#geeknights | Logs for 2012-10-04

[00:05:40] <Apsup> Good guy Gog.com, because euro prce for Wither 2 is higher than dollar price they gave me 10$ gog-credit to compensate.
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[00:05:56] <Apsup> Which pretty much means one or two free games.
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[00:06:07] <VentureJ> So who here will be watching the debate?
[00:06:47] <Apsup> What debate?
[00:06:58] <VentureJ> Never mind. :P
[00:07:11] <VentureJ> The presidential debate thingamajigger tonight
[00:07:34] <Bronzdragon> ... what are they gonna talk about?
[00:07:42] <VentureJ> debate stuff
[00:09:18] <Bronzdragon> "No! The Earth is round, you silly people!"
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[00:10:39] <pence> and now it idles forever (or until my desktop loses power)
[00:11:33] <Bronzdragon> Yup
[00:11:47] <Bronzdragon> You should merge it with the other bot
[00:14:42] <pence> yeah, if people actually want to hear 'ooBOONtoo' might as well have all the functions on one bot
[00:14:43] <Robobuntu> that's my favorite OOPerating system
[00:20:07] <Bronzdragon> Good job! =D
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[00:37:54] <Bronzdragon> 'ello, persons
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[00:41:04] <VentureJ> 'ello
[00:41:20] <Bronzdragon> I'm British!
[00:41:24] <Bronzdragon> Pip pip!
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[00:54:54] <VentureJ> 'ello guv'na!
[00:57:01] <Bronzdragon> Oi! These crumpets are bloody soggy!
[00:59:14] <GauntletWizard> DEBATES
[00:59:18] <GauntletWizard> Y U NO STREAM
[01:03:44] <VentureJ> Oh gawd
[01:03:45] <VentureJ> Here it goes
[01:04:25] <Apsup> Bluh, no dota 2 for me in next 24 hour. Or any other online game.
[01:10:03] <GauntletWizard> Yes, adding more teachers is what we need, because we're not already scraping the bottom of the barrel
[01:11:00] <Bronzdragon> But teachers will educate the world!
[01:11:20] <Coldguy> hi
[01:11:20] <Bronzdragon> We have a significant teacher shortage here, mostly because the job pays so poorly
[01:11:26] <Bronzdragon> hi hi Coldguy!
[01:11:37] <Bronzdragon> Oh my, something's awry!
[01:11:39] <Coldguy> hi hi
[01:11:48] <Bronzdragon> my rhyme is sublime!
[01:11:57] <Bronzdragon> ... that's all I got, I'm lazy, shaddap
[01:16:21] <VentureJ> Indeed.
[01:16:29] <VentureJ> Who here is watching the debate?
[01:17:40] <Bronzdragon> GauntletWizard, and I think VentureJ maybe?
[01:17:54] <VentureJ> That's me
[01:19:44] <Bronzdragon> No it's not
[01:19:49] <Bronzdragon> I was talking about the other VentureJ
[01:19:52] <VentureJ> D:
[01:19:56] <VentureJ> That imposter
[01:25:28] <VentureJ> Romney is pisssssed
[01:27:04] <Bronzdragon> What for?
[01:31:19] <VentureJ> Because of what Obama said
[01:31:35] <VentureJ> he started whining to the moderator, demanding he have the last word
[01:33:04] * Coldguy has my vagina is 8 miles wide stuck in his head
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[01:40:24] <Coldguy> hi
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[01:41:16] <Bronzdragon> Bai
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[01:42:29] <Banta> O/
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[01:42:44] <Banta> Who's watching the debate?
[01:43:04] <Coldguy> not I
[01:43:38] <Banta> Mittens is doing well
[01:43:41] <Banta> Unfortunately
[01:52:03] <VentureJ> Bleagh
[01:52:29] <VentureJ> He goes from smug to ready-to-explode in a second
[01:54:48] <Banta> His smirk is irritating, but that might be just me.
[01:55:27] <Banta> Also, gary johnson is commenting on the debate on youtube.
[01:57:36] <VentureJ> haha
[01:57:37] <VentureJ> Link me?
[02:01:15] <Banta> On my phone, and I can't copy paste between the browser and the client.
[02:01:26] <Banta> ;_;
[02:01:54] <VentureJ> Ah, ok
[02:03:24] <Banta> Here's the youtube bit, tVHGJYy4NTg
[02:06:59] <Banta> Also, politifact is factchecking on their twitter
[02:10:19] <aria> So whats up with these 4chan MLP thread videos
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[02:10:57] <aria> Are these recorded over a long time, and also partially fabricated, or are they just taking a screenshot of the most recent thing
[02:11:00] <aria> cause there's a bunch of them
[02:11:17] <aria> And from what I can tell, they all seemm equally bad and long
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[02:29:08] <ruffas> i have returned from noms
[02:29:15] <aria> Ruffas
[02:29:23] <aria> Why do people fap to ponies?
[02:29:43] <aria> Actually, thats not odd. But why is it a sizable portion of the posts on 4chan?
[02:29:55] <ruffas> cause 4chan?
[02:29:57] <aria> And by sizable I mean its like 50%
[02:31:32] <ruffas> that's pretty sizable
[02:32:22] <ruffas> if you have a chance to try kabsa, you should
[02:32:28] <ruffas> is the tasty
[02:32:37] <Banta> Kabasa is delicious.
[02:32:50] <aria> Is most of it people trying to be funny/get in youtube compilations, or do really that many percent of people who like the ponies also like furrier stuff than furries?
[02:32:58] <aria> What is Kabasa?
[02:33:03] <aria> Where is it from?
[02:33:12] <ruffas> arabic countries
[02:33:26] <aria> There are multiple. Any specific ones?
[02:33:33] <ruffas> most of them
[02:35:28] <aria> Wikipedia makes it sound like few countries. Namly, Saudi Arabia
[02:35:35] <aria> Also, Ive never had or seen this
[02:36:32] <aria> Anyway, I'll try that some time
[02:37:01] <Banta> On pony fuckers
[02:37:05] <Banta> Small but vocal
[02:37:09] <Banta> Really vocal
[02:37:16] <aria> Seems so
[02:37:25] <aria> Are you sure small but vocal, and not many?
[02:40:33] <ruffas> not vocal, but you can here them coming from a mile away
[02:40:42] <ruffas> *rimshot*
[02:40:55] <aria> ... =P
[02:41:55] <ruffas> but yeah, kabsa is spiced rice, onion, tomatoes, carrots, ginger, garlic and a lamb/goat
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[02:45:00] <aria> Apperantly bath houses are gay something with sex
[02:45:14] <aria> Is a bath house just another name for public pool?
[02:45:23] <VentureJ> I have no idea
[02:46:19] <ruffas> i'm going to assume they're like the public baths in japan
[02:46:56] <aria> You have those in America?
[02:47:28] <aria> I guess it would make sense people would associate gay things with them then
[02:47:31] <ruffas> in some places?
[02:47:52] <ruffas> i think scrym have talked about turkish baths in NY
[02:48:00] <ruffas> and i know there are russian ones there too
[02:51:44] <aria> So in most games, stamina meters are bullshit, and not having them improves the game without any downsides
[02:51:50] <aria> Why does every game have a stamina meter?
[02:52:33] <aria> (ironically, I thought of this just now by remember that Dark Souls did it well and is the only game I can rememeber where I don't hate the stamina meter)
[02:52:46] <Coldguy> yay
[02:52:57] <Coldguy> 12 hours board gaming on saturday
[02:53:00] <aria> Coldguy is happy?
[02:53:05] <aria> Can I join?
[02:55:26] <aria> hah, this dude thought there were exploding barrels in Dark Souls =P
[02:56:09] <Coldguy> you can
[02:56:23] <aria> Where do you live?
[02:56:28] <Coldguy> oxford valley pa
[02:56:38] <Coldguy> (where the event is)
[02:56:48] <aria> That sounds like far from Europe
[02:56:49] <Coldguy> i live elsewhere
[02:57:16] <Coldguy> go to magfest its closer
[02:57:17] <Coldguy> :P
[02:57:24] <aria> Where is Magfest?
[02:57:33] <Coldguy> washington dc
[02:57:40] <aria> That also does not sound like Europe
[02:58:17] <Coldguy> but people from France are coming
[02:58:38] <aria> Well yes, but it doesn't seem like reason enough on its own
[02:58:52] <aria> If I was there anyway
[02:58:59] <aria> Or if the plane ride was less than 2 hours
[03:00:13] <aria> Aww that sucks! Dying by the last grunt before you get to see the boss!
[03:00:38] <Coldguy> ubuntu ?
[03:00:39] <Robobuntu> oo-BOON-too
[03:00:58] <Coldguy> pence wasn't kidding
[03:01:24] <aria> Yup, that bot is great
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[03:05:27] <Coldguy> need a similtanously bot
[03:05:47] <Coldguy> for when people enter the same word at the same time
[03:06:43] <pence> :D
[03:09:10] <aria> So speaking of Dark Souls. Has anyone been able to convince Aprehce that the things he says regarding not beingable to talk about games unless you've played great games like Zelda etc is quite shittalky given that he hasn't played DkS?
[03:10:34] <ruffas> you mean convince him of an opinion that isn't his?
[03:11:25] <aria> Well it is. You can't talk smeck about things unless you've tried it, right? But then again, it was a silly question. Of course not =P
[03:11:49] <aria> that was supposed to say smack
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[03:53:56] <apreche> omg, did you really make that stupid Ubuntu bot?
[03:53:57] <Robobuntu> oo-BOON-too
[03:54:00] <apreche> fuck
[03:54:10] <apreche> ok, so you shuld change it to be insidejokebot
[03:54:18] <apreche> and load it up with 6 geodudes
[03:54:19] <apreche> can't lose
[03:54:36] <aria> He has mentioned the bot before actually making it?
[03:54:58] <apreche> suffice it to say, good on whoever for not shit talking
[03:55:05] <apreche> and maybe learning some programming
[03:55:14] <apreche> see what I did there?
[03:55:23] <VentureJ> +1
[03:55:36] <aria> First time I programed was an IRC bot!
[03:55:40] <ruffas> talked shit about shit talking?
[03:55:43] <pence> that was me, I heard rym mention it on the podcast at work today
[03:55:54] <pence> and I was like, I've never made an irc bot
[03:56:21] <ruffas> does it not like it when you say ubuntu?
[03:56:21] <Robobuntu> oo-BOON-too
[03:57:40] <VentureJ> Really? Ubuntu?
[03:57:41] <Robobuntu> oo-BOON-too
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[04:02:05] <ruffas> methinks it's time for more running man
[04:02:21] <aria> Ruffas, is there compilation torrent for running man yet?
[04:02:30] <aria> Streaming websites in 5 parts are killing me
[04:02:32] <apreche> A torrent?!?!?
[04:02:45] <apreche> I watch Running Man here
[04:02:46] <apreche> http://runningmanclub.blogspot.com
[04:02:47] <ruffas> there are individual episode torrents
[04:02:50] <ruffas> me too
[04:02:51] <apreche> on the right side of the page
[04:02:56] <ruffas> i love the 5 parts
[04:02:58] <apreche> it says "Last episode on this site"
[04:03:04] <apreche> and those are the links to watch
[04:03:05] <ruffas> it's segments for my studying productivity
[04:03:13] <ruffas> segmented*
[04:03:14] <apreche> When I was burning through the archive
[04:03:17] <apreche> I used this site
[04:03:31] <apreche> http://www.epdrama.com
[04:03:32] <aria> But I don't want to add a torrent per episode! Is there really not a torrent that has all the episodes? Or all the torrents?
[04:03:41] <apreche> it's a bunch of bullshit
[04:03:43] <apreche> the people who sub it
[04:03:48] <apreche> used to be iSUBS
[04:03:52] <apreche> now it's KShowNow
[04:04:00] <apreche> they aren't like anime fansubbers
[04:04:04] <apreche> they are doing it for the advertising dollars
[04:04:10] <apreche> they really don't want you to repost their subs elsewhere
[04:04:11] <aria> So do anime fansubbers
[04:04:15] <ruffas> as much as iSUBS puts their epeen all over it, i like their stuff better
[04:04:26] <apreche> I agree
[04:04:27] <ruffas> aria, you've watched some of this
[04:04:31] <apreche> but iSubs stopped doing Running Man
[04:04:33] <ruffas> it's got way more epeen on it
[04:04:47] <apreche> you can theoretically torrent the full episode from the kshownow forums
[04:04:51] <aria> Than anime fansubbers? Man, I want the anime fansubs you watch =P
[04:04:53] <apreche> but it's too much work to try to get in there
[04:05:03] <apreche> at least back in my day
[04:05:05] <aria> The ones I find have giant ass 5 colored subtitles upside down all over the place
[04:05:07] <apreche> anime fansubbers had ethics
[04:05:09] <ruffas> asiatorrents has them too
[04:05:11] <apreche> even on VHS fansubs
[04:05:19] <apreche> they wouldn't charge you more than the cost of the VHS tape plus shipping
[04:05:25] <ruffas> but i'd honestly rather have it in parts
[04:05:25] <apreche> because it was unethical to make money on the show itself
[04:05:28] <aria> Does asiatorrents have compilations?
[04:05:34] <ruffas> nope
[04:05:39] <ruffas> individual episode torrents
[04:05:55] <apreche> how many episodes of Running Man have you guys seen?
[04:06:09] <ruffas> ~60
[04:06:20] <aria> Ive seen like maybe 5. I wanna watch mroe, but its just too much of a hassle. Ruffas watches everyd ay always
[04:06:41] <apreche> Have you seen episode 74, the Christmas 2011
[04:06:46] <apreche> Battle for the strongest in running man
[04:06:51] <ruffas> yeah
[04:06:54] <apreche> that is my favorite
[04:07:00] <aria> You both remember episode titles?
[04:07:08] <apreche> http://en.wikipedia.org
[04:07:13] <ruffas> it's the competition in the ep
[04:07:13] <apreche> I use that
[04:07:15] <apreche> and ctrl+f
[04:07:27] <ruffas> thai friend of mine got me watching it
[04:07:31] <aria> You're in the geeknights channel
[04:07:34] <aria> It's / for us, not ctrl F
[04:07:35] <ruffas> asked her what eps i should watch
[04:07:45] <ruffas> that was among them
[04:07:47] <apreche> in Chrome/Firefox it's ctrl+f
[04:08:04] <apreche> other recommended episodes...
[04:08:06] <aria> for me in both, using Vimperator and the other thing that works in Chrome
[04:08:15] <apreche> you have to watch the two episodes with Choi Min-Soo
[04:08:19] <aria> Oh, there was a / at the beginning there
[04:08:23] <apreche> you should also research who Choi Min-Soo is on Wikipedia beforehand
[04:08:47] <apreche> The Girls Generation two parter
[04:09:03] <ruffas> i've only seen the one with 2 of them
[04:09:19] <apreche> that's a good one
[04:09:19] <ruffas> Choi Min-Soo's in the next episode up
[04:09:27] <apreche> Also, episode 55/56 is super important
[04:09:33] <apreche> where the idos drink the tea at night
[04:09:46] <apreche> that joke was used as recently as two episodes ago
[04:09:58] <apreche> idols
[04:10:00] <ruffas> those drink challenges in the beginning look painful
[04:10:02] <aria> I wanna watch all of them chronologically, I just don't wanna bother clicking 100-something torrents
[04:10:10] <apreche> the tea drinking is different than that
[04:10:14] <aria> I'll watch them when they're on TV/instant streaming
[04:10:24] <apreche> but yes, according to wikipedia the drink challenge was controversial, so they stopped it.
[04:10:29] <aria> If I lived in America, Id watch them on that website that doesn't let me stream them =P
[04:10:48] <apreche> Another super important episode is where Jae Suk does the lie detector test
[04:11:14] <apreche> Not sure of the number, but that episode is when I started to feel the family of Running Man
[04:11:17] <apreche> the good feels
[04:11:33] <ruffas> controversial how?
[04:11:38] <apreche> water gun episodes very important
[04:11:46] <apreche> that's all Wikipedia says
[04:11:51] <apreche> read it yourself
[04:11:55] <ruffas> i watched later episodes first and they talked about the waterguns all the time
[04:12:02] <ruffas> then i actually saw it
[04:12:13] <ruffas> and that was some good water gun
[04:12:19] <apreche> the first water gun was so epic
[04:12:25] <apreche> they try to recapture the magic, but fall short
[04:12:49] <apreche> Oh, also very important
[04:12:53] <apreche> TruGary and Gary Knows
[04:13:01] <apreche> TruGary is the most high concept episode ever
[04:13:12] <apreche> and Hong Kong two part special
[04:13:28] <apreche> that covers the most important episodes
[04:13:33] <apreche> but there are plenty of other good ones
[04:13:50] <ruffas> the soccer power one was also recommended
[04:13:57] <apreche> oh yes
[04:14:03] <apreche> that is relatively recent
[04:14:15] <apreche> but you have to understand how important that guy is
[04:14:33] <ruffas> they made his importance pretty clear
[04:14:38] <apreche> Park Ji-sung
[04:14:45] <apreche> he's the #1 soccer player in the countr
[04:14:51] <ruffas> i don't have cultural context for it, but they didn't mince words
[04:14:53] <apreche> scored winning goal in World Cup when it was in Korea
[04:15:03] <apreche> plays in the premiere league
[04:15:27] <ruffas> ahh
[04:15:33] <apreche> Michael Jordan level of athlete in that country
[04:15:44] <ruffas> that's the vibe i got
[04:15:57] <apreche> http://en.wikipedia.org
[04:15:59] <ruffas> i started watching on 92-96, jumped around a bit and then started from the beginning
[04:16:17] <apreche> I first saw the Girl's Generation episode where it's just Sunny/Yoona in the flea market
[04:16:25] <apreche> because I was following SNSD
[04:16:32] <apreche> but then I discovered that Running Man was a thing
[04:16:34] <apreche> and now I like that more
[04:16:38] <apreche> so I watched from the beginning
[04:16:41] <apreche> and now I watch every week
[04:17:11] <ruffas> i asked some of my korean students about it
[04:17:35] <ruffas> and they were surprised i'd heard of it, then went on about how it was the hottest thing on korean tv
[04:17:39] <aria> Does America not have this kind of contest-y shows with a set cast?
[04:17:50] <apreche> we do have contesty shows
[04:17:56] <apreche> but they are reality shows not variety shows
[04:17:58] <ruffas> i really don't think there could be a western version of it
[04:18:02] <ruffas> that didn't suck
[04:18:03] <apreche> and reality show basically means game show
[04:18:08] <apreche> and the contestants aren't actors
[04:18:14] <apreche> they are regular game show contestants
[04:18:26] <apreche> You could make a western version that was good
[04:18:32] <apreche> but finding the cast would be very difficult
[04:18:39] <ruffas> could, but i don't think it'll happen
[04:18:41] <apreche> and getting people to have the right mindset for the games would be hard
[04:18:50] <apreche> we've thought about trying it, but it's out of our league
[04:19:00] <aria> Again Ruffas, both me and Bronz live in western countries, and both of us only ever see this kind of shows on TV other than football..
[04:19:01] <apreche> the variety mindset/culture just doesn't exist
[04:19:25] <ruffas> fine, not western, MURICAN
[04:19:40] <apreche> The way everyone in Running Man is simultaneously working very hard to compete while also working hard to entertain
[04:19:44] <ruffas> i don't think you could get equivalent celebrities to do this stuff
[04:19:44] <apreche> that is the magic
[04:19:59] <apreche> and I think western people would lean to heavily towards one or the other
[04:20:20] <apreche> Imagine if Kim Jong Kook just went full strength and tore every name tag without hesitation
[04:20:28] <apreche> a lot of western people would do exactly that.
[04:20:31] <aria> You just have people telling them how to act every once in a while
[04:20:41] <ruffas> then it's not the same
[04:20:41] <apreche> others would concentrate on entertainment
[04:20:45] <apreche> they wouldn't evey try to win
[04:20:54] <ruffas> they have relatively little handling
[04:20:54] <apreche> and would quit on games they didn't like
[04:21:13] <apreche> I think it could work if you found the right people
[04:21:22] <apreche> and you showed them tons of Korean Variety
[04:21:22] <aria> I think you're given non-korean people too little credit here
[04:21:23] <apreche> so they got it
[04:21:26] <ruffas> to me, it seems a lot like Top Gear in that if trying to replicate it is hard
[04:21:28] <apreche> and understood what they had to do
[04:21:39] <apreche> it is very hard
[04:21:42] <ruffas> russia, Aus, the US, and korea have had versions
[04:21:46] <apreche> I'm just saying it's not impossible
[04:21:57] <ruffas> but none of them hit on the balance that the original has
[04:22:39] <aria> I wonder if Running Man is aired here. I pay for TV; so might as well watch it...
[04:22:58] <apreche> I think you need a sattelite dish
[04:23:03] <apreche> to get SBS
[04:23:14] <aria> Surely it airs on non-SBS
[04:23:14] <apreche> I think it is also aired in China/Thailand
[04:23:16] <ruffas> oh, choi min soo is beardy guy
[04:23:17] <apreche> maybe Japan
[04:23:26] <ruffas> it's really popular in thailand
[04:23:29] <aria> We do get other Korean variaty shows
[04:23:31] <ruffas> less so in china
[04:23:36] <ruffas> and not at all in japan
[04:23:38] <apreche> oh, Thailand special is an important episode to wath
[04:23:43] <apreche> also China special
[04:23:46] <ruffas> (based on surveying my students about it)
[04:23:46] <apreche> Running Man on the Great Wall!
[04:24:06] <ruffas> i'll get there eventually
[04:24:09] <apreche> you can tell from the Thailand episode they show the airport reception. It's insane.
[04:24:23] <ruffas> yeah it is
[04:25:13] <ruffas> when do they finally stop doing the gary x ji-hyo thing?
[04:25:14] <apreche> They go to Nickhun's house.
[04:25:20] <ruffas> that was hilarious
[04:25:32] <apreche> Monday Couple ended feels like a year ago at least
[04:25:36] <apreche> but they keep making call backs to it
[04:25:41] <apreche> even in the latest episode
[04:26:03] <apreche> like this http://runningmanclub.blogspot.com
[04:26:05] <ruffas> yeah, the reference it, but it's not a thing
[04:26:22] <ruffas> they*
[04:27:14] <apreche> I should go to bed
[04:27:19] <ruffas> i really liked how in the first ~20 eps they filmed at a lot of the places i visited
[04:27:32] <apreche> but when you catch up, it will be good to talk running man weekly with someone who has seen all the episodes
[04:27:45] <aria> Oh, its 6:30
[04:27:47] <aria> I didnt notice
[04:27:50] -!- Apsup [Apsup!Aleksi@hide-B4B1B39B.kortex.jyu.fi] has joined #geeknights
[04:27:59] <apreche> yes, the showcasing of food/locations is one of the most important parts of Running Man
[04:28:07] <apreche> I never watch it while hungry.
[04:28:23] <ruffas> i wish i'd watched it before i went
[04:28:27] <apreche> they always play the game where they have to watch the meat grilling without swallowing saliva.
[04:28:42] <ruffas> because i would definitely have gone to some of those places
[04:29:03] <apreche> I'm mostly curious what life is like for those villagers
[04:29:13] <apreche> doesn't look like they have advanced technology there and such.
[04:29:23] <apreche> but yeah, bed, let's continue this conversation later.
[04:29:38] <ruffas> righto
[04:29:57] <ruffas> g'night
[04:30:08] <aria> Im pretty sure farmers now a days also have xboxes and ipads and spend all the days on reddits, same as everyone else
[04:30:43] <aria> Unless these are special farmers. I am missing context after all
[04:31:10] <ruffas> only villages i remember are when they were trying to deliver the chinese food
[04:31:23] <ruffas> and they went to one podunky looking island
[04:31:28] <aria> Oh he said villagers, not farmers
[04:31:32] <aria> Not sure why I thought he said farmers
[04:31:34] <aria> same thing do
[04:31:43] <ruffas> and they looked even more rural than my hometown
[04:31:46] <aria> unless its like, old school villagey
[04:33:17] <ruffas> watch episode 74
[04:33:30] <aria> But thats so many episodes ahead of where I am
[04:33:43] <ruffas> so?
[04:33:51] <ruffas> all you'll miss are in jokes
[04:34:00] <ruffas> it's not like there's plot or anything
[04:34:01] <aria> Isn't that all of it?
[04:34:07] <ruffas> hardly
[04:34:13] <ruffas> that's one of the first episodes i watched
[04:34:19] <ruffas> still hilarious
[04:34:33] <aria> Fair enough
[04:34:38] <aria> Its an easy number to remember
[04:34:42] <aria> Ill watch it tomorrow
[04:43:43] -!- starfox has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[04:53:46] -!- yoshokatana has quit [Quit: yoshokatana]
[05:05:04] <aria> Its surprisingly hard to watch this person not understand the UI/game systems
[05:05:21] <aria> I want to tell him things like "Try pressing X like it tells you to!"
[05:05:31] <aria> And "Left to switch tabs. There are multiple tabs!"
[05:30:59] <aria> Well, good night Ruffas
[05:31:36] -!- aria has quit [Quit: leaving]
[06:21:17] -!- ruffas has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[06:30:03] -!- Apsup has quit [Ping timeout]
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[11:11:15] -!- Apsup [Apsup!Aleksi@hide-B4B1B39B.kortex.jyu.fi] has joined #geeknights
[11:11:25] <Apsup> Yo
[11:24:32] -!- Timo [Timo!timo@hide-30BD5D43.elisa-mobile.fi] has joined #geeknights
[11:34:34] -!- Timo has quit [Quit: Colloquy for iPad - http://colloquy.mobi]
[11:42:26] -!- ruffas [ruffas!b85a3769@hide-B64552F4.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[11:48:38] <ruffas> mornin folks
[12:40:37] -!- VentureJ [VentureJ!Adium@hide-680AA069.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[12:41:28] <apreche> Anyone else watching the live PSY megaconcert?
[12:41:36] <apreche> http://www.youtube.com
[12:41:53] <apreche> they're showing ads for Korean tourism until it starts for real in 20 minutes or so
[12:44:13] <ruffas> i'll give it a look until i have to go to work
[12:46:00] <ruffas> choi min soo catching jong kook was one of the funniest things on the show so far
[12:47:52] <apreche> I wish min soo would come back, they keep brining his name up in later episodes as the person they are most scared of.
[12:49:23] <ruffas> he just sat down like a puppy
[12:50:01] <ruffas> he certainly seems to be the most intimidating of the guests i've seen
[12:52:11] <apreche> did you read min-soo's wikipedia entry?
[12:53:27] <ruffas> yeah
[12:53:39] <ruffas> and i've seen some of the dramas he's been in
[12:54:15] <apreche> so yeah, it's scarier than if Chuck Norris was on the show
[12:55:33] <ruffas> which is great
[12:56:04] <ruffas> he doesn't look nearly that old though
[13:06:12] <ruffas> damn that's a big concert
[13:12:18] -!- VentureJ has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[13:16:21] -!- Coldguy has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[13:31:13] -!- aheman [aheman!aheman@hide-86875996.office.socket.net] has joined #geeknights
[13:31:16] <aheman> rawr
[13:31:18] aheman is now known as creamsteak
[13:32:19] <creamsteak> weird, when I start at slashnet and try to join foonetic weirdness
[13:32:23] <creamsteak> but not hte other way around
[13:41:24] -!- ruffas has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[13:55:03] -!- aria [aria!~aria@hide-700C3A1D.getinternet.no] has joined #geeknights
[13:55:31] <aria> Mornin'
[13:55:57] <aria> Anyone up for some Dark Souls? I'll be doing a new character now, playing as a ranged bow-person
[14:09:48] -!- VentureJ [VentureJ!Adium@347A8266.6DDAEAC2.F5A3EBB7.IP] has joined #geeknights
[14:50:08] <Apsup> aria: 100% bow all the time? That could be interesting challenge.
[14:55:28] <Apsup> What 10$ game I should get from gog.com?
[14:59:55] <creamsteak> master of orion
[15:00:22] * creamsteak is researching murder mystery games if anyone has any comments.
[15:01:09] <creamsteak> I'm looking for one that's highly scalable (10-25 people), and doesn't require too much preparation on anyone else's part, but I can do as much prep as is necessary
[15:01:22] <Apsup> I was thinking about that finally playing moo would be a one good(ish) option.
[15:01:35] <creamsteak> just do MOO II
[15:03:05] <Apsup> Well they come in packet where there is both 1 and 2.
[15:03:57] <ProfPangloss> 'Sup everyone?
[15:05:27] ProfPangloss is now known as ProfPangloss|Work
[15:14:10] <aria> Well, its been mostly dagger up to now
[15:14:15] <aria> because it took a while to get the bow
[15:14:20] <aria> and when I did get the bow, I ran out of arrow quickly
[15:14:44] <aria> But I now have 500 arrows and a few levels in endurance and dex
[15:14:54] <aria> So I should be able to do all arrows from now on
[15:16:29] <aria> I really suck at it now, I used to be awesome
[15:17:05] <ProfPangloss|Work> I played about an hour or two of Dark Souls, and it was pretty alright
[15:17:13] <ProfPangloss|Work> But then Borderlands and Guild Wars 2
[15:17:15] <ProfPangloss|Work> :/
[15:17:19] <ProfPangloss|Work> I'll have to go back sometime
[15:19:38] <aria> How far did you get?
[15:19:53] <aria> I really love DkS. But it did take a few hours before it clicked
[15:26:23] <ProfPangloss|Work> The Bro Team Pill review summarizes my thoughts best
[15:27:43] <aria> Murding dudes is boring?
[15:27:53] <aria> Also easy?
[15:28:06] <aria> Its harder per ng+
[15:28:11] <ProfPangloss|Work> :P
[15:28:19] <aria> If you're good enough, you can get to a NG+ in 30 or so minutes
[15:28:34] <ProfPangloss|Work> I don't think Bro Team Pill has accurately represented anyone's thoughts on any game ever
[15:28:40] <ProfPangloss|Work> Not that it matters
[15:29:02] <ProfPangloss|Work> But yeah, like I said, I'll find the time to devote to Dark Souls sometime
[15:29:17] <ProfPangloss|Work> There's a 24-hour LAN party next weekend, I'll probably sink some time into it then
[15:29:29] <aria> Don't hesitate to ask if there's something you don't know
[15:29:32] <aria> Or if you need help
[15:30:02] <aria> Though the Xbox version has a very annoying bug where sometimes your inputs are delayed
[15:30:08] <aria> It's rare, but it has happened to everyone
[15:30:22] <aria> It sucks, cause you need perfect timing in DkS
[15:30:28] <aria> (Also framerate is bad on Xbox..)
[15:32:17] <aria> >_> Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Alright, so this only happens in the begining, they make it a point never to do this kind of thing, but they still do it at the very start to teach you to be careful
[15:32:26] <aria> But there's a fucking instant death out of nowhere
[15:32:30] <ProfPangloss|Work> I've been playing on the PC w. an xbox controller
[15:32:38] <aria> I see
[15:32:45] <ProfPangloss|Work> Sucks 'cause Windows Live, but otherwise works alright
[15:33:21] <ProfPangloss|Work> Once I put the effort into it, I bet I'll get completely sucked in like I did with Binding of Isaac
[15:35:06] <aria> Nooo..
[15:35:08] <aria> T_T
[15:35:19] <aria> Why do I suck so bad..
[15:36:27] <creamsteak> play more FTL
[15:40:19] <ProfPangloss|Work> Play more Borderlands
[15:40:29] <ProfPangloss|Work> (No Rest for the Wicked just came up in Pandora)
[15:40:42] <creamsteak> wut? not done with borderlands?
[15:40:51] <ProfPangloss|Work> BL/BL2
[15:41:04] <ProfPangloss|Work> Put ~100 hours into BL, only about 10 in on BL2
[15:41:09] <ProfPangloss|Work> Like I said, that LAN party...
[15:41:16] <aria> Ill play more FTL when the Linux version stops sucking
[15:41:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> Oh lordy
[15:41:57] <ProfPangloss|Work> Get a laptop from one of our users, he needs it registered on the network
[15:42:11] <ProfPangloss|Work> He's not terribly good with computers, tends to come by often for minor problems. etc.
[15:42:29] <ProfPangloss|Work> Anyway, win-R to start cmd, "regedit" is the last thing that was run on the computer
[15:42:43] <ProfPangloss|Work> Good lord I certainly hope he's not messing with the registry D:
[15:43:02] <aria> Sure it wasn't one of you guys?
[15:43:10] <ProfPangloss|Work> This laptop is "brand new"
[15:43:33] <ProfPangloss|Work> If it hadn't even been registered on the network, I highly doubt anyone at the helpdesk or other technicians here would've touched it
[15:44:38] <ProfPangloss|Work> This is the guy who borked his previous laptop by "accidentally" disabling the video driver, then after his screen went black, physically roughhoused with the screen enough that it was physically disabled as well as digitally
[15:44:54] <ProfPangloss|Work> But somehow he managed to get to the point where he could disable his driver in the first place...
[15:45:32] <aria> Im not super familiar with Windows, but is it possible that he has ran an application (crapware packin software) that would emulate him running the rededit, changing things the way the program wants and then closing it, rather than doing it through APIs?
[15:45:34] <ProfPangloss|Work> It's his personal laptop, otherwise I'd lock it down. :/
[15:45:50] <aria> If a linux shell script runs a program and does something, it'll still show up in my history after all
[15:46:07] <ProfPangloss|Work> I don't believe so
[15:46:28] <ProfPangloss|Work> His screen was already partially borked - the connection was weak, so he had artifacts on the lower half of his screen
[15:46:58] <aria> I mean this time
[15:47:04] <ProfPangloss|Work> My understanding is that he got into the device manager somehow (maybe some other unrelated person showed him how?) and disabled the video driver in the hope that he could re-enable it again
[15:47:14] <ProfPangloss|Work> Surprise-surprise, now the screen's black and he can't do anything
[15:47:22] <aria> ..
[15:47:26] <ProfPangloss|Work> Yepp
[15:47:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> On the brightside he's a nice user who brought me donuts yesterday for all my help
[15:47:54] <ProfPangloss|Work> And he's relatively good at taking bad news, like "you fucked it up"
[15:47:54] <aria> Oh hey
[15:48:06] <ProfPangloss|Work> (not in those words)
[15:48:20] <aria> You should probably ask him not to mess with things without reading carefully..
[15:48:31] <ProfPangloss|Work> My soul hasn't been crushed yet by helpdesk work, I'm still appreciating the little things :D
[15:48:42] <ProfPangloss|Work> Yeah, he learned that lesson the minute I explained what happened
[15:49:43] <aria> You dont' want to scare him from messing with his computer
[15:49:58] <aria> Just explain that on screen messages are important, cause people don't seem to get that
[15:50:38] <aria> You can reable his graphics driver through remote shell, right?
[15:52:09] <ProfPangloss|Work> Well I would, except like I said, he basically totaled the screen when messing with it
[15:52:58] <aria> Oh same computer?
[15:53:06] <aria> I was under the impression this was a different computer
[15:59:43] <aria> Man, it's crazy how big of a difference the first couple of level makes
[15:59:47] <ProfPangloss|Work> Nope, the whole screen thing was the old computer, which he replaced with this one - the one where *some*body was messing with regedit
[16:00:04] <aria> I just now had to hit this titanite lizard maybe 20+ times
[16:26:20] <aria> I can't decide between long and short bow
[16:26:23] <aria> they are pretty much the same
[16:26:28] <aria> Long does more damage
[16:26:37] <aria> But they both scale the same, and I believe short is faster
[16:44:04] -!- ruffas [ruffas!b85a3769@hide-6C77D8AA.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[16:45:18] -!- bronzdragon [bronzdragon!bronzdrago@hide-48E615F.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #geeknights
[16:45:23] <bronzdragon> 'ello guv'na
[16:46:45] <ruffas> howdy
[16:47:12] <ProfPangloss|Work> Heya
[16:47:21] <aria> Ruffas, tell me why I suck so bad at DkS!
[16:47:28] <aria> When I used to be awesome
[16:47:37] <ruffas> not enough manly spirit
[16:47:42] <ruffas> you need to be more passionate
[16:51:21] <aria> =( How do I more passion?
[16:51:45] <ruffas> watch mecha shows for inspiration
[16:55:24] <aria> How the fuck is that fair?
[16:55:25] <aria> >_>
[16:55:41] <aria> Man first person with bows really sucks in this game =P
[16:56:19] <ruffas> see, not manly
[17:05:32] <aria> FUcking hell
[17:05:39] <aria> Died of poisoning while healing!
[17:16:06] -!- VentureJ has quit [Connection reset by peer]
[17:16:52] <aria> Cmon, AoE attacks should not be instant death unless there is a way to avoid them or a safe zone!
[17:18:58] <ruffas> stop wining and be manlier
[17:20:29] <aria> But its haard..
[17:24:07] -!- ruffas has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[17:31:39] -!- VentureJ [VentureJ!Adium@347A8266.6DDAEAC2.F5A3EBB7.IP] has joined #geeknights
[17:35:47] <bronzdragon> aria!
[17:36:44] <aria> Hey
[17:36:53] -!- VentureJ has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[17:38:38] -!- VentureJ [VentureJ!Adium@347A8266.6DDAEAC2.F5A3EBB7.IP] has joined #geeknights
[17:46:41] -!- bronzdragon has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
[18:09:01] <ProfPangloss|Work> Obama's polling in at 64% to Romney's 30% in MA
[18:09:10] <ProfPangloss|Work> I'm chuckling
[18:14:30] <GauntletWizard> They learned their lesson
[18:15:36] <ProfPangloss|Work> "My home state loved me as governor, right guys?"
[18:16:36] <aria> Why is no one here to help me punch this dude in the mouth?
[18:16:55] <aria> Cramed room as archer vs a giant dude and 2 dogs isn't super easy
[18:17:23] <aria> If someone would please distract them for long enough for me to run to the other side of the 1x2m room, I'd totally win...
[18:19:47] <aria> >_>
[18:19:51] <aria> So I tried on my own
[18:19:57] <aria> I got one shotted at the entrance
[18:24:00] -!- VentureJ has quit [Connection reset by peer]
[18:24:59] <aria> Ugh
[18:25:00] <aria> Stupid game..
[18:25:01] <Apsup> That fight must really suck as a archer. Better run to the stairs and hope for the best.
[18:25:29] -!- VentureJ [VentureJ!~Adium@347A8266.6DDAEAC2.F5A3EBB7.IP] has joined #geeknights
[18:30:00] <aria> well i just lost 13k souls at SL 11
[18:30:04] <aria> Ima stop playing =P
[18:36:22] -!- Vhdblood [Vhdblood!Vhdblood@hide-5B36CEB5.pfn.bellsouth.net] has joined #geeknights
[18:37:11] <Vhdblood> Yo
[18:38:08] <Vhdblood> Anyone want to give me a short lecture on web design
[18:38:09] <Vhdblood> ?
[18:38:12] <Vhdblood> Lol
[18:41:39] -!- VentureJ has quit [Ping timeout]
[18:42:43] -!- VentureJ [VentureJ!Adium@347A8266.6DDAEAC2.F5A3EBB7.IP] has joined #geeknights
[18:43:40] -!- Timo [Timo!timo@hide-5395FF6E.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #geeknights
[18:46:08] <aria> Sure
[18:46:13] <aria> What do you want to know?
[18:46:40] <aria> You should use more than one color, but try to keep the background a shade of gray (so that means white is also fine)
[18:47:00] <aria> And don't use TOO bright colors
[18:47:05] <Vhdblood> I mean more from the website building side of things
[18:47:18] <aria> Also, even though I enjoy non-gray websites, keep it to 1 or 2 main colors for your theme
[18:47:25] <aria> Also, use pretty fonts
[18:47:31] <aria> Oh
[18:47:39] <aria> You install wordpress through your package manager
[18:47:46] <aria> And then a template through your package manager
[18:47:50] <aria> then change the things you want changed
[18:47:56] <Vhdblood> Well, Im trying to help illiterate people make good looking wesites
[18:48:05] <Vhdblood> So while wordpress is good
[18:48:11] <Vhdblood> I cant make it look like I want it
[18:48:30] <Vhdblood> Squarespace is interesting, but I still can't make it look like I want it to look
[18:48:34] <aria> Sure you can-- but alright. Is this website not going to update often enough to warrent a CMS?
[18:49:11] <Vhdblood> No, the user wants full access to post new shit and update a bit, he doesnt want to pay someone to help out in the future unless its a big thing
[18:49:18] <Vhdblood> I can see wheres he coming from
[18:49:24] <Vhdblood> but i just want to know if its possible
[18:49:32] <Vhdblood> to get that, built from scratch look
[18:49:37] <aria> Then you definetly want to use a CMS
[18:49:48] <aria> Preferably, something well tested not made by yourself
[18:49:51] <aria> Like wordpress! =P
[18:50:07] <Vhdblood> Yeah, but how do I make it look good.
[18:50:24] <Vhdblood> Like, I just want a big title on a page at the top, and in the middle a big picture with a single color background
[18:50:24] <aria> Really depends what you want, and from you start
[18:50:34] <Vhdblood> just as a landing page
[18:50:39] <Vhdblood> for a few days
[18:50:42] <Vhdblood> I cant make it do that
[18:50:45] <aria> Thats pretty simple
[18:50:47] <Vhdblood> Like I can make that in HTML
[18:50:51] <Vhdblood> but not on wordpress
[18:51:07] <Vhdblood> I dont want all the extra shit
[18:51:30] <aria> This is so very broad that I can't really help you beyond "It's possible not to use all the extra shit"
[18:51:32] <Vhdblood> It seems like when I use templates of any kind, they enforce extra things
[18:51:34] <aria> But for this specific example
[18:51:41] <aria> Just make a page that is just made with html/css
[18:51:47] <aria> and have that not be part of wordpress
[18:51:54] <aria> just link to your wordpress once things are clicked
[18:52:13] <Vhdblood> I see
[18:52:16] <Vhdblood> that makes sense
[18:52:25] <Vhdblood> so, like
[18:52:49] <Vhdblood> hmm
[18:53:22] <Vhdblood> I guess my real issue is that I can only have one template at a time
[18:53:28] <aria> If a page is either relativly simple, or relativly static, you can have it not be a part of the CMS without any draw backs other than that updating it will be a chore
[18:53:41] <aria> That's not true
[18:53:45] <Vhdblood> okay
[18:53:47] <Vhdblood> how
[18:53:48] <Vhdblood> lol
[18:53:49] <aria> Every page can have it's own look
[18:53:57] <Vhdblood> as in seperate template?
[18:54:17] <aria> Yes
[18:54:26] <Vhdblood> huh
[18:54:27] <Vhdblood> okay
[18:54:31] <Vhdblood> missed that opiton
[18:54:32] <Vhdblood> option
[18:54:51] <aria> http://wordpress.org
[18:56:02] <aria> So there you go, do it like that
[18:57:42] <Vhdblood> interesting
[18:57:45] <Vhdblood> lol
[18:57:46] <Vhdblood> thanks
[18:58:22] <Vhdblood> do you have a preferred web host?
[18:58:29] <Vhdblood> so far im hearing dreamhost
[18:58:33] <aria> Amazon probably
[19:01:38] <Vhdblood> i dont really see the payscale
[19:01:49] <aria> Hm?
[19:01:50] <Vhdblood> how cheap is it im getting little to no traffic?
[19:01:55] <Vhdblood> if
[19:02:10] <aria> Oh right
[19:02:12] <Vhdblood> against something like dreamhost? with is 50 bucks or so
[19:02:18] <Vhdblood> which
[19:02:26] <Vhdblood> god im typing terribly today
[19:02:37] <aria> Probably cheaper, but I can't say for sure. I can check
[19:02:41] <Vhdblood> lol
[19:02:43] <Vhdblood> just wondering
[19:02:46] <Vhdblood> i can google it
[19:02:49] <Vhdblood> didnt know if you used it
[19:03:09] <aria> I don't host any websites; I'm not a company
[19:03:48] <aria> For private usage, I'd just use whatever is the default option on gandi.net, cause lazy
[19:04:05] <aria> But I doubt that's a good deal
[19:04:13] -!- Timo has quit [Quit: Colloquy for iPad - http://colloquy.mobi]
[19:21:18] <Apsup> http://i.imgur.com Remember if you support gays, you support ducks taking over.
[19:32:11] -!- Neo [Neo!jfarnswort@866B4023.B98F5130.13671C90.IP] has joined #geeknights
[19:34:21] <GauntletWizard> So, homeschooling
[19:34:23] <GauntletWizard> I was homeschooled
[19:34:35] <GauntletWizard> Because the schools in my hometown were actually trying to kill me
[19:34:53] <GauntletWizard> I do not even kid; I had a teacher who encouraged my suicide
[19:35:30] <GauntletWizard> Why the fuck does it seem that most "Homeschooling" is done by crazy fundamentalists and it's code for locking their kids in a room with a bible?
[19:35:59] <ProfPangloss|Work> GauntletWizard: 'Cause those people aren't talking to the large number of homeschoolers in/near metropolitan areasa
[19:36:15] <ProfPangloss|Work> (I was homeschooled my entire life up until RIT, right outside of NYC)
[19:37:45] <ProfPangloss|Work> The majority of other homeschoolers in my area chose to homeschool because it was a viable option - many chose to homeschool because of social reasons, others for academic, others still because of some emergency situation in their schools.
[19:38:27] <ProfPangloss|Work> In more rural areas, though, homeschooling is hardly even considered an option, due to the significantly reduced resources available.
[19:38:42] <ProfPangloss|Work> And the only groups who actively promote homeschooling in those areas are religious groups.
[19:39:52] <GauntletWizard> Ah
[19:40:02] <GauntletWizard> so, people who live in rural areas are stupid, got it
[19:40:16] <ProfPangloss|Work> Not stupid, just suffering due to the lack of nearby resources.
[19:40:51] -!- bronzdragon [bronzdragon!bronzdrago@hide-48E615F.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #geeknights
[19:40:56] <ProfPangloss|Work> I was lucky in that I had local community colleges, plenty of other homeschooling groups, tutors, and not to mention an entire city full of museums, parks, events, etc. to support my education
[19:41:55] <ProfPangloss|Work> Even suburbs can often suffer from a lack of resources, assuming commuting to the city is difficult or impossible for younger teens
[19:43:00] <GauntletWizard> A good internet connection is really the only resource required anymore...
[19:43:17] <GauntletWizard> Though, that internet connection needs to be unfiltered.
[19:44:14] <ProfPangloss|Work> A good Internet connection and creativity
[19:44:33] <ProfPangloss|Work> Not to mention, considering the social ramifications of saying you're "homeschooling" in those areas...
[19:44:41] <ProfPangloss|Work> I agree that technically all you need is a good Internet connection
[19:44:57] <ProfPangloss|Work> But you also need to have the support in your district necessary to recognize what you're doing as a viable option.
[19:45:59] <GauntletWizard> No, you really don't
[19:46:12] <ProfPangloss|Work> You do, actually
[19:46:24] <ProfPangloss|Work> You need to report what you're doing to the local school board
[19:46:30] <GauntletWizard> You need the leverage to get your district the fuck out of the way
[19:46:58] <ProfPangloss|Work> "Leverage" and support aren't mutually exclusive
[19:47:17] <GauntletWizard> (See: Aforementioned teacher who encouraged my suicide, whom they tried to cover up by giving her the "Teacher of the Year" award)
[19:47:51] <ProfPangloss|Work> If you're just talking about your experience, that's one thing
[19:47:53] <GauntletWizard> This is pretty much why every time Obama suggests that we need to pay teachers better I go into frothing rage.
[19:48:00] <ProfPangloss|Work> Um.
[19:48:04] <ProfPangloss|Work> Okay.
[19:48:11] <ProfPangloss|Work> There are an infinite number of things wrong with that implication right there.
[19:48:25] <ProfPangloss|Work> And you need to separate out your experience with the actual facts.
[19:48:40] <GauntletWizard> The actual facts are entirely lies
[19:49:21] <GauntletWizard> (This is not somewhere I can argue rationally, so I'm going to drop it)
[19:49:43] <GauntletWizard> Hrmm, I've figured out why I hate rape survivors.
[19:49:53] <bronzdragon> Whoa, what?
[19:50:06] <ProfPangloss|Work> No
[19:50:11] <ProfPangloss|Work> It's not something you can argue rationally
[19:50:14] <GauntletWizard> Because it's not an area they can argue rationally, so they come across as insane and whiny
[19:50:15] <ProfPangloss|Work> Because you're not being rational about it
[19:55:07] <ProfPangloss|Work> There's a tremendous pile of reasons why it's a terrible idea to leave teachers' salaries where they are/cut them further
[19:55:40] <ProfPangloss|Work> And it sounds like you're coming to conclusions based on purely emotional reasoning from your situation
[19:55:51] <ProfPangloss|Work> (which, don't get me wrong, sounds like a horrible situation and I'm sorry you had to deal with that)
[19:56:30] <ProfPangloss|Work> But don't for a damn second use your personal situation to try justifying further budget cuts to education and teachers.
[20:08:24] -!- ProfPangloss|Work has quit [Ping timeout]
[20:12:26] -!- aria has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
[20:12:27] -!- ruffas [ruffas!b85a3769@hide-6C77D8AA.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[20:13:14] -!- aria [aria!~aria@hide-700C3A1D.getinternet.no] has joined #geeknights
[20:13:50] <bronzdragon> Hey ruffas
[20:13:54] <ruffas> howdy
[20:14:02] <ruffas> tails have been gated
[20:14:10] <ruffas> i'll go back and foot some balls later
[20:14:23] <bronzdragon> I see
[20:15:07] -!- ProfPangloss|Work [ProfPangloss|Work!ProfPanglo@hide-2537ED9C.nowhere-else.org] has joined #geeknights
[20:15:19] <ProfPangloss|Work> Shit, I missed everything for the past 20 minutes
[20:15:21] <ProfPangloss|Work> Without realizing it
[20:15:21] <ProfPangloss|Work> :(
[20:15:27] -!- trogdor42 [trogdor42!trogdor42@hide-D56A6A1A.wireless.rit.edu] has joined #geeknights
[20:15:28] <ProfPangloss|Work> I miss anything?
[20:15:35] <ruffas> food?
[20:15:37] <ProfPangloss|Work> Hey troggy
[20:15:51] <ProfPangloss|Work> Did GauntletWizard reply to anything I said?
[20:16:15] <trogdor42> finally got this set up
[20:16:23] <ProfPangloss|Work> Took you long enough
[20:18:46] -!- ProfPangloss|Work has quit [Client exited]
[20:19:12] -!- ProfPangloss|Work [ProfPangloss|Work!8115fb6d@hide-B64552F4.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[20:19:24] <ProfPangloss|Work> Okay so every IRC web client is being dicks today. Cool.
[20:19:48] -!- creamsteak has quit [Quit: leaving]
[20:20:59] <trogdor42> ProfPangloss|Work you can check the logs online if you want to see if gauntletwizard said anything
[20:21:47] <ruffas> poppycock!
[20:26:11] <ProfPangloss|Work> Oh right those things
[20:26:14] <ProfPangloss|Work> Those exist
[20:27:01] <ProfPangloss|Work> Nothing happened :3
[20:27:18] <ProfPangloss|Work> Best sysadmin ever: Oh right, logs exist
[20:47:01] <trogdor42> ubuntu
[20:47:01] <Robobuntu> oo-BOON-too
[20:47:04] <trogdor42> yesss
[20:52:16] <trogdor42> cleaned my laptop screen
[20:52:23] <trogdor42> SO CLEAR
[20:52:24] <trogdor42> SO CRISP
[20:54:08] -!- VentureJ has quit [Broken pipe]
[20:54:30] <ProfPangloss|Work> Ugh
[20:54:34] <ProfPangloss|Work> I think I'm coming down with a fever
[20:54:54] <ProfPangloss|Work> But everyone else on the support team is gone, and there's still 1.5 classes left that need coverage
[20:54:56] <ProfPangloss|Work> What do
[21:01:21] -!- VentureJ [VentureJ!Adium@347A8266.6DDAEAC2.F5A3EBB7.IP] has joined #geeknights
[21:11:03] <bronzdragon> 'sup VentureJ
[21:11:12] <VentureJ> What's up?
[21:11:20] <bronzdragon> Not much
[21:15:49] <trogdor42> profpangloss|work quit
[21:16:11] <ProfPangloss|Work> Worst idea
[21:16:19] <ProfPangloss|Work> NO
[21:16:20] <ProfPangloss|Work> SHUT UP PANDORA
[21:16:25] <ProfPangloss|Work> I DO NOT NEED/WANT YOUR FREE VISTAPRINT
[21:16:35] <bronzdragon> wut
[21:17:17] <ProfPangloss|Work> "Congrats Pandora listener! Want free Vistaprint business cards? Get your first 250 for free"
[21:17:27] <ProfPangloss|Work> Every 20 goddamn minutes
[21:17:54] <ProfPangloss|Work> Okay good, back to Moby
[21:17:57] <ProfPangloss|Work> Much better
[21:18:18] <bronzdragon> I see
[21:18:42] <ProfPangloss|Work> Short ad, just repetitive.
[21:22:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> trogdor42: You should teach a class on optical illusions
[21:22:52] <ProfPangloss|Work> But it'll be really shitty optical illusions
[21:23:12] <ProfPangloss|Work> So like you close the blinds and turn off the lights and everything, so it's really dark in the room
[21:23:22] <ProfPangloss|Work> But then you walk in and start talking
[21:23:41] <ProfPangloss|Work> "It's an optical illusion 'cause you can hear me but can't see m e"
[21:24:02] <ProfPangloss|Work> Or like
[21:24:26] <ProfPangloss|Work> Hold your hand really close to a student's face, then hold it really far away, and blow their minds with the funfact that your hand is still the same size
[21:51:19] <trogdor42> ProfPangloss|Work: http://optillusions.tumblr.com
[21:52:23] <ProfPangloss|Work> Wait
[21:52:23] <ProfPangloss|Work> http://25.media.tumblr.com
[21:52:27] <ProfPangloss|Work> What colors are in that image?
[21:52:39] <ProfPangloss|Work> And is there a number there?
[21:52:52] <trogdor42> orange and green
[21:52:58] <ProfPangloss|Work> Oh
[21:53:00] <trogdor42> it says 5
[21:53:01] <ProfPangloss|Work> Fuck you
[21:53:06] <trogdor42> hahahahaha
[21:53:08] <ProfPangloss|Work> (also that's hilarious)
[21:53:20] <ProfPangloss|Work> I was seriously starting to think that my fever was fucking me up or something
[21:53:33] <trogdor42> http://24.media.tumblr.com
[21:53:39] <trogdor42> Do you see a face or TWO FACES?
[21:55:34] <ProfPangloss|Work> The classic inverted face illusion
[21:55:34] <ProfPangloss|Work> http://25.media.tumblr.com
[22:01:25] <trogdor42> they should have just done a color inversion on it
[22:01:55] <trogdor42> though i guess they're parodying that thing where they flip the eyes upside down too?
[22:02:32] <ProfPangloss|Work> Right
[22:02:46] <ProfPangloss|Work> Where it looks normal while it's upside-down, but you flip it and realize they flipped the features too
[22:03:11] <ProfPangloss|Work> I don't think there's a metal appreciation class...
[22:03:20] <ProfPangloss|Work> Or many music classes at all
[22:03:22] <ProfPangloss|Work> Lemme see
[22:04:28] <ProfPangloss|Work> trogdor42: Stop the presses
[22:04:34] <ProfPangloss|Work> Someone's teaching "Country Music 101"
[22:04:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> But nobody's doing "Rush Appreciation Hour"
[22:04:44] <trogdor42> hahahaha
[22:04:54] <trogdor42> step 1: Play 2112
[22:05:01] <trogdor42> step 2: play rest of 2112
[22:05:03] <trogdor42> step 3: profit
[22:05:03] <ProfPangloss|Work> (three times)
[22:05:04] <ProfPangloss|Work> OKAY THANKS EVERYONE
[22:05:19] <bronzdragon> what is 2112?
[22:05:22] <bronzdragon> Can I eat it?
[22:05:22] <ProfPangloss|Work> Oh lordy
[22:05:29] <bronzdragon> I'm hungry
[22:05:29] <trogdor42> hahahahaha
[22:05:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> Awwww
[22:05:44] <ProfPangloss|Work> So sad
[22:05:57] <ProfPangloss|Work> trogdor42: Back in '09, Randall Munroe taught a 3-hour physics lecture
[22:06:06] <ProfPangloss|Work> Sadly, he hasn't come back to teach anything. :(
[22:06:42] <trogdor42> bronzdragon: In case you're being serious http://www.youtube.com
[22:07:01] <ProfPangloss|Work> It's a pretty damn good song
[22:07:10] <bronzdragon> I'm never serious, but I did not hear of 2112
[22:07:15] <bronzdragon> I will now apply my ears
[22:08:17] <ProfPangloss|Work> Oh what the shit
[22:08:19] <ProfPangloss|Work> This motherfucker
[22:08:21] <ProfPangloss|Work> trogdor42: http://esp.mit.edu
[22:08:28] <ProfPangloss|Work> This one asshole I know
[22:09:11] <trogdor42> why
[22:10:18] <trogdor42> why would you do this
[22:10:23] <ProfPangloss|Work> What
[22:10:27] <ProfPangloss|Work> Not hear 2112 before?
[22:10:50] <ProfPangloss|Work> Because I agree, that's like violating the Geneva convention against yourself
[22:11:03] <trogdor42> hahahahahaha
[22:12:41] <bronzdragon> Alright, i could see why one would like this now
[22:12:47] <ProfPangloss|Work> Good man.
[22:13:23] <trogdor42> yeahhhhhh
[22:13:27] <trogdor42> #progrockkkk
[22:13:41] <ProfPangloss|Work> Lrn 2 IRC
[22:13:49] <ProfPangloss|Work> Because now that's a channel
[22:14:05] <ProfPangloss|Work> *** ProfPangloss|Work joined #progrockkkk
[22:17:32] <trogdor42> the world is my twitter
[22:18:52] <ProfPangloss|Work> Mike Schneider, teaching "I can hashtag and so can you: The World Is Our Twitter"
[22:22:16] <aria> http://youtu.be
[22:39:31] <ruffas> pound that mochi
[22:42:55] <bronzdragon> ...
[22:53:14] <trogdor42> IRC I'M BORED
[22:53:15] <trogdor42> wat do
[22:56:35] -!- VentureJ has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[22:58:40] <trogdor42> so apparently both sets of flagship windows 8 phones, the lumia 820/920 and htc windows phone 8x phones, are all AT&T exclusive
[22:58:47] <trogdor42> what a colossally dumb move for windows phone
[22:58:51] <trogdor42> http://www.theverge.com
[22:59:24] <ProfPangloss|Work> Welp
[22:59:52] <ProfPangloss|Work> I'm still gunning towards a Galaxy S3 sometime soon, so whatevs
[23:00:26] <trogdor42> i'd wait for the next nexus, should be announced by the end of october, november at the latest
[23:01:44] <trogdor42> windows phone is really nice
[23:02:00] <trogdor42> i wouldn't use it, of course. the google ecosystem is too nice
[23:02:25] <bronzdragon> I've been thinking about a Win7 phone
[23:02:37] <bronzdragon> Luckily, I live in Europe, so AT&T does not affect me.
[23:02:43] <trogdor42> yeah
[23:03:07] <ProfPangloss|Work> My HTC Inspire is falling to shit
[23:03:18] <trogdor42> bronzdragon: how into the google stuff are you? do you use the hardcore gmail featres?
[23:03:32] <trogdor42> e.g. labels, filters, importance
[23:03:34] <bronzdragon> ... I use gmail
[23:03:37] <bronzdragon> Oh, nah
[23:03:37] <ProfPangloss|Work> Aside from software issues, the buttons have a terrible response, and the battery compartment is weak as shit
[23:03:52] <ProfPangloss|Work> From what I've played with the S3, it's a solid phone that's surprisingly well-built
[23:04:05] <ProfPangloss|Work> Like, at this point, a good build is almost more important to me than the OS
[23:04:07] <ProfPangloss|Work> *almost*
[23:04:51] <trogdor42> bronzdragon: so long as you're ok with the relative lack of apps, you should be fine then
[23:05:01] <bronzdragon> Eyup
[23:05:19] -!- ruffas has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[23:07:06] <trogdor42> ProfPangloss|Work: The S3 is nice, though it's already several months old. nothing beats a google experience device in the world of android, imho
[23:08:06] <ProfPangloss|Work> Gotta be frugal, brah :(
[23:08:34] <ProfPangloss|Work> If the Nexus prices compare with the S3 when winter comes around (plan renewal), we'll see
[23:26:09] <ProfPangloss|Work> Dammit
[23:26:10] <ProfPangloss|Work> 30 minutes
[23:26:11] <ProfPangloss|Work> What do
[23:26:23] <bronzdragon> masturbate
[23:27:04] <trogdor42> def masturbate
[23:27:10] <trogdor42> alternately
[23:27:12] <trogdor42> deaf masturbate
[23:27:21] <ProfPangloss|Work> Everyone's busy interpreting and signing
[23:27:27] <ProfPangloss|Work> And I'm just sitting here masturbating
[23:28:57] <ProfPangloss|Work> (lab tech for interpreting department)
[23:29:39] -!- trogdor42 has quit [Client exited]
[23:37:06] -!- yoshokatana [yoshokatana!~yoshokata@hide-3567B4F5.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[23:40:49] <aria> You don't care about people walking in on you or being called to do shit, cause yknow, at work?
[23:42:08] <ProfPangloss|Work> Oh I certainly care
[23:42:16] <ProfPangloss|Work> And I've been going on calls all this time
[23:42:42] <ProfPangloss|Work> Gotta be here for class coverage - all the classes are held in our labs, so if something goes wrong, we/I am the first line of defense
[23:43:02] <bronzdragon> Do you shoot people with nerf guns until it's fixed?
[23:43:38] <ProfPangloss|Work> There's me (the co-op), my supervisor (head tech), and someone totally unrelated who, though not technically part of any tech groups, ends up helping with a lot of the very minor issues.
[23:43:56] <ProfPangloss|Work> Trouble is, after 2, my supervisor isn't around, and the other guy can leave whenever (he left around 4 today)
[23:44:16] <ProfPangloss|Work> As long as there's at least one class being taught, we need coverage
[23:44:27] <ProfPangloss|Work> So I'm the only guy here until 8, when the last class ends
[23:44:54] <ProfPangloss|Work> But really, it's a very go-with-the-flow job. When a lot of people are having issues/requests, it's busy as hell
[23:45:16] <ProfPangloss|Work> But when nobody's calling you, nothing to do but sit on your butt and work on projects (mine is currently held up by other stuff)
[23:45:47] <ProfPangloss|Work> bronzdragon: If I were supervisor, yes that is exactly what I would do. But no I'm one of those person who fixes things after being shot.
[23:45:53] <ProfPangloss|Work> *one of those people
[23:47:49] -!- VentureJ [VentureJ!Adium@hide-680AA069.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[23:47:51] <ProfPangloss|Work> 'Sup yoshokatana
[23:48:48] -!- trogdor42 [trogdor42!trogdor42@hide-D56A6A1A.wireless.rit.edu] has joined #geeknights
[23:57:19] -!- Apsup has quit [Broken pipe]