#geeknights | Logs for 2012-10-06

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[00:48:32] <trogdor42> did someone say tarkus? http://www.youtube.com
[00:50:26] <aria> This video contains content from SME and UMG. It is not available in your country.
[00:50:36] <trogdor42> laame!
[00:56:07] <aria> Someone whos knowledgable at dark souls, please help me a bit here
[00:56:21] <aria> Im at Darkmoon tomb
[00:56:29] <aria> I want Gwyn's soul for his bow
[00:56:33] <aria> But I also want his arrows
[00:56:52] <aria> Do I have to join his convenent, buy 999 arrows, kill him, and then I can never get new arrows?
[00:57:13] <aria> are any other arrows as good/good compared to price?
[00:57:54] <aria> I meant Gwyndolin, not Gwyn
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[01:18:30] <ruffas> greetings internet people
[01:19:12] <aria> Ruffas
[01:19:16] <aria> Why I so bad at Dark Souls?
[01:19:29] <ruffas> i done told you
[01:19:32] <aria> Or rather, why arrows do less damage than chopsticks?
[01:19:34] <ruffas> no manly passion
[01:19:45] <aria> But Im fighting a trap..
[01:19:45] <ruffas> speaking of chopsticks
[01:19:53] <aria> HE has arrows that can kill me! >=(
[01:19:56] <ruffas> i just had my japanese students make me japanese foods
[01:20:01] <aria> =O
[01:20:04] <ruffas> show that trap who's boss
[01:20:06] <aria> You lucky bastard
[01:20:17] <ruffas> they wanted to cook, i have a kitchen
[01:20:23] <ruffas> we came to an arrangement
[01:20:33] <aria> ^
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[01:21:21] <aria> http://darksouls.wikidot.com
[01:21:27] <aria> Doesnt say how much health he has
[01:21:29] <aria> But its a bunch
[01:21:34] <aria> And I do 30 damage per arrow
[01:21:44] <aria> When Im lucky
[01:21:44] <ruffas> yell at him for a while
[01:24:16] <aria> Its annoying, because any of his attack instant kill me
[01:24:35] <aria> actually, there is one that can hit me from 5 feet away. That one only instant kills me if direct hit
[01:28:00] <aria> There!
[01:28:03] <aria> Finally
[01:28:10] <aria> I gave up with arrows
[01:29:43] <ruffas> they made a 12 egg omelet
[01:29:46] <ruffas> it's massive
[01:30:36] <aria> ...
[01:30:39] <aria> You are crazy
[01:31:31] <ruffas> i'm eating
[01:33:50] <Bronzdragon> 'sup ruffas
[01:33:55] <Bronzdragon> I'm also eating
[01:34:08] <Bronzdragon> It's 12 noodle packets!
[01:39:23] <Bronzdragon> ruffas!
[01:39:29] <Bronzdragon> what day is it Tomorrow?
[01:39:43] <Bronzdragon> An reason behind a possible hudge discount on BF3 tomorrow?
[01:40:03] <Bronzdragon> (It's rumored to be $7.50 on Amazon)
[01:43:45] <pence> is anyone here other than Scott going to be at Burning Con this month?
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[02:04:00] <Bronzdragon> Hi again Robobuntu
[02:04:06] <Bronzdragon> *ruffas
[02:04:12] <Bronzdragon> I miss-typed
[02:05:56] <pence> the dangers of tab completion
[02:08:42] <Bronzdragon> I know, ProfPangloss|Work
[02:08:48] <Bronzdragon> AWW, DANGIT!
[02:09:31] <pence> :D
[02:22:54] <Bronzdragon> "Let's pull out of jake and jump into another game"
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[02:57:32] <ruffas> back for real this time
[02:58:08] <Bronzdragon> for real?
[02:59:01] <ruffas> for real real
[02:59:05] <ruffas> before food coma
[02:59:56] <ruffas> 12 egg omelet was truly epic
[03:00:10] <Bronzdragon> I'll believe that
[03:00:15] <Bronzdragon> Say, Imma leave
[03:00:18] <Bronzdragon> So... good night, good sir
[03:00:22] <aria> I wish I could afford food.
[03:00:28] <aria> Id eat every day!
[03:01:09] <ruffas> you could rice
[03:02:35] <aria> What the fuck is up with this background? http://www.theburningofrome.com
[03:03:04] <ruffas> not clicking that again
[03:03:11] <ruffas> nuh-uh
[03:03:13] <ruffas> no way
[03:03:22] <aria> ...
[03:03:27] <aria> huh?
[03:03:31] <aria> Its SFW
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[03:03:44] <aria> I haven't cliked all the items in the navbar
[03:03:49] <aria> But the front page is SFW
[03:03:49] <ruffas> it's not safe for life
[03:04:03] <aria> ^o)
[03:04:15] <aria> Is that a-- band that doesn't fall to taste?
[03:04:25] <aria> It was linked in "worst website ever" thread
[03:04:29] <ruffas> dunno
[03:04:31] <aria> Because its heavy as shit
[03:04:33] <aria> And it is
[03:04:37] <ruffas> but the website is an abomination
[03:04:40] <aria> But also, what the fuck is going on with the background?
[03:05:38] <ruffas> exactly
[03:06:08] <aria> Eh its not actually that bad
[03:06:12] <aria> Like, how it looks
[03:06:15] <aria> its just heavy
[03:06:32] <aria> Ignoring the background.
[03:06:56] <ruffas> it's awful
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[03:18:23] <ruffas> howdy there
[03:19:35] <aria> Hello, visitor
[03:19:46] <aria> Do you wanna help me get through Anor Lonod+
[03:19:50] <aria> Londo*
[03:19:51] <aria> ?
[03:21:18] <ruffas> stop sucking and be manlier
[03:21:39] <aria> I turned the game off. I have not sucked at Anor Londo yet
[03:21:49] <aria> But given how every other enemy takes 5 punches
[03:21:55] <aria> I can only assume it'll be tough
[03:23:05] <ruffas> 5 punches isn't too bad
[03:23:19] <aria> =P
[03:23:27] <aria> Well its like 50 arrows
[03:23:29] <aria> or 3 punches
[03:23:51] <aria> and punches are easier than arrows too
[03:24:23] <ruffas> then punch his ass
[03:24:30] <aria> But gimmick run
[03:24:38] <aria> Im trying to only arrow
[03:24:45] <aria> Because I assumed it would be balanced
[03:24:49] <aria> Like every other weapon
[03:25:03] <aria> Even the shittiest weapons like whips are fairly balanced
[03:25:10] <aria> you can totally win with only whips
[03:25:35] <ruffas> oh, it's your own fault
[03:26:16] <aria> Wait, huh?
[03:26:20] <aria> How does I solve?
[03:26:44] <ruffas> stop bowing
[03:26:58] <aria> That doesn't count
[03:27:07] <ruffas> :p
[03:30:48] <ruffas> how often do you die?
[03:32:16] <aria> Hrm...
[03:32:21] <aria> Well its hard to say while not playing
[03:32:30] <pence> the Simon Belmont run
[03:32:34] <aria> every 10 minutes maybe
[03:32:46] <aria> Ive done a simon belmont -- not run
[03:32:56] <aria> But dungeon
[03:33:00] <ruffas> ?
[03:33:07] <pence> I've only been watching my friend Dan play through that game on different characters, haven't played myself. Did beat Demon's Souls, though.
[03:34:36] <aria> Ive done parts of the game with a Simon Belmont build
[03:34:39] <aria> but not the entire game
[03:35:25] <ruffas> in that you have a whip?
[03:35:26] <aria> With a firewhip, firebombs, throwing knifes and force miracle
[03:35:36] <aria> Well you dress as him
[03:35:37] <aria> don't shield or heal
[03:35:47] <aria> Don't use spells or pyromancy he doesn't have
[03:36:00] <aria> and your whip makes people catch on fire
[03:36:26] <ruffas> ahh
[03:36:32] <ruffas> that's neat
[03:39:33] <aria> gimmick runs are often neat
[03:39:35] <aria> I like them
[03:39:41] <aria> except when they force me to bow
[03:39:45] <aria> Cause bow fucking sucks =P
[03:40:05] <ruffas> what other gimmicks you got besides suck and belmont?
[03:41:06] <aria> Naked no weapons
[03:41:19] <aria> Full dragon
[03:41:33] <aria> with shout, fire and dragon bone fist/dragon weapons
[03:41:52] <aria> Only raipers, no shields or such
[03:42:12] <aria> Mage-- this doesn't work, cause you don't get enough magic uses =P
[03:42:17] <ruffas> hmm
[03:42:31] <aria> I did a Alucard run
[03:42:37] <aria> where I had a sword that made people catch on fire
[03:42:44] <aria> and that was pretty much it =P
[03:42:47] <aria> But I totally looked like him!
[03:42:58] <aria> Spent like 40 minutes adjusting his face =P
[03:43:29] <ruffas> so you could never see it again?
[03:43:45] <aria> Alucard doesn't wear a helmet
[03:44:09] <aria> Shield only run
[03:44:11] <aria> where you have 2 shields
[03:44:14] <aria> and no weapons
[03:44:46] <ruffas> double shield!
[03:44:50] <ruffas> all the way~
[03:45:17] <aria> There are plenty of things you can do. Mostly cosplaying a character
[03:45:19] <aria> and using their weapons
[03:45:39] <aria> Also there are 9 convenants in the game by default, so you can totally roleplay with stuff that fits to the lore
[03:45:52] <ruffas> ahh
[03:47:22] <aria> You can also cosplay as NPCs, and only use their weapons and spells
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[03:49:58] <aria> http://youtu.be
[03:50:16] <aria> Now he's trying to win, so he uses crystal magic weapon, cause its OP as fuck
[03:50:25] <aria> But usually, you'd want your whip to cause fire
[03:50:40] <aria> Cause people explode, as is Castlevania
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[04:08:55] <yoshokatana> so, I think I'm going to make a Sweet JP costume for halloween
[04:09:20] <aria> Who or what is JP?
[04:09:21] <Coldguy> ok
[04:09:38] <aria> Ok is better than bad!
[04:09:54] <yoshokatana> http://i.imgur.com
[04:10:03] <yoshokatana> from REDLINE
[04:10:14] <yoshokatana> I haven't cosplayed since high school, but I think it'd be fun
[04:10:14] <aria> Oh right
[04:10:19] <yoshokatana> also, galactic pompadour
[04:12:55] <aria> I need some internet video series I haven't seen that is funny or otherwise interesting/informative
[04:13:23] <Coldguy> ...
[04:13:39] <Coldguy> tell me your intrests
[04:13:48] <aria> Hrm...
[04:14:04] <aria> Video games?
[04:14:20] <aria> Also sketches
[04:14:32] <aria> Maybe science?
[04:14:42] <aria> Oooh, Linux!
[04:14:47] <aria> That is fun
[04:15:21] <Coldguy> scientific video game sketches
[04:15:43] <Coldguy> http://blip.tv
[04:15:56] <Coldguy> the series ended but over 70 epsiodes to catch up on
[04:16:14] <aria> Is it also on youtube?
[04:16:21] <aria> Because the blip player makes me sad
[04:17:03] <aria> I'm watching episode 69 because it has naked females in the thumbnail
[04:17:16] <Coldguy> oh the zelda dating sim
[04:17:24] <aria> =O
[04:17:29] <aria> Id totally play that
[04:17:33] <aria> do I get to date Link?
[04:18:50] <aria> Ugh cmon, Zelda is way boring
[04:18:58] <aria> Link's wearing that short skirt and such
[04:20:30] <aria> What? Dating sim where you can't whore yourself out?
[04:20:47] <aria> Why did you think I paid for this game? I wanna see Link naked!
[04:21:18] <Coldguy> lol
[04:23:15] <aria> Little Busters isn't actually porn
[04:24:08] <Coldguy> he is playing a character
[04:24:08] <aria> Oh. I guess it is on Windows..
[04:24:29] <Coldguy> the one about him stealing from a store is a great one
[04:24:41] <aria> Which episode number is that?
[04:25:53] <aria> Is the footage always black and white open footage?
[04:27:13] <Coldguy> stared as a radio drama
[04:27:15] <aria> So can I watch these without looking at the video and only listen to the audio?
[04:27:18] <Coldguy> then went to video
[04:27:21] <aria> Can i get them as radio drama?
[04:27:32] <Coldguy> early episodes are audio onluy
[04:27:51] <Coldguy> the "video" portion is old 1950s stock footage
[04:27:51] <aria> I meant, is there a way to watch them without blip
[04:28:54] <Coldguy> download the audio
[04:29:00] <Coldguy> via rss feed
[04:35:40] <GauntletWizard> aria: http://www.youtube.com
[04:35:43] <Coldguy> here is the epsiode I was talking about http://blip.tv
[04:36:04] <aria> Oh these people
[04:36:11] <GauntletWizard> Fairly short ongoing series that's kinda bourne-ish
[04:36:18] <GauntletWizard> it has a freddie wong cameo, it must be good
[04:36:19] <aria> Im subscribed to these people on youtube, although I haven't seen this video
[04:38:21] <aria> Not a huge fan of the main so far
[04:45:06] <aria> Alright
[04:45:16] <aria> That was..
[04:45:20] <aria> I like the concept
[04:45:26] <aria> I dislike the main character
[04:45:39] <aria> So not sure what that amounts to
[04:57:32] <GauntletWizard> He's clearly a douchebro
[04:57:40] <GauntletWizard> that's actually something I find interesting
[04:58:15] <GauntletWizard> He's got a humanizing line later on... "You offered a twenty-two year old immortality, what do you expect me to do?"
[05:00:04] <aria> FTL No Scope Final Destination Fox Only!
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[05:16:23] <aria> Well good night, fine citizens
[05:16:54] <pence> night!
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[13:11:12] <bronzdragon> 'ello
[13:11:45] <ruffas> howdy
[13:11:52] <ruffas> men are running
[13:12:09] <bronzdragon> I see
[13:12:13] <bronzdragon> Are there any women running?
[13:12:28] <ruffas> 2
[13:12:35] <bronzdragon> That's good
[13:14:15] <ruffas> this teddy bear museum is pretty cool
[13:14:35] <ruffas> it's basically a history museum, but with bears instead of people
[13:16:31] <bronzdragon> sounds cool
[13:17:05] <bronzdragon> I tried watching the first episode, but the sound hot horribly desynced 4 minutes into each part
[13:17:20] <bronzdragon> Which, for a show that is mostly about how people interact... that's not good.
[13:22:08] <ruffas> yeah, the streams on that site are messed up for the first 2 episodes
[13:22:42] <ruffas> you should watch 52, it's got the best guest
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[13:26:24] <bronzdragon> Hai, trogdor42
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[13:30:19] <bronzdragon> OR NOT
[13:31:31] <ruffas> ^^
[13:37:42] <bronzdragon> ... I don't remember seeing this last episode...
[13:37:52] <ruffas> of?
[13:38:16] <bronzdragon> Running man
[13:38:28] <bronzdragon> Episode 3 continues from Episode 2...
[13:38:29] <ruffas> ah, which are you on?
[13:38:36] <ruffas> it does
[13:38:37] <bronzdragon> I don't remember the girls jumping off the 5M
[13:38:56] <bronzdragon> I'm probably wrong, but...
[13:40:52] <ruffas> the jumping was funny
[13:42:40] <bronzdragon> 3.5M success!
[14:18:49] <ruffas> this wave pool's amazing
[14:18:57] <ruffas> it has real waves
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[14:26:44] <ruffas> and a lazy river with waves too?!
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[15:38:30] <aria> Apsup
[15:38:31] <aria> Is not here
[15:38:31] <aria> damn
[15:38:37] <aria> Anyone else who knows dark souls
[15:38:47] <aria> how does reallocating points work?
[15:38:53] <ruffas> you already know my advice
[15:39:05] <aria> Does it cost 1 level, then I change where I spent all my points?
[15:39:24] <aria> Or is it just because level 1
[15:39:39] <aria> Cause if its just become level one, thats a huge waste of money
[15:39:42] <ruffas> that is a big difference
[15:40:06] <aria> become*
[16:56:13] -!- trogdor42 has quit [Client exited]
[17:01:31] <bronzdragon> HAI
[17:01:37] <bronzdragon> I IS BACK
[17:04:30] <pence> wb
[17:04:42] <bronzdragon> Thanks, Mr. Pants!
[17:04:56] <yoshokatana> hmm
[17:05:10] <yoshokatana> what's the most powerful computer someone has built in minecraft?
[17:05:36] <pence> I seem to recall someone making a gigantic adding machine a few months ago
[17:05:43] <yoshokatana> yeah
[17:05:53] <bronzdragon> I think I've seen a 8 bit processor once
[17:06:00] <bronzdragon> Though it's cycle time wasn't very high...
[17:06:08] <yoshokatana> I was idly wondering if anyone's surpassed some famous historical computers
[17:06:15] <yoshokatana> ENIAC, CRAY-1, etc
[17:06:50] <yoshokatana> I'm pretty sure some of the minecraft computers I've seen rival the processing power of ENIAC, at least
[17:20:09] -!- bronzdragon has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
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[18:26:48] -!- Neito [Neito!~neito@CC88F599.6DD38336.5E4272EE.IP] has joined #geeknights
[18:31:34] <Bronzdragon> http://i.imgur.com
[18:36:21] -!- yoshokatana [yoshokatana!~yoshokata@hide-3567B4F5.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
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[20:59:54] -!- bronzdragon [bronzdragon!bronzdrago@hide-48E615F.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #geeknights
[21:01:17] <bronzdragon> 'ello
[21:01:24] <bronzdragon> 'ow is stuff?
[21:02:19] <ruffas> sad
[21:02:26] <bronzdragon> =(
[21:02:28] <bronzdragon> that's no good
[21:02:32] <ruffas> downgrading ps3 firmware is entirely too expensive
[21:02:39] <ruffas> so i'll have to do without stolen games
[21:02:45] <bronzdragon> ...
[21:02:48] <bronzdragon> Oh noes!
[21:02:58] <bronzdragon> Just get a PS3 emulator
[21:03:03] <ruffas> yeah..
[21:03:30] <bronzdragon> You can probably play your stealed games on the PS4
[21:03:37] <bronzdragon> So... wait a year and a half
[21:03:49] <ruffas> but i want it now!
[21:04:04] <bronzdragon> Buy an extra PS3
[21:04:50] <ruffas> not worth the trouble
[21:04:54] <ruffas> or expense
[21:08:28] <aria> Hey people of Geeknights
[21:08:29] <aria> you are small
[21:08:37] <aria> I want a small Windows VM
[21:08:41] <aria> To do a task quickly, then delete it
[21:08:50] <aria> I know that there are tiny Win XPs out there
[21:08:53] <aria> but I can't find one
[21:09:09] <trogdor42> just fire up an amazon ec2 windows instance
[21:09:20] <trogdor42> it'll cost you pennies
[21:09:26] <aria> How many pennies?
[21:09:30] <aria> And how long is the signup?
[21:09:50] <aria> I meant to say "smart", not small =P
[21:09:57] <aria> Well, second time, I said it correctly
[21:10:07] <aria> But I didn't mean to imply that you were short =P
[21:10:43] <trogdor42> 11-23 american cents per hour depending on which size instance you choose
[21:11:15] <trogdor42> sign-up is pretty simple, as long as you have a credit card :0
[21:11:16] <aria> That is nothing. But I realized that wouldn't work
[21:11:16] <trogdor42> :)
[21:11:20] <aria> I need to interface with native USB
[21:11:36] <aria> local, not native
[21:11:48] <trogdor42> oh, yeah, that probably won't work
[21:12:19] <trogdor42> you need to do legit USB stuff or is it just a flash drive type thing?
[21:13:16] <bronzdragon> I think flash drive type things?
[21:13:29] <aria> Its just a flashdrive, but its not the storage I need access to
[21:13:58] <aria> Well it is, but it has weird encryption and anti piracy shit..
[21:14:13] <trogdor42> http://superuser.com
[21:16:29] <aria> Hrm...
[21:16:35] <aria> Alright, that could work
[21:16:44] <trogdor42> not sure if it will or not, but it's worth a shot
[21:16:51] <trogdor42> just make sure to kill your instance when you're done
[21:17:01] <trogdor42> close your account, just to be safe
[21:17:06] <aria> Do I need to do anything special on my end?
[21:17:21] <trogdor42> what OS are you in?
[21:17:27] <trogdor42> like, locally
[21:17:29] <aria> Linux
[21:18:25] <trogdor42> hmm, i don't know if rdesktop can do usb redirection
[21:18:59] <trogdor42> you can do rdesktop -u username -disk:usb=/mnt/usb <servername:port>
[21:19:21] <trogdor42> rdesktop is... okay
[21:19:33] <aria> That wouldn't mount the right partition, as Linux doesn't recognize it as a thumbdrive with files on it
[21:20:06] <aria> virtualboximage.com doesn't have any sort of windows VDI..
[21:21:39] <trogdor42> maybe there's a way to use rdesktop to install some sort of VNC server that supports USB redirection and then some linux local client that also supports it
[21:21:53] <trogdor42> OR you could just pirate a windows iso and install it yourself
[21:22:00] <trogdor42> don't even need to worry about a license since you're killing it anyway
[21:22:12] <bronzdragon> Eyup
[21:22:34] <aria> Im trying, but its harder than I expected =P
[21:22:43] <aria> The arch repos don't have it, that website don't have it
[21:22:56] <aria> piratebay only has giant versions
[21:30:23] <aria> Why is it so hard to install Windows?
[21:30:31] <bronzdragon> =P
[21:30:34] <aria> Also, why are there 50 different "tiny" versions by differnet people?
[21:30:56] <aria> And they all seem to be targeted at people with legit XP, who want to not use as much HD space on XP
[21:31:06] <aria> In that case, just use linux instead
[21:31:36] <aria> and if its meant for smaller downloads for VMs; Why can't there just be one version that actually has a few seeds?
[21:31:41] <aria> Gosh
[21:38:21] <bronzdragon> http://www.youtube.com <-- discord
[22:18:02] -!- okeefe [okeefe!okeefe@hide-1A6526EC.mit.edu] has joined #geeknights
[22:18:16] <okeefe> Testing...
[22:18:26] <trogdor42> works
[22:18:31] <okeefe> Hot damn.
[22:18:42] <bronzdragon> 'sup okeefe
[22:19:16] <okeefe> Listened to the episode that mentioned this a little while ago, thought I'd check it out.
[22:20:10] <bronzdragon> Well... okay, hi
[22:20:15] <bronzdragon> This is IRC
[22:20:33] * okeefe is in awe.
[22:20:50] <bronzdragon> eyup
[22:20:52] <bronzdragon> there ya go
[22:21:32] <aria> IRC is used to tell people to watch OOO with us
[22:21:40] <aria> You should watch OOO with us
[22:21:58] <okeefe> The only OOO I know is OpenOffice.org, and that would be boring to watch.
[22:22:14] <aria> Yes. You shouldn't watch that
[22:22:24] <aria> OOO is an acronym, its the name of the show
[22:22:26] <aria> Read "O's"
[22:22:41] <trogdor42> 0O0O0O0O0O0O
[22:22:41] <okeefe> Anime?
[22:22:52] <bronzdragon> Kamen Rider
[22:22:55] <bronzdragon> Also from Japan
[22:23:11] <bronzdragon> (Live action, kinda like power rangers)
[22:23:29] <okeefe> You're not really selling me on it, bd.
[22:24:03] <bronzdragon> ... there was an episode about how a person was so bad at sining, it murdered people
[22:24:17] <bronzdragon> They had to make him better at singing buy punching a monster
[22:33:58] -!- ruffas has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[22:47:55] <aria> There are octopus bridges that you can drive motorcycles on.
[22:51:13] <bronzdragon> Yes
[22:52:56] <aria> I think I know how to solve this
[22:54:17] <aria> In Kamen Rider The Next the main punches a truck so hard it slams into a different truck, and makes the truck that was punched by proxy drive into a wall
[23:10:46] -!- yoshokatana has quit [Quit: yoshokatana]
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