ProfPangloss|Work> Hahaha
[20:18:00] <ProfPangloss|Work> That's pretty great
[20:18:01] <nine> UNDERWEAR-WOLF!
[20:18:03] <nine> AMAZING!
[20:18:35] <apreche> his last dumb costume idea was teh funniest, to me at least
[20:18:43] <ProfPangloss|Work> I can't remember any specific costumes at RIT that were awesome
[20:19:07] <apreche> Emily had the best one I remember
[20:19:20] <ProfPangloss|Work> But I do remember freshman year at the gaming club costume contest, there was a full TF2 red team assembled, and none of them had planned it out with each other
[20:19:23] <apreche> Everyone remembers the princess Mononoke she did that one year, so good
[20:19:35] <apreche> also, what was that guys name, the IT professor...
[20:19:38] <apreche> Shaun Boyle?
[20:19:41] <ProfPangloss|Work> Hahahahaha
[20:19:42] <ProfPangloss|Work> Fucking
[20:19:42] <ProfPangloss|Work> Boyle
[20:19:43] <ProfPangloss|Work> Yeah.
[20:19:49] <apreche> he had three people do KO Century Beast
[20:19:50] <ProfPangloss|Work> Yeah trogdor42 and I know him
[20:20:13] <ProfPangloss|Work> Daang
[20:20:27] <ProfPangloss|Work> I have yet to see any professors do anything cool. :/
[20:20:41] <apreche> there was one other professor...
[20:20:45] <apreche> the Astronomy guy..
[20:20:53] <ProfPangloss|Work> Uhhh
[20:20:54] <ProfPangloss|Work> Dunno
[20:20:59] <ProfPangloss|Work> My physics roommate might know
[20:21:00] <apreche> he used to come to anime club all the time
[20:21:04] <Neito|Class> ... "Mouse Guard Roleplaying box set. 8 new from 123.97. 9 used from $287"
[20:21:16] <apreche> in the Anime Club vs. RWAG dodge ball, he OWNED
[20:21:20] <bronzdragon> ... dark spirit invaded
[20:21:25] <bronzdragon> He's not making a move =(
[20:21:28] <apreche> and he was hardcore about pirate day
[20:21:30] <nine> Hehehee, shitty mummy.
[20:21:31] <Apsup> Finally got rid of all that socialising and playing video games, time to get me some more Gravity Falls.
[20:21:35] <nine> Underwear-wolf is still best.
[20:21:37] <apreche> Richmond
[20:21:38] <apreche> I think
[20:21:43] <ProfPangloss|Work> Doesn't ring a bell
[20:21:47] <apreche> I prefer Shitty Mummy
[20:21:54] <apreche> because poop
[20:22:00] <nine> Bronz, lemme invade you!
[20:22:04] <apreche> Underwear-wolf is close second
[20:22:05] -!- chrisb has quit [Ping timeout]
[20:22:22] <ProfPangloss|Work> apreche: Did you guys have Humans vs. Zombies back in your day?
[20:22:29] <Neito|Class> Hah.
[20:22:30] <nine> Just poop's not that funny.
[20:22:32] <ProfPangloss|Work> I know a couple IT professors who got involved with that
[20:22:34] <apreche> ProfPangloss|Work: no
[20:22:35] <Neito|Class> Our school is doing that, too.
[20:22:41] <apreche> the zombie craze had not yet begun
[20:22:50] <Neito|Class> Do you know what it is?
[20:22:53] <ProfPangloss|Work> Huh, I guess you're right, what started the craze?
[20:23:01] <ProfPangloss|Work> Was it just an influx of zombie movies?
[20:23:05] <apreche> Walking Dead comic
[20:23:10] <apreche> Zombies board game
[20:23:13] <apreche> Dawn of the Dead remake
[20:23:18] <ProfPangloss|Work> Shaun of the Dead was '04
[20:23:21] <apreche> and that
[20:23:31] <ProfPangloss|Work> More recently, Zombieland
[20:23:38] <apreche> yeah, but he asked what started
[20:23:49] <apreche> those four are the earliest works I know of in the zombie-rebirth
[20:24:05] <ProfPangloss|Work> Makes enough sense
[20:24:11] <Neito|Class> Craze zombiemashup = new Craze (Zombies, Gangham Style)
[20:24:29] <ProfPangloss|Work> At any rate, HvZ, you've got a week-long match of ~700 kids on campus, humans with nerf guns, zombies who tag
[20:24:42] <ProfPangloss|Work> Human gets tagged, they're a zombie. Zombie gets shot, they're down for 15 minutes.
[20:24:52] <Neito|Class> On our school, humans are limited to two single-shot projectile weapons and one melee.
[20:24:55] <apreche> do you play during classes?
[20:24:57] <ProfPangloss|Work> Only safe zones are indoors, no vehicles, etc.
[20:24:58] <ProfPangloss|Work> Yep
[20:25:01] <ProfPangloss|Work> It's a clusterfuck
[20:25:07] <Neito|Class> It's basically a week-long game of tag.
[20:25:15] <apreche> at summer camp
[20:25:16] <apreche> on July 4th
[20:25:19] <apreche> we played REVOLUTION
[20:25:24] <ProfPangloss|Work> You've got groups of kids forming every morning in Grace Watson, so they can all take the safest route to GCCIS
[20:25:25] <apreche> all day in the woods capture the flag
[20:25:28] <apreche> half the camp vs half the camp
[20:25:32] <apreche> UK vs US
[20:25:39] <apreche> US had a lot more flags hidden, like 15
[20:25:42] <apreche> UK had maybe 8
[20:25:43] <apreche> but
[20:25:48] <apreche> UK had spies on the US team
[20:25:56] <apreche> that were setup by the camp directors ahead of time
[20:25:58] <apreche> in secret
[20:26:00] <ProfPangloss|Work> Hahahaha
[20:26:12] <Neito|Class> That sounds awesome.
[20:26:16] <apreche> so you're on defense, and suddenly your buddy guarding the flag takes off with it
[20:26:53] <ProfPangloss|Work> Heh heh
[20:27:01] <apreche> we also played regular CTF
[20:27:01] <apreche> not in the woods
[20:27:01] <apreche> but using the entire camp grounds
[20:27:01] <apreche> from the lake to the archery range
[20:27:05] <apreche> also bombardier, which is too complex to explain here
[20:27:05] <ProfPangloss|Work> How long would the game last?
[20:27:23] <apreche> but involved running in teams to safe zones like that one geometry wars mode
[20:27:29] <apreche> while counselors chased you with tube socks full of flour
[20:27:42] <apreche> all fuckin' day
[20:28:05] <ProfPangloss|Work> Damn, that's pretty intense
[20:28:23] <ProfPangloss|Work> HvZ tends to be a bit less action-oriented, but it's intense just because it's all week-long
[20:28:45] <apreche> alright 4:30
[20:28:50] <apreche> successkid.gif
[20:28:54] <ProfPangloss|Work> Then you've got the "hardcore" kids, who just camp out and sleep in the academic buildings, 'cause there's a short area between tunnels and dorms where you have to go outside
[20:28:59] <nine> Didn't you say 5?
[20:29:10] <apreche> close enough!
[20:29:15] <ProfPangloss|Work> 30 minutes is nothing
[20:29:17] <ProfPangloss|Work> 45, too long
[20:29:24] <ProfPangloss|Work> 30 is the sweet spot
[20:29:27] <nine> Pfffffft.
[20:29:39] <apreche> no longer feeling like "oh, why so long" now feeling "almost out of here!"
[20:29:42] <nine> Stop being obsessed with time and just do shit.
[20:29:48] <ProfPangloss|Work> I mean fuck off anyway, I'm here for another 3.5 hours
[20:29:56] <apreche> I already shat
[20:30:05] <ProfPangloss|Work> But I have tomorrow off to prepare for our 28-hour LAN party this weekend
[20:30:05] <ProfPangloss|Work> :D
[20:30:16] <nine> Not the verb apreche.
[20:30:16] <ProfPangloss|Work> <3 RIT
[20:30:19] <apreche> what games are you LANing?
[20:30:29] <apreche> nine: no, I literally shat
[20:30:31] <nine> INB4 JOE BOOMER IS THERE.
[20:30:32] <ProfPangloss|Work> Tournaments include CS:GO, LoL, SC2, etc
[20:30:50] <ProfPangloss|Work> Late night HL2 Deathmatch using Science rules (crowbar and grav gun only)
[20:30:51] <nine> apreche: utterly irrelevant still to my comment.
[20:30:54] <apreche> the CS:GO at PAX was so goooood
[20:31:11] <aria> Invader gave us a bunch of humanity and then left..
[20:31:12] <apreche> nine: fine, I shitted
[20:31:25] <ProfPangloss|Work> Then out-of-game stuff like an MS Paint contest - draw whatever we tell you to at the LAN, but only in MS Paint, no photoshop or you're disqualified
[20:31:37] <apreche> ProfPangloss|Work: genius
[20:31:38] <nine> apreche: NO!
[20:31:41] <ProfPangloss|Work> We did discarded hard drive shuffleboard last year, I almost won
[20:31:49] <apreche> ProfPangloss|Work: also genius
[20:31:56] <ProfPangloss|Work> Then there were the computer olympics, including a PSU shotput
[20:32:01] <nine> Hard drive shuffleboard. Oh lawd.
[20:32:05] <nine> Is that what I think it is.
[20:32:07] <apreche> ProfPangloss|Work: so much genius
[20:32:13] <apreche> could you hold it by the cord?
[20:32:26] <ProfPangloss|Work> Also at 3AM we gave away a DoTA 2 key to the winner of a crazy-late musical chairs game
[20:32:28] <apreche> or would that be a PSU hammer throw?
[20:32:37] <ProfPangloss|Work> apreche: Yep, by the cord
[20:32:40] <ProfPangloss|Work> EVeryone ducked, of course
[20:32:45] <nine> Mid-swing the PSU flies off!
[20:32:49] <ProfPangloss|Work> ^
[20:32:49] <nine> Then the cable follows!
[20:32:55] <ProfPangloss|Work> Didn't happen, was so sweet
[20:32:55] <apreche> you did it outside right? Where it couldn't possibly hit someone's monitor.
[20:33:03] <ProfPangloss|Work> Yeah, outside the field house
[20:33:06] <nine> That was the target.
[20:33:07] <apreche> kk
[20:33:14] <ProfPangloss|Work> Also, the LANs average around ~175 people
[20:33:16] <nine> Nobody would ever hit it.
[20:33:22] <ProfPangloss|Work> We're taking over the Clark gym for this one
[20:33:33] <apreche> perfect place
[20:33:36] <ProfPangloss|Work> Also, the part what where we get enough sponsorships for ~$3000 worth of prizes
[20:33:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> Two, count 'em, TWO raffles
[20:33:49] <apreche> who runs this? EGS?
[20:33:52] <ProfPangloss|Work> Yep
[20:33:57] -!- Neito|Class has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[20:33:57] <nine> LIES!
[20:34:01] <nine> ProfPangloss|Work runs it.
[20:34:02] <apreche> they were brand new when we were in our 3rd/4th year
[20:34:11] <apreche> and they SUCKED for as long as we were there
[20:34:15] <apreche> did not have their shit together at all
[20:34:20] <apreche> glad to see they are doing awesomeness
[20:34:36] <nine> They must've sucked the awesomeness out of the anime club.
[20:34:37] <ProfPangloss|Work> apreche: Yeah, they've grown quite a bit since then, to the point that they're bigger than Anime club and RWAG combined
[20:34:50] <nine> RWAG?
[20:35:04] <ProfPangloss|Work> They've also been making appearances at the PAXes
[20:35:10] <ProfPangloss|Work> (though just as attendees/enforcers)
[20:35:16] <apreche> Rochester Wargaming (society) and Guild
[20:35:31] <apreche> or whas it Rochester Wargaming Associate (and) Guild
[20:35:32] <ProfPangloss|Work> A.K.A. the SAU-smells-like-BO club
[20:35:46] <ProfPangloss|Work> Tuesday night is when they meet in the SAU cafeteria
[20:35:49] <apreche> I have never seen EGS at a PAX
[20:35:56] <apreche> same schedule as when I was there
[20:36:01] <apreche> Tuesday = RWAG always
[20:36:08] <ProfPangloss|Work> I used to walk past after my evening philosophy class, and you could smell the sweat and grime
[20:36:11] <ProfPangloss|Work> D:
[20:36:20] <apreche> when we went there were smelly people
[20:36:31] <apreche> but you couldn't smell, because there were so many tables and every game sat far away from every other game.
[20:36:40] <ProfPangloss|Work> apreche: In the sense that the main EGS admins and corollary group shows up for fun
[20:36:51] <ProfPangloss|Work> Not like they have a presence or anything, just that they're there.
[20:37:04] <nine> ProfPangloss|Work: You're part of the EGS I assume.
[20:37:33] <ProfPangloss|Work> nine: Ish - I help out with their events and hang out with a few of them, though the highest-of-high administration are dicks.
[20:37:39] <ProfPangloss|Work> But they're productive dicks, so the events are great.
[20:38:03] <nine> So you're honourary staff?
[20:38:10] <ProfPangloss|Work> Haha
[20:38:19] <ProfPangloss|Work> That's the nice way of saying "lackey," so yeah
[20:38:34] <ProfPangloss|Work> I'm like a senior lackey - I know more than the freshmen who wanna help out, but we're all doing the same stuff
[20:38:39] <nine> Boomer's not part then either I guess.
[20:38:50] <ProfPangloss|Work> Nah, he shows up where I tell him to show up
[20:38:52] <ProfPangloss|Work> So, the LANs
[20:39:00] <nine> Oh Joe.
[20:39:07] <nine> "Be there!" "k"
[20:39:12] <apreche> RIT hockey starts in 3 hours
[20:39:16] <apreche> speaking of
[20:39:23] <nine> Not vidya games.
[20:39:24] <ProfPangloss|Work> And apreche, RWAG would be so much better, but the majority of them cram into one side of the room, and the rest are scattered around.
[20:39:25] <nine> Don't care.
[20:39:27] <ProfPangloss|Work> Therefore, smelly.
[20:39:33] <ProfPangloss|Work> Shiiiiiiiit, I need my season tickets...
[20:39:34] <ProfPangloss|Work> D:
[20:39:38] -!- VentureJ [VentureJ!Adium@347A8266.6DDAEAC2.F5A3EBB7.IP] has joined #geeknights
[20:39:51] <apreche> https://twitter.com
[20:40:29] <ProfPangloss|Work> We had our first exhibition games last Saturday, both women and men won - men hockey took it 8-1
[20:40:37] <ProfPangloss|Work> Awesome start to a (hopefully) awesome season
[20:40:54] <apreche> well, this game is at UMICH, that is not going to be easy
[20:41:07] <nine> Prof, what're some of the prices for upcoming LAN?
[20:42:01] <ProfPangloss|Work> apreche: I dunno man, we've had some damn good spirit, even at away games. When we went to the Frozen Four for the '10 season, even though we lost in the first game, a whole bus-full of Tigers fans went to all the other games and cheered for RIT
[20:42:13] <ProfPangloss|Work> nine: $15 for non-members, $10 for members. Same every LAN
[20:42:24] <nine> I asked prices, not entree fees.
[20:42:28] <nine> The shit you win.
[20:42:34] <ProfPangloss|Work> *prizes
[20:42:40] <ProfPangloss|Work> With a Z
[20:42:43] <nine> Oh yeah.
[20:42:44] <nine> That one.
[20:42:49] <apreche> the spirit has never been lacking
[20:42:49] <nine> Same question, with a 'z'.
[20:42:56] <apreche> we took buses back in our D3 days as well
[20:43:03] <apreche> I'm saying that UMICH might just be better
[20:43:06] <ProfPangloss|Work> Top prizes are usually SSDs, minor graphics cards, i3 processors, etc
[20:43:35] <ProfPangloss|Work> And we have a shitload of RAM, mice, headsets, cases, mousepads, t-shirts, etc. for minor prizes
[20:43:47] <apreche> http://www.uscho.com
[20:44:02] <ProfPangloss|Work> apreche: That's true, we are now D1 men and women
[20:44:04] <nine> Hmmm, nice headsets?
[20:44:16] <apreche> we got 7 points, they got 871 and a first place vote.
[20:44:18] <ProfPangloss|Work> (women got bumped up to D1 after we had *more than one* 10-0 shutout last season)
[20:44:33] <apreche> well the women last year won the whole thing, right?
[20:44:35] <apreche> national champs
[20:44:36] <ProfPangloss|Work> Yepp
[20:44:39] <ProfPangloss|Work> So pro
[20:44:46] <apreche> they dominated even when I was there
[20:44:52] <apreche> went to MIT @ RIT Women
[20:44:56] <apreche> we crushed them
[20:45:03] <ProfPangloss|Work> The Corner Crew are putting in a BIG push to get fans out to the women's games.
[20:45:06] <apreche> was like Dream Team vs. Little League
[20:45:13] <ProfPangloss|Work> Haha, I would've loved that one
[20:45:15] <apreche> women's games are still free, right?
[20:45:20] <apreche> the one I went to was free
[20:45:28] <ProfPangloss|Work> I think the majority of them are
[20:45:34] <trogdor42> free for students
[20:45:34] <ProfPangloss|Work> Free for RIT students, anyway
[20:45:37] <ProfPangloss|Work> ^
[20:45:39] <apreche> maybe not after new arena
[20:45:42] <ProfPangloss|Work> Yeah, that
[20:45:46] <trogdor42> yeah, they're like $5 for non-students
[20:46:00] <ProfPangloss|Work> I'll have to come back to a couple games as an alum, just to hang out in the new stadium
[20:46:08] <apreche> I would go back if it wasn't so far
[20:46:11] <ProfPangloss|Work> They're already breaking up the lot for that thing
[20:46:11] <apreche> and I had a car
[20:46:16] <apreche> S lot, right?
[20:46:21] <ProfPangloss|Work> Yeah buddy
[20:46:22] <trogdor42> U
[20:46:23] <nine> Same country, stop being a pussy.
[20:46:24] <trogdor42> U lot
[20:46:25] <nine> o3o
[20:46:25] <ProfPangloss|Work> Also, JetBlue to Rochester
[20:46:26] <ProfPangloss|Work> So short
[20:46:30] <ProfPangloss|Work> So (relatively) cheap
[20:46:31] <apreche> nooo, teh glorious U lot
[20:46:41] <apreche> so useful for SAU visits
[20:47:43] <ProfPangloss|Work> Ritter's been on the way down lately, though
[20:47:51] <ProfPangloss|Work> The new arena's gonna be nice to have
[20:47:56] <ProfPangloss|Work> The Polleseum
[20:47:57] <apreche> well, I imagine it just doesn't have enough seats
[20:48:03] <ProfPangloss|Work> Also that.
[20:48:05] <trogdor42> apreche: Only half of U lot
[20:48:15] <apreche> mmmm, that is ok
[20:48:21] <apreche> U lot rarely filled completely
[20:48:29] <ProfPangloss|Work> I don't remember, trogdor42, are the new arena seats gonna be cushioned, or is that only reserved seating?
[20:48:33] <apreche> mostly because nobody had the permit to park there at convenient times
[20:48:43] <ProfPangloss|Work> I do know the Corner Crew seats are actually gonna be a different color
[20:48:45] <apreche> i sat in cushioned seats at the Patriots game last weekend
[20:48:47] <apreche> OMG amazing
[20:48:54] <ProfPangloss|Work> No butt swamping?
[20:49:00] <trogdor42> ProfPangloss|Work: no idea
[20:49:01] <ProfPangloss|Work> That's my problem with 'em
[20:49:02] <apreche> wait, special CC seats
[20:49:12] <apreche> if I come up for a game some time, can I get in those seats or not?
[20:49:23] <apreche> will they be special tickets for CC season tix holders?
[20:49:32] <ProfPangloss|Work> Probably not
[20:49:35] <ProfPangloss|Work> Also I'm only like 70% sure
[20:49:36] <ProfPangloss|Work> One sec
[20:49:36] <apreche> I never actually sat in the CC anywya, we always sat next to it.
[20:49:37] <trogdor42> apreche: no, anyone can sit with CC
[20:50:10] <apreche> like a sidecar on a nazi motorcycle
[20:50:17] <ProfPangloss|Work> http://www.rit.edu
[20:50:32] <nine> ...
[20:50:41] <ProfPangloss|Work> Check out the concept renderings - "Corner Crew" labeled seats
[20:50:42] <nine> Nazi motorcycle? Seriously?
[20:50:46] <ProfPangloss|Work> Fuck yeaaa buddy
[20:51:05] <apreche> modern scoreboard, oh shit
[20:51:08] <apreche> replays
[20:51:19] <apreche> giving us something to yell about even more!
[20:51:29] <nine> Looks like noseats.
[20:51:46] <apreche> the seats are either white, or they are benches
[20:51:52] <apreche> benches would be good, means more density in that corner
[20:51:55] <ProfPangloss|Work> Probably benches - CC stands at every game
[20:52:28] <ProfPangloss|Work> Hopefully they're giving the Goon a voice in how they set up the section
[20:52:30] <nine> CC has noseats
[20:52:37] <ProfPangloss|Work> That's how you know it's gonna be the best
[20:53:39] <nine> Prof, do you have classes at all?
[20:53:58] <ProfPangloss|Work> Other than meeting with a personal trainer through RIT, nope - doing co-op shenanigans
[20:54:10] <nine> Explain.
[20:54:31] <ProfPangloss|Work> Gotta have 3 quarters minimum of co-op in order to graduate - co-op is legit work experience
[20:54:46] <trogdor42> co-op = paid internship
[20:54:51] <nine> Oh, stagewerk.
[20:54:52] <ProfPangloss|Work> I only just completed 2 years of academics before getting this co-op, so I'm doing entry level shit
[20:54:55] <apreche> only 3, we had to do 4
[20:55:01] <trogdor42> CS is 4, IT is 3
[20:55:04] <ProfPangloss|Work> IT, yo
[20:55:14] <apreche> ah
[20:55:19] <ProfPangloss|Work> But I'll probably end up doing 4 total, 'cause this is my first one, and I'm on my 2nd quarter
[20:55:33] <ProfPangloss|Work> So if I do a normal co-op for my 2nd, it'll be another double-block
[20:55:38] <nine> Remember when you walked into my life all dressed up in leather?
[20:55:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> Probably looking into Cisco for some networking funtimes
[20:55:58] <ProfPangloss|Work> nine: Uh?
[20:56:00] <nine> PROF! YOU BETTER MOVE TO THE EU!
[20:56:04] <ProfPangloss|Work> NO
[20:56:05] <ProfPangloss|Work> I MEAN
[20:56:06] <ProfPangloss|Work> MAYBE
[20:56:07] <ProfPangloss|Work> EVENTUALLY
[20:56:08] <ProfPangloss|Work> BUT NOT NOW
[20:56:28] <ProfPangloss|Work> :O
[20:56:32] <apreche> in other non-sequitr news
[20:56:38] <apreche> I been playing this stupid farmville-game
[20:56:38] <nine> ~<3 E6
[20:56:40] <apreche> but it's the Simpsons
[20:56:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> Oh yeah that guy
[20:56:49] <nine> Guy?
[20:56:51] <nine> Dick Valentine?
[20:56:52] <apreche> and I'm playing it because it is full of actually funny Simpsons shit
[20:56:59] <ProfPangloss|Work> Guy = Simpsons farmville
[20:57:04] <apreche> apparently my brother, and some other person that is a friend of Scojo
[20:57:06] <ProfPangloss|Work> apreche: You get to the pay-to-win part yet?
[20:57:06] <nine> Wait, Simpsons is still funny?
[20:57:08] <apreche> are paying REAL MONEY
[20:57:20] <apreche> I will never pay real money
[20:57:30] <nine> You've paid real money.
[20:57:31] <apreche> Simpsons TV show not as funny
[20:57:35] <nine> Just not for that game.
[20:57:41] <apreche> that is true
[20:57:49] <apreche> well "game"
[20:57:50] <nine> WAIT, I'M WRONG.
[20:57:56] <nine> Who the hell thinks US dollars are real money?
[20:57:57] <ProfPangloss|Work> Is it just callbacks to the older Simpsons stuff?
[20:58:02] <ProfPangloss|Work> Or new, good stuff?
[20:58:02] <nine> It's made out of cloth!
[20:58:08] <apreche> no, it's actually some good stuff
[20:58:24] <apreche> the first thing in the entire game is Homer makes fun of stupid farmville-like games
[20:58:29] <apreche> love that self-deprecating humor
[20:58:30] <nine> Prof, you got a Lion, right? When Joe got himself Bounty.
[20:58:31] <ProfPangloss|Work> Inb4 Geeknights episode on social gaming
[20:58:39] <apreche> like those Dominos commercials that say their pizza sucks
[20:58:50] <ProfPangloss|Work> Yeah, Dominos++ for that
[20:58:53] <ProfPangloss|Work> nine: Whaa/
[20:58:54] <ProfPangloss|Work> ?
[20:59:00] <ProfPangloss|Work> Oh, the chocolate
[20:59:01] <ProfPangloss|Work> Yeah
[20:59:03] <ProfPangloss|Work> Lion was tasty
[20:59:11] <nine> Stop reading my mind!
[20:59:17] <nine> I wanted to ask if you liked it/had it before.
[20:59:22] <ProfPangloss|Work> Nope, never
[20:59:25] <nine> Then you go and answer half of it!
[20:59:27] <ProfPangloss|Work> But it was worth a try
[20:59:29] <nine> Now what do I have to ask?
[20:59:42] <nine> You'll now say "fuck snickers" right?
[20:59:43] <ProfPangloss|Work> Meanwhile, Joe has yet to actually do anything with his Rose Water that he prefers over PAX
[20:59:47] <nine> Because seriously, fuck snickers.
[20:59:50] <ProfPangloss|Work> Nope
[20:59:53] <ProfPangloss|Work> Snickers are still great
[20:59:59] <nine> Fuck snickers.
[21:00:02] <apreche> lowercase t?
[21:00:04] <apreche> TIME TO LEAVE
[21:00:20] <ProfPangloss|Work> Good man, have a nice life and leave us all to rot
[21:00:27] <nine> Finally apreche gtfo's.
[21:00:30] <ProfPangloss|Work> 3 more hours here we gooooooo
[21:00:41] <nine> HERE COME THE FUTURE BOYS!
[21:00:46] <nine> MEET THE FUTURE BOYS.
[21:00:50] <ProfPangloss|Work> trogdor42 what the shit are you up to
[21:00:53] <nine> Making money, OH MY GOD!
[21:01:41] <trogdor42> ProfPangloss|Work: workin' at the resnets
[21:01:51] <ProfPangloss|Work> Excite
[21:01:57] <trogdor42> totes
[21:02:00] <ProfPangloss|Work> You should go for a smoke break and come say hi
[21:02:08] <trogdor42> except for that i don't smoke
[21:02:12] <ProfPangloss|Work> Set something on fire
[21:02:15] <nine> Don't let them know that then.
[21:02:21] <ProfPangloss|Work> ^
[21:02:24] <ProfPangloss|Work> See? nine's got it
[21:02:30] <nine> Just stuff a cig behind your ear.
[21:02:32] <trogdor42> probably gonna take my 30 minute dinner break soon
[21:02:32] <nine> And walk out.
[21:02:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> Get Commons to go, come say hi for 30 seconds
[21:02:48] <ProfPangloss|Work> I'm 2 buildings away
[21:02:50] <nine> It's how smart people (like Europeans like yours truly) would skip out on work.
[21:03:08] <nine> 30 minute DINNER break?
[21:03:08] <ProfPangloss|Work> nine: I'm paid hourly, and my whole job is to be available when things go wrong
[21:03:10] <nine> How the fuck.
[21:03:23] <nine> Are you European, ProfPangloss|Work?
[21:03:28] <ProfPangloss|Work> It's wayy different for part time student workers, who take short breaks when they need to
[21:03:36] <ProfPangloss|Work> And me, where I get a mandatory 1 hour lunch/whatever break
[21:03:49] <ProfPangloss|Work> Nope, why, do I have European sensibilities?
[21:03:50] <nine> Because they don't wanna pay your eating time.
[21:03:57] <nine> You don't.
[21:03:59] <nine> You're a looney.
[21:04:03] <trogdor42> if i work a shift longer than 6 hours (which this is), i have to take an unpaid 30 minute break
[21:04:11] <ProfPangloss|Work> I will tell you that my girlfriend and I regularly host parties to watch Eurovision, past and present
[21:04:23] <nine> You're a fucking crazy looney.
[21:04:32] <ProfPangloss|Work> And if you work 35+ hours you take 1 hour off per day for lunch
[21:04:36] <nine> You do realize that we don't watch Eurovision in the EU, do you?
[21:04:37] -!- pence [pence!~creimer@D4136568.672DEAC0.E178207D.IP] has parted #geeknights
[21:04:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> Well you're wrong
[21:04:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> :D
[21:05:00] <nine> Says the guy who watches Eurovision in the US.
[21:05:10] <ProfPangloss|Work> It's also important to note that alcohol consumption is advised for such events
[21:05:13] <nine> I'm more qualified to talk about this shit bru.
[21:05:21] <nine> Not advised.
[21:05:23] <nine> Mandatory.
[21:05:40] <nine> Otherwise your whole night will be ruined.
[21:06:00] <ProfPangloss|Work> WE have drinking rules such as "hosts hitting on each other/performers," "singers singing in a language other than English/their native language," etc.
[21:06:16] <nine> "hosts hitting on each other/performers,"
[21:06:27] <ProfPangloss|Work> Plus an open-ended "WTF moment" rule
[21:06:30] <nine> GREAT IDEA THERE MAN. GREAT!
[21:06:35] -!- VentureJ has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[21:06:40] <ProfPangloss|Work> Like last year's Norwegian Gay Man Boat
[21:06:48] <ProfPangloss|Work> *this year
[21:06:52] <nine> Not gay.
[21:07:02] <nine> US just has no idea what truly is gay.
[21:07:13] <ProfPangloss|Work> The US as a whole, sure
[21:07:16] <ProfPangloss|Work> Me/my friends, we have some idea
[21:07:24] <nine> It's probably wrong.
[21:07:31] <trogdor42> ProfPangloss|Work: Turkish
[21:07:38] <trogdor42> not norwegian
[21:07:43] <ProfPangloss|Work> Ohh, it was Turkish? What did Norway do?
[21:07:47] <trogdor42> iunno
[21:07:53] <trogdor42> it wasn't norwegian black metal, so i don't care
[21:07:53] <nine> You watched it.
[21:07:56] <nine> You tell us.
[21:07:56] <ProfPangloss|Work> Norway/Norwegia
[21:08:14] <nine> The Netherlands/Dutch
[21:08:20] <nine> Because facts.
[21:08:37] <ProfPangloss|Work> At any rate this is the time of day when I switch from Queens of the Stone Age radio to Deadmau5/Skrillex radio
[21:08:44] <nine> NOEP!
[21:08:46] <nine> NOPE!
[21:08:46] <ProfPangloss|Work> 'Cause Electronica
[21:08:47] <nine> STOP THAT.
[21:08:52] <nine> BACK TO QOTSA!
[21:09:01] <bronzdragon> QOTSA sounds pretty good...
[21:09:05] <nine> At least they have bass in those songs!
[21:09:11] -!- creamsteak has quit [Quit: warp]
[21:09:16] <ProfPangloss|Work> The QotSA station is starting to repeat, I've been listening to it so long
[21:09:27] <nine> Then hop to the Electric Six station.
[21:09:42] <ProfPangloss|Work> And besides that, I flip-flop between hard rock/metal and electronica/dubstep/house occasionally
[21:09:47] <ProfPangloss|Work> Yeah, okay, at work
[21:09:47] <ProfPangloss|Work> Sure
[21:09:47] <trogdor42> the most disappointing pandora station is anamanaguchi radio
[21:09:56] <trogdor42> pandora is super shit at chiptune :(
[21:09:57] <nine> Yes at work.
[21:09:58] <nine> DO IT.
[21:10:02] <ProfPangloss|Work> trogdor42: That's the Pandora failing at chiptune you said?
[21:10:03] <ProfPangloss|Work> Yeah
[21:10:06] <ProfPangloss|Work> What sort of shit?
[21:10:11] <bronzdragon> Just pirate some musicz
[21:10:20] <ProfPangloss|Work> I imagine they started playing shitty upbeat indie rock
[21:10:22] <nine> Go listen to Electric Six station.
[21:10:30] <nine> All o' ya bastards.
[21:10:31] <trogdor42> it's not necessarily that it plays bad music, just that it does not play chiptune. just other random electronica.
[21:10:33] <ProfPangloss|Work> nine: Laterrrrr
[21:10:36] <nine> NO!
[21:10:52] <ProfPangloss|Work> 6-8 is the quietest time
[21:10:52] <bronzdragon> This music video is kinda trippy...
[21:10:54] <ProfPangloss|Work> I'll save it for then
[21:11:00] <ProfPangloss|Work> Too many students and faculty walking by now
[21:11:03] <nine> ~SOLO!
[21:11:49] <trogdor42> ProfPangloss|Work: yeah, don't want to upset all those deaf people with your taste in music
[21:11:49] <nine> ProfPangloss|Work: So what?
[21:11:53] <ProfPangloss|Work> If I went and put on what I *actually* want to listen to, it'd be Mastodon/Meshuggah radio all day
[21:11:55] <nine> It's just students anf faculty.
[21:11:58] <nine> Jesus is mentioned.
[21:12:00] <ProfPangloss|Work> trogdor42: Interpreters - not deaf
[21:12:00] <bronzdragon> http://www.youtube.com Look at the mirror
[21:12:02] <nine> Totally fine in the US, right?
[21:12:08] <bronzdragon> I SPOTTED A PRODUCTION FAULT
[21:12:48] <nine> What's the fault?
[21:12:57] <bronzdragon> Human in the mirror
[21:13:38] -!- trogdor4_ [trogdor4_!~trogdor42@hide-D56A6A1A.wireless.rit.edu] has joined #geeknights
[21:14:03] -!- trogdor42 has quit [Connection reset by peer]
[21:14:08] <nine> Oh yeah, now I see something VERY BLURRY WHO THE FUCK CARES?
[21:14:14] <nine> They make music.
[21:14:15] <ProfPangloss|Work> trogdor4_: IMPOSTOR
[21:14:16] <nine> Not videos.
[21:14:22] <trogdor4_> fuck
[21:14:24] <trogdor4_> dammit
[21:14:31] <ProfPangloss|Work> Quit FUCKING UP
[21:14:40] <bronzdragon> <-- this guy cares.
[21:14:48] trogdor4_ is now known as trogdor42
[21:14:58] <nine> IMPERSONATOR!
[21:15:00] <trogdor42> hooray
[21:15:01] <nine> GTFO!
[21:15:12] <trogdor42> my wifi dropped for no reason
[21:15:43] <ProfPangloss|Work> No reason?
[21:15:47] <ProfPangloss|Work> I think there was a reason
[21:15:47] <ProfPangloss|Work> IDIOT
[21:15:50] <trogdor42> no
[21:15:51] <trogdor42> there wasn't
[21:18:33] <ProfPangloss|Work> God damn, other than yesterday, classes and technology in general has been going pretty smoothly
[21:18:41] <ProfPangloss|Work> Which makes for a generally bored ProfPangloss
[21:19:07] <nine> Go liven up the place with some Electric Six.
[21:19:20] <nine> Try... uhm... "We Were Witchy Witchy White Women".
[21:19:35] <nine> Lesbian witches, totally okay.
[21:22:01] <trogdor42> i am very hungry
[21:23:59] <ProfPangloss|Work> Fuckin
[21:24:11] <ProfPangloss|Work> Whole bunch of stuff comes up on Pandora that I really like
[21:24:21] <ProfPangloss|Work> Turns out it's all by The Glitch Mob
[21:24:28] <ProfPangloss|Work> Fuuuuuuck I'm doing some downloading tonight
[21:25:37] <nine> If I suggest a non-E6 station, are you gonna check it out?
[21:25:53] -!- aria has quit [Quit: leaving]
[21:27:44] -!- aria [aria!aria@hide-700C3A1D.getinternet.no] has joined #geeknights
[21:27:46] <ProfPangloss|Work> Possibly, though I've got a pretty good groove going here
[21:28:53] <nine> Editors.
[21:28:57] <nine> DO IT.
[21:29:34] <ProfPangloss|Work> Editors are great
[21:29:50] <nine> :D
[21:30:21] <nine> Serifs so fucking ugly on consoles.
[21:31:38] <nine> I should move my good music from my old hard drive to the one I'm now using.
[21:31:55] <nine> Editors, QotSA, BLØF.
[21:32:08] <nine> Hrm, at least I get characters now, but it looks ugly as shit.
[21:43:05] <bronzdragon> BLØF? Oh right, you're dutch.
[21:43:08] <bronzdragon> I forget sometimes.
[21:46:51] -!- pence1 [pence1!~pence@hide-FE0B97D9.phlapa.fios.verizon.net] has joined #geeknights
[21:46:55] pence1 is now known as pence
[21:47:35] <nine> PUTTY WHY YOU SO MEH.
[21:53:45] -!- trogdor42 has quit [Ping timeout]
[21:55:06] -!- trogdor42 [trogdor42!trogdor42@hide-D56A6A1A.wireless.rit.edu] has joined #geeknights
[21:59:20] <ProfPangloss|Work> trogdor42: BACK TO WORK FGT
[21:59:30] <trogdor42> ProfPangloss|Work: shut up
[21:59:37] <ProfPangloss|Work> :3
[21:59:47] <trogdor42> ProfPangloss|Work: "Oh, slutbucket called? That's my sister." - Len
[22:01:45] <trogdor42> ProfPangloss|Work: hey where's that photo you took
[22:01:48] <trogdor42> it's not on the internet
[22:01:54] <trogdor42> DO YOUR JOB
[22:04:46] <ProfPangloss|Work> ?
[22:04:53] <ProfPangloss|Work> OH
[22:04:55] <ProfPangloss|Work> COOL
[22:04:56] <trogdor42> yeah
[22:04:56] <ProfPangloss|Work> YOUR JETS
[22:05:00] <ProfPangloss|Work> (alternately your tits)
[22:05:05] <ProfPangloss|Work> *alternatively
[22:05:06] <trogdor42> JOKE'S ON YOU FUCKER
[22:05:08] <trogdor42> I HAVE NEITHER
[22:07:20] <nine> Wot.
[22:07:24] <nine> You don't haev jets or tits?
[22:07:33] <nine> What kind of Murrikano are you?
[22:10:28] <nine> >pick up hard drive before it's finished spinning down
[22:10:32] <nine> THAT WEIGHT.
[22:10:34] <nine> <3
[22:10:39] <nine> 5<3 physics
[22:11:42] <nine> 3Green no?
[22:12:15] <nine> 1a2b3c4d5e6f7g8h9i10j
[22:12:42] <nine> 3---<-<5@
[22:12:57] <bronzdragon> COLORS
[22:13:11] <nine> Rose for my love.
[22:13:15] <nine> (aria)
[22:13:18] <nine> Or was that yours?
[22:13:20] <nine> The rose.
[22:16:07] <ProfPangloss|Work> Gotta say, Woo Boost by Rusko is not a good song
[22:16:15] <ProfPangloss|Work> But it's delightful for bouncing around a lonely office
[22:18:13] <nine> Electric Six is also great for bouncing around, and they only have good songs.
[22:26:12] -!- trogdor42 has quit [Ping timeout]
[22:29:35] -!- trogdor42 [trogdor42!trogdor42@hide-D56A6A1A.wireless.rit.edu] has joined #geeknights
[22:31:26] <bronzdragon> hi hi trogdor
[22:31:44] <trogdor42> my wifi seems to drop off every now and then
[22:31:50] <trogdor42> makes me sad
[22:33:06] <ProfPangloss|Work> What the shit
[22:33:15] <ProfPangloss|Work> FB won't post webcam photos. Just hangs.
[22:33:28] <trogdor42> is it using some flash bullshit?
[22:34:00] <ProfPangloss|Work> Yep.
[22:35:36] <trogdor42> oh jesus. 2.5 more hours of work.
[22:35:44] <trogdor42> UGH
[22:35:48] <trogdor42> #WHINING
[22:36:14] -!- originalme8 has quit [Quit: leaving]
[22:36:14] <ProfPangloss|Work> 1.5
[22:36:19] <ProfPangloss|Work> DEAL BRO
[22:40:30] <ProfPangloss|Work> Oh my god these are delightful
[22:40:30] <ProfPangloss|Work> http://www.bobstaake.com
[22:44:03] <nine> Oh god, those covers.
[22:44:14] <pence> The Little Cub Scout Quits
[22:44:52] <ProfPangloss|Work> 2nd row on the far left
[22:44:54] <ProfPangloss|Work> My favorite
[22:45:40] <pence> I am also a fan of the cyclops and the one below it
[22:47:43] <nine> Oh Zippy.
[22:48:06] <nine> I like the third.
[23:04:34] <aria> Newegg is so professional~ http://youtu.be
[23:09:16] -!- nine has quit [Ping timeout]
[23:11:15] -!- nine [nine!nine@hide-887AEA2B.ip.telfort.nl] has joined #geeknights
[23:11:35] <aria> Who decided for flash to be so bad on Linux?
[23:11:49] <aria> Why hasn't that guy been fired yet?
[23:11:57] <aria> Surely its less effort to make it less bad
[23:12:05] <nine> No.
[23:12:08] <trogdor42> isn't it only officially supported in chromium on linux now?
[23:12:08] <aria> I mean, Scaleform just works perfectly on Linux, that uses flash files
[23:12:11] <nine> It's more effort at this point.
[23:12:25] <aria> Chromeium doesn't do flash
[23:12:27] <aria> Chrome does
[23:12:33] <aria> Chrome does closed source google flash
[23:12:57] <aria> Chromeium just does the regular Adobe flash thats in Firefox and Midori and such
[23:13:31] <aria> And.. it might not be supported anymore, thats possible. I mean, it hasn't improved in the last year =P
[23:15:49] <aria> Is Windows/Mac flash any good?
[23:15:58] <trogdor42> mac is terrible
[23:16:06] <trogdor42> better than linux, but still bad
[23:16:27] <trogdor42> and windows is fine, other than the fact that it is flash
[23:16:58] -!- nine has quit [Broken pipe]
[23:17:26] <aria> If it runs well, I don't really see anything wrong with flash
[23:17:31] <aria> Whats wrong with it being flash?
[23:17:44] <aria> Maybe I just have never expierced flash working to tell whats wrong with it =P
[23:19:03] <trogdor42> html5 is the future and flash is dying. flash is closed-source and proprietary. sites that rely on flash are not viewable on mobile devices. etc.
[23:19:25] <ProfPangloss|Work> And how Flash apps developed for desktop, used on desktop, are failing
[23:19:43] <ProfPangloss|Work> The *only* thing that Flash is good for is animation
[23:20:06] <ProfPangloss|Work> If anyone tells you it's a viable solution for web development anymore, they are wrong. Plain and simple.
[23:20:21] <aria> You can't do a lot of things you can do with flash with JS and HTML
[23:20:26] <aria> Well you can, but its more effort
[23:20:32] <trogdor42> like what?
[23:20:35] <ProfPangloss|Work> Like, say, animation?
[23:20:37] <aria> Flash on my tablet works awesomely
[23:20:40] <aria> Yes
[23:20:46] <aria> And some light applications
[23:20:50] <ProfPangloss|Work> 19:19 ProfPangloss|Work The *only* thing that Flash is good for is animation
[23:20:53] <aria> like, say, a video wrapper that has all sorts of DRM and shit
[23:21:12] <trogdor42> i'm okay with those not being possible anymore
[23:21:15] <ProfPangloss|Work> Those don't work anymore
[23:21:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> More and more, light mobile development it turning towards PHP and HTML5
[23:21:51] <aria> They work. They aren't secure, but they add effort, so they stop the people like me who try to do something, try once then decide its not worth it
[23:21:55] <trogdor42> and IDEs that abstract some of the HTML/CSS/JavaScript stuff are getting better and better - see Adobe Edge Animate
[23:22:01] <aria> If I actually wanted to download the video, sure, I'd be able to
[23:22:26] <ProfPangloss|Work> With the direction that web development is going, though, the consortium has agreed time and time again that openness is significantly more important than DRM
[23:22:43] <aria> Oh I agree with that
[23:22:49] <aria> but companies don't
[23:22:56] <ProfPangloss|Work> Really?>
[23:22:59] <aria> And therefor, companies want people to do things flash does well
[23:23:12] <ProfPangloss|Work> Microsoft is now wholly dropping support of Flash for all but a few whitelisted sites
[23:23:16] <ProfPangloss|Work> *Microsoft*
[23:23:31] <ProfPangloss|Work> That's not even Apple slinging shit
[23:23:33] <aria> That is because Microsoft makes a OS!
[23:23:41] <ProfPangloss|Work> (and a web browser)
[23:23:43] <aria> They want their users to have the best experience
[23:23:50] <aria> Users of the web browser too!
[23:24:15] <ProfPangloss|Work> It's W3C > Browser devs > content creators
[23:24:15] <aria> They aren't yknow, Warner Brothers who doesn't want people outside the US to stream their movies
[23:24:42] <trogdor42> things like that are being considered, though are facing lots of criticism - http://dvcs.w3.org
[23:24:49] <aria> If MS wants to, they can ignore the other two, and people have to adapt =P
[23:24:51] <ProfPangloss|Work> Bottom line is, W3C and browser devs are doing everything possible to phase out Flash
[23:25:00] <ProfPangloss|Work> Other forms of DRM aside, Flash is dying.
[23:25:01] <ProfPangloss|Work> No question.
[23:25:21] <aria> With flash, you can have elements that scale well
[23:25:26] <ProfPangloss|Work> (suck it, Boyle)
[23:25:28] <aria> I guess you can do that with <canvas>
[23:25:34] <aria> But that also sucks
[23:25:41] <ProfPangloss|Work> You know what else sucks?
[23:25:41] <ProfPangloss|Work> Flash
[23:25:43] <ProfPangloss|Work> :3
[23:25:47] <aria> =P
[23:25:51] <trogdor42> aria: SVG
[23:26:03] <apreche> boy, this channel is hopping
[23:26:07] <apreche> you guys need something to do
[23:26:15] <aria> SVGs in Webkit don't scale for shit =p
[23:26:23] <ProfPangloss|Work> I am not a web dev like trogdor42, but I do know that for my own business and shit, Flash is the shittiest shit
[23:26:26] <aria> And in Gecko, that shit doesn't update often enough
[23:26:27] <apreche> I think SVG is teh dead
[23:26:32] <ProfPangloss|Work> apreche: Yeah, that thing about work-until-8?
[23:26:35] <apreche> maybe they are useful to render in a canvas, otherwise, screw it
[23:26:35] <ProfPangloss|Work> Yeaaaahhhhh
[23:26:42] <trogdor42> yeah, I'm at work until 9
[23:26:53] * ProfPangloss|Work brofists trogdor42
[23:26:58] <apreche> I'm eating dinner, then going to play some games and watch some stuff
[23:27:18] <aria> Aslo god damn. You say flash is dead, but don't you all have flash? YouTube uses flash
[23:27:22] <aria> I can't youtube without flash
[23:27:36] <trogdor42> HTML5 mode
[23:27:42] <aria> Is terrible! =P
[23:27:46] <ProfPangloss|Work> http://www.youtube.com
[23:27:48] <trogdor42> it works just fine!
[23:28:02] <trogdor42> it's nearly indistinguishable until you right click
[23:28:02] <aria> No way. The flash player at least works fine. The html5 player randomly stops
[23:28:15] <aria> Controls often bug
[23:28:33] <aria> Time codes don't work as well
[23:28:41] <aria> captions I believe don't work at all
[23:28:49] <aria> theres a bunch of BS with the html5 player
[23:29:00] <aria> (that can be solved with not trying to force the youtube chrome on it...)
[23:29:20] <trogdor42> worksforme.jpg
[23:29:23] <ProfPangloss|Work> ^
[23:29:24] * trogdor42 channels apreche
[23:30:18] <aria> So are you guys currently using flash or html5 youtube?
[23:30:20] <ProfPangloss|Work> 3Obviously you're just using an inferior browser and need to defer all the smart decisions to the IT master race
[23:30:29] <ProfPangloss|Work> HTML5
[23:30:39] <aria> I tried using html5 youtube for a while
[23:30:43] <aria> cause I didn't have flash
[23:30:50] <aria> And it was super annoying
[23:31:03] <aria> I got flash, didn't opt out, but now suddenly 90% more videos work
[23:31:11] <aria> and the 10% that worked before don't bug as often
[23:31:17] <apreche> last time I tried HTML5 YouTube, it was not up to snuff
[23:31:21] <apreche> some jank
[23:31:30] <trogdor42> some videos are flash-only, aria
[23:31:32] <ProfPangloss|Work> Iunno mate, it's way less janky for me
[23:31:35] <trogdor42> because of vevo or whatever?
[23:31:52] <aria> Oh yeah I should mention, this was a while ago. And using Firefox, so only webM, no h264
[23:32:04] <trogdor42> there's your problem
[23:32:16] <ProfPangloss|Work> Unrelated, trogdor42 - http://forum.frontrowcrew.com
[23:32:21] <ProfPangloss|Work> Read the followup comments. So good.
[23:32:24] <trogdor42> i saw
[23:32:25] <aria> Using a open browser?
[23:32:37] <aria> I like open browsers more than I like not having flash =P
[23:32:38] <trogdor42> no, using firefox
[23:32:48] <aria> Chromeium doesn't do h264 either
[23:33:05] <aria> Or Midori, Konqurer, Opera
[23:33:35] <apreche> is making a GeekNights reddit a good idea?
[23:33:42] <aria> No
[23:33:45] <ProfPangloss|Work> Nahh.
[23:33:48] <aria> people will go there instead of the forum
[23:33:50] <aria> also, why?
[23:33:57] <ProfPangloss|Work> At *most*, a promotional post linking to the podcast
[23:33:59] <apreche> just wanna spread to every part of the Internets
[23:34:06] <ProfPangloss|Work> Ivory tower and all that
[23:34:37] <apreche> Think I'm going to make a tumblr for all our content
[23:34:44] <aria> ..
[23:34:48] <aria> Who uses Tumblr?
[23:34:57] <apreche> if we add those two places, then we got everything covered
[23:35:00] <apreche> lots of toombles
[23:35:06] <trogdor42> lots of people use tumblr.
[23:35:13] <ProfPangloss|Work> apreche: If there's anything you'd do with Reddit, give this a shot - http://www.reddit.com
[23:35:22] <trogdor42> tumblr makes sense. reddit, not so much.
[23:35:45] <ProfPangloss|Work> ^
[23:37:14] <apreche> oooh, do people usually post every episode there, or just a link to their cast?
[23:37:39] <trogdor42> some places get pissed if all you do is submit your own content
[23:37:48] <trogdor42> doesn't make ANY sense to me, but people don't like it
[23:37:50] <ProfPangloss|Work> Based on a cursory look, some dedicated folks post every episode
[23:38:25] <ProfPangloss|Work> And then each episode gets its own comments thread
[23:38:33] <apreche> looke like neito posted us there a ways back
[23:38:43] <apreche> four years ago
[23:38:44] <apreche> http://www.reddit.com
[23:38:45] <trogdor42> their rules page doesn't say anything against banning OC http://code.reddit.com
[23:38:48] <ProfPangloss|Work> Actually, though
[23:38:54] <ProfPangloss|Work> The subreddit looks pretty dead
[23:39:02] <ProfPangloss|Work> Most of the posts there have no up-downvotes
[23:39:13] <trogdor42> yeah, the top post of the last week has 15 points
[23:39:37] <trogdor42> the top of all time has 212, with a sharp drop down to 74 for second
[23:39:50] <ProfPangloss|Work> I don't think there's much potential for raw Geeknights on Reddit
[23:39:50] <trogdor42> and only ~3300 subscribers
[23:39:57] <trogdor42> nor do i
[23:40:13] <ProfPangloss|Work> Individual content you guys make, like a special episode or video feature, you could easily post to an appropriate subreddit
[23:40:26] <ProfPangloss|Work> r/mlp, for instance, would probably dig Radio Free Equestria
[23:40:40] <ProfPangloss|Work> But it's definitely not a great place for syndicated content
[23:40:40] <apreche> someone else can take care of that
[23:40:47] <apreche> I'm going to go watch the rumble in the air conditioned auditorium
[23:40:54] <trogdor42> don't pay for it
[23:41:26] <Apsup> yay, there's another 17 minutes of video of Rym talking.
[23:41:34] <Apsup> Also there's some bald guy there.
[23:42:31] <trogdor42> forgot there's a hockey game now
[23:42:47] <ProfPangloss|Work> Oshit, gotta check the Tigers' twitter
[23:43:37] <trogdor42> down 1-0
[23:43:42] <trogdor42> listening to witr now
[23:43:52] <ProfPangloss|Work> How far into the game?
[23:44:41] <trogdor42> 13:54 left in the first period they just said
[23:44:46] <ProfPangloss|Work> Oh, well alright
[23:44:57] <ProfPangloss|Work> Hm, I'm thinking about music loops for your little project
[23:45:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> What sort of CPU load would you anticipate from looping all 5/6 channels at the same time, then crossfading between them?
[23:45:44] <trogdor42> ProfPangloss|Work: live stats http://gamestats.ath.umich.edu
[23:45:49] <ProfPangloss|Work> Would that be a problem for a mobile app?
[23:46:05] <trogdor42> ProfPangloss|Work: don't know anything about audio's impact on cpu on android
[23:46:17] <ProfPangloss|Work> Test that shit, 'foo
[23:46:26] <trogdor42> but this app would definitely not be battery friendly, given that GPS is a requirement
[23:46:31] <ProfPangloss|Work> Yeah, that
[23:46:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> Then again, I don't think you're describing anything even *remotely* practical
[23:46:50] <ProfPangloss|Work> Still, best app ever
[23:49:15] <trogdor42> people are more likely to have a charger in their car than when they're just walking around
[23:50:14] <ProfPangloss|Work> True
[23:50:57] <ProfPangloss|Work> Man, any time I need an ego/mood boost, all I have to do is see the twitter feed of people linking Oppa Spacejam Style
[23:56:40] <trogdor42> so check out this train wreck http://hetexted.com
[23:57:27] <ProfPangloss|Work> Welp
[23:57:36] <ProfPangloss|Work> That's enough Internet for one evening
[23:57:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> (and by Internet I mean work - seeya)